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July 12, 2018

Keep Moving Forward – A Lesson from Meet The Robinson’s

keep moving forward meet the robinsons

Walt Disney said it best ““Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

When it comes to doing anything in your life, it’s so important to move forward. Every single day as long as you are moving a step closer to your goals, you are getting closer to them.

Each time you do something and fail, you learn from it. These experiences add up to teach you valuable lessons about all areas of your life.

Keep Moving Forward – A Lesson from Meet The Robinson’s


How to Design Your Dream Life – From Someone Who’s Done It

dream life

Ever thought what your life would look like if you woke up one day and it was just PERFECT?

You know… you wake up in a place that you love looking out the window, next to the person you love.

Watch this video…

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It all starts with getting specific about what that looks like for you.

As you know, you can’t ever achieve anything if you aren’t specific about what it is that you want.

Want to get in shape?
Make it a habit of exercising every day and eating less.

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Want to learn how to make an extra $500 a month?
Write down the goal you have and then break it down into achievable milestones.

Getting specific at this point makes everything more likely to happen, because you can make an action plan around the goal.

The same is true with every aspect of your life. Get specific about what you want, and you’re more likely to achieve it.

Create Your Reality – Your Future Depends On What You Do Today

create your own reality

Did you know that the things you do today will influence the results you have tomorrow? Every single habit you have right now will lead to your future results.

So if you are currently broke, and you don’t want to be in the future you need to create habits to make you rich.

That means you need to start reading every day, watching my YouTube videos every day.

You need to be listening to empowering audio every single day…. and you need to be creating content to grow your wealth every single day.

It all starts with the daily actions you take. Every single day you want to focus on moving the ball forward, just like in football. The goal is to keep getting first downs until you get into the end zone.

If you quit or give up, you turn the ball over and have to start over.

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Put together a series of daily steps that you do no matter what every single day of the year…. and do them.

The idea here is to simply create your own reality by doing the habits every day that winners do.

Want to get in shape? Eat less and exercise daily.

Want to get better at guitar? Practice for 1 hour every single day.

Want to improve your speaking? Grab a camera and record yourself giving a presentation every single day.

It’s really a simple idea, but it’s difficulty is in the execution of that idea. Without daily action towards improvement, you’ll never improve.

So focus on the things you need to do today to create the reality you want tomorrow… or 3-5 years from now.


How To Grow Your Instagram Following (By Choosing The Right Hashtags)

get more instagram followers

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Getting more followers on your Instagram account starts with a combination of choosing the right content and the right hashtags to target.

Finding the right hashtags can be a make or break situation for your account. For example, if you’re looking to build up an account in the “Entrepreneur” space, it’s going to be crazy competitive.

If you choose to target keywords such as #Entrepreneuer right off the bat you are going to be competing with over 33 MILLION results for that particular keyword. What that basically means is that you’ll need to have a few thousand likes and comments in order to show up on the top 9 posts for that keyword.

That’s extremely difficult for a beginning account with less than 10,000 followers.

So what can you do instead?

Well, this is the hard part. you’re going to need to play around with a lot of different keywords and hashtags to find the hashtags that have less competition.

For instance, the keyword #entrepreneurquote only has 60,000 results with the average top 9 posts getting around 200 likes and 50 comments.

That’s much easier to get on the top 9 posts for than a hashtag that has thousands of likes and comments.

Does that make sense?

If so, the tool Social Info is terrific for helping you with identifying top keywords/hashtags to target in your campaigns.

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