February 23, 2010

The Second Trait of Successful Entrepreneur’s

2. Humility

I just today realized the importance of Humility when I was listening to an interview that Bradley Will did with Bob Burg on the UnStrapp’d blog for Generation Y Entrepeneurs.  Bob was speaking of the top 2 traits for Young Entrepreneur’s after Brad asked him the question and Bob mentioned Confidence and Humility.

“A Combination of Confidence and Humility. The kind of confidence that says I know I can go in there and give it my best shot and that I can succeed because I’m humble enough to make sure to get the information from those who’ve already done it. Not try to re-invent the wheel but to realize there are people who know more than I do. I’m humble enough to know I have to take action and that I’m going to get knocked on my rear end a bunch of times and that’s part of the process.” -Bob Burg

Humility to me is realizing that we truly don’t know everything. A funny thing that I realized last week while I was reading “Mission: Success by OG Mandino” was that the more I read, the more I realize that there is so much out there that I do not know. I know that I’ve been learning a ton and have been applying these principles I learn to become more successful, but the fact of the matter is: I still have a TON to learn. In fact, I’d say I have about 1,000 TONS to learn!

Being humble is about finding your balance I feel like, which is why I want to end this with a little picture of a guy learning how to unicycle. It takes the balance of a few friends to get yourself comfortable but once you are up and running, it just becomes another great trait of yours!

National Bike Week 2009 - Unicycling
Creative Commons License photo credit: euphro

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