Travel has always been something that has intrigued me. I’d like to share experiences that I have during my travels as well as share with you where I would like to travel.

If you’re looking to get into traveling and want to know what I take with me check out my post about it at What I travel with As an Entrepreneur.

Here is my to visit list/ To Do, if you know of anything to do or any places that I must visit/see or stay at then let me know 😉

Here’s what I’m going to do. As soon as I visit an area(or more to an area) I’m going to be writing different blog posts about the area/event. I’ll link up these posts to this page so you can catch up on my adventures and see if these are places you’d like to visit as well.

-Amsterdam, Netherlands
-Beijing, China
-Barcelona, Spain
Mallorca, Spain
-Buenos Aires, Argentina
-drink a real Guinness in Ireland
-Dublin, Ireland

-Los Angeles, CA – check
-San Fransisco, CA
-San Diego, CA
-African safari
-Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece
-Sail the Caribbean islands and snorkel, fish and surf
-Gili Island, Bali, Indonesia
– Live in Indonesia
-Kilamanjaro, Amboseli, Kenya
-Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
-attend the World Cup
-Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
-Attend the Summer & Winter Olympics
-Ski the French, Swiss and Italian Alps
-swim with dolphins
dive with sharks
Visit the Philippines
-Live in the Philippines
Underground Caving / Spelunking
Learn to surf
-Have a hole-in-one
– Watch Duke play at Cameron Indoor Stadium –> Done!
-Eat lunch or dinner with Coach Mike Krzyzewski
-Go White Water Rafting
-Visit Hawaii again, went once when I was 16
-Travel around California – Done!
Live in Florida
-Have an unforgettable night in Las Vegas with friends
– Visit St. Lucia –> Done!
– Visit Thailand (and lived there) See my posts about Thailand here
– Visit Vietnam

Visit Costa Rica
Live in Costa Rica
-Visit/Live in Panama
– Live in Dominican Republic
– Meet Sir Richard Branson
-Join the Maverick Entrepreneurs
Date/marry my dream girl
Fly with a Jetpack
Visit Macchu Picchu
-Hang out with Millionaires at least 1 week out of each month
-Enjoy life to the fullest
-Own a business that makes $3,000 a day whether I work or not
– Have rental properties earning me $25,000 a month
-Sell a business for $5 mil