Chris Hughes Jetpacking in the Cayman Islands

Jetpacking in the Cayman Islands

This was one of the craziest feelings you’ll ever experience. Walking on water, flying on water, diving underwater and launching out of it to fly in the air…it’s all possible with jetpacks.

I’ve had dreams about how crazy it would be to use one of these and today these dreams came true.

Here’s just a short little video from today’s adventure.

I’ve gotta admit that the feeling you experience is unlike anything else. You’re literally hovering above the water with a JETPACK on your back.

While I tried to have them mount my GoPro 3 on the helmet they have, there was no helmet attachment and they wouldn’t let me use the chest mount either so I didn’t get any first person footage of this.

It would have been pretty amazing if I had the videos from when I went up about 25 feet into the air. Imagine looking down while you are 25 feet in the air and there is nothing supporting your feet. You literally look down below you and there is nothing supporting your feet but you are floating in the air.

The video above was shot from my GoPro 3 from the boat next to where I was learning how to jetpack. Next time I go I will be sure to take my Nikon D5100 to get some really good pictures and videos for ya! Plus, I’ll be better than I was the first time so I’ll be able to go higher, move around faster and hopefully learn some more of the fun stuff thats possible with a jetpack.

Want to learn more about where I did this Jetpacking?

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