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Tell Me About Yourself!

This video is about YOU… not about me.

So if you’ve been struggling to get started with the whole online marketing thing, this will help you get un-stuck.

It’ll help you get out of your own way and on your way to creating videos on a daily basis to help you grow as a person and to help you grow your business.

Be sure to pay close attention to what I’m saying in the video and take IMMEDIATE action on doing the little assignment I give ya. It will help you as I know it has helped myself and countless others.

How to Build a System and Make Money

Hey guys Chris Hughes here and right now I’m live at Finca Lerida here in Boquete, Panama.


In this video you’ll get to see the Finca Lerida coffee plantation. One of my buddies Cole, who was filming this video went to the top of the mountain there to have some coffee and share this experience with you.


This video is to show a little bit about the experiences I’ve been having while living in Panama.


The reason I wanted to create this short video was to show you how businesses are built in the offline brick-n-mortar world. You need to have some type of a system that you can run people through.


For example in the video here, we drove up an entire mountain to have the coffee that was produced at this place because the coffee there is so fresh and delicious and being above everything else is totally worth the experience.


The cool thing about Finca Lerida is that you get to see how everything is made.


When you are driving up the hill, you get to see rows and rows of coffee plants all over the place.


In the video I show some pictures of the rows of coffee, some pictures of the guys naturally roasting the coffee beans from the sun below where I am standing in that video.


In a little building in the distance of this video you get to see where the next step of the coffee process is, you know all the finishing touches and things like that.


To me, it is awesome to witness something like that where you get to see the entire process of being created and actually seeing where the product is being consumed.


When you are running a business you need to have some type of system in place otherwise you will not succeed. You see, Systems Succeed, People are the ones who fail.


Right now I’m actually using the Empower Network system to help train people on how to sell things online and earn an income from the internet.


If you want to learn more, which you know you do, all you have to do is click here.

Not Everyone Will Be Successful

success quote

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is the fact that some people will always expect you to give them everything once you become successful.

Over the past couple months i’ve been experiencing quite a bit of success with different ventures I have been involved with and it seems that ever since this has happened, I have people expecting me to just give them stuff for free. I even wrote a full blog post about why I don’t do free consulting anymore that addresses why I don’t just give away my information anymore.

While I still do like helping friends, I’m not going to do it for them. I’ll give them an idea, but it’s up to them to actually work hard and make themselves successful.

It’s amazing to me that this happens, but I also can see why it is happening more now than ever to me.

I can remember when I was struggling, I would often hope and pray that someone would help pull me out of my slump and help me make the big bucks. I’m grateful to those mentors of mine who saw something in me and helped teach me, and I know they are happy because i’ve actually taken action on what they’ve taught me.

However I see people all the time who expect me to build their business for them, or to just give them my money because I have it.

I believe its part of the lottery mentality….simply hoping that you would strike it rich because you did one little thing (bought a ticket). There’s a reason that 99% of the people who play the lottery do not win the lottery…

Its simply that not everyone can win the lottery, the same as how not everyone can be successful.

It might piss you off to hear this


I know that if someone told me that, I’d say “go f*$% yourself man, i’m going to be successful.” and if you got upset when you read that not everyone can be successful, you have a chance to be successful.

There are some situations in which people expect for you to do everything for them, without ever doing anything themselves. You may have met or worked with people who have had everything handed to them their entire lives and it might frustrate you as well.

I was the youngest child in my family and I know that my brother’s felt that I was always given things my whole life, and I know for a while I was given a lot from my parents. That’s part of being “the baby” and I still love that I’m the baby of the family.

My breakthrough happened when I realized that if something was going to happen in my life, it was 100% up to me to make it happen. It wasn’t up to my parents, my brothers or my friends…but up to me. Entirely up to this kid who I see in the mirror every single morning.

This is when I started reading like a mad man, spending all of my money on books and courses to learn about marketing and everything business. I submersed myself in information. I read everything I could get my hands on to learn all types of information on marketing, psychology, relationships, sales, team building, leadership, happiness and even information on how attraction works.

While I was doing this, I would test out stuff that I was learning. I would speak differently than I was comfortable with, learning how to command respect and to impact people. I did things that would scare me and I surrounded myself with people who would force me to grow.

Sure, it scared the living shit out of me at the time. But I’ve gotta admit, today I am so so happy that I did those things.

I’m sitting here right now living outside of the United States, with plans to visit more of the world in 2013 and couldn’t be happier.

The reason I’m in this position now is because I put myself through all of the hard times and kept my head up and kept pushing forward. Instead of just giving up or expecting people to just give me my success, I went out there and took it.

success quote

Image source: Evan Carmichael

Think about that for a second…

Success comes from taking the initiative and following up…Persisting.

It doesn’t come from sitting on your ass everyday dreaming for something to happen. It comes from taking things into your own hands.

When things get ugly and you are in a slump, keep pushing forward. Slumps happen, it’s all a part of the cycle of life. We have to fail in order to really love it when we’re at the peaks.

Thinking back, I’ve had less than a dollar in my bank account and still pushed on. It scared me, but I sure am glad I did it.

I’ve found that the problem with most people is that they just don’t want it bad enough.

Sure, they’ll tell you that they will do anything it takes to succeed. They’ll tell you that they’ll wake up early and stay up late to get those extra minutes or hours in the day to push their project forward.

But we all know that Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of people love talking the talk… but not many people actually walk the walk.

if you are someone who loves talking the talk, congratulations to you. It will make you feel better temporarily to talk about what you would do or you will do, but in the end it’s all just talk.

It all comes down to taking massive action. To putting your ass on the line and doing what’s necessary to make sure you succeed with whatever goals you set yourself.

If you’ve been lying to yourself, you can use this to wake up and to kick your ass into gear.

Today could be a changing point in your life if you let it.

However, the choice is yours.

I’m simply here to share with you what i’ve learned and hopefully push you in the right direction towards achieving the goals you set.

If you’ve always wanted to start a business, you should.

or you can continue to live your life the same way you always have, and always get the same thing you’ve always gotten.

The choice truly is yours.

Planning VS Doing

A few years ago I started along my journey as an Internet Marketer. I was on the campus of Broome Community College and saw a little piece of paper with something along the lines of “Make $761 a week to fill out surveys”

Oh shit, I was hooked.

I was 21 years old, anxious to succeed with this whole thing and was exposed to the whole world of internet marketing. I bought that product that day for like $55, went through the whole thing in about 15 minutes (it was poorly put together) and then I made up my own flyers.

I created an account on and started printing up flyers to plaster all over campus. I must have created about 100 of these little flyers that first day and spent the next week covering the campus with these flyers for Mike Geary’s product, Truth about Abs that paid me about $26 per sale.

I even got onto one of those link shortening sites and set it up so the link wouldn’t be so long. I logged onto and shortened that link so I could make it look like a real offer…

thinking back, that was really stupid of me. How many people would remember a link that was something like when they only see it for a couple seconds?

Silly me!

If I was in their position I wouldn’t remember that long of a link.

So, the next great idea hit me… I could create those little pull off tabs on the bottom of the page with the link so people could take it home and I could make some money.

So I did that…

A few weeks later I had made about 3 sales for $26 a pop. Man, this stuff works!

What happened here?

Some of you reading this right now may think “damn that sounds like a lot of work for less than $100”.

I mean, I did go pay about $7 at Kinko’s to print out those papers. I also spent about an hour walking around and putting those papers everywhere around campus.

So for about an hour of work, I made about $70. I’d say that’s pretty good considering my other jobs would make me only $20 tops an hour… (waiting tables or valet parking)

There’s a little lesson here that you may have noticed… when I first saw that ad placed on the board at school, I did something that not many people would have… I actually decided to go through the product!

After going through that product, I could have sat down on the couch and just thought “yeah, that could work well..”

but instead of sitting around and not doing anything, I said to myself, “f*%^ it, I might as well try” and started making those banners to post everywhere.

I took ACTION and actually did something.

and man did it change my life.

Since then, i’ve been involved in a lot of different online businesses and failed in a lot of them and succeeded in a few of them.

One of the businesses that has been the most lucrative for me is Empower Network. It taught me how to correctly market a product.

If you have ever wanted to make a decision to change your life, now is the time.
I made the decision and it’s been taking me to places like this…

It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and to take action on something that could potentially change your life.

and you can get started today for only $25.

I’d say that’s pretty badass since that first product I bought was about $55 and didn’t really teach much.