Who Else Wants To Reach Their Goals?

Over the past 2 months I’ve been doing something that I had been putting off a lot lately.

I started taking action on things that I was learning and reading. You may be familiar with all the self-help books and business books that give you a few steps to take in order to achieve something.

What consistent problems and challenges are lots of people having that you know how to solve?

“Eh, I’ll do that when I finish reading the book” or “That’s a great question, maybe I’ll answer it an hour from now”…

Yeah these are the thoughts that I would have. Sure, I understood that doing these activities and answering these questions was essential to making a change. I understood that answering questions like this by physically writing down the answers would make these answers more likely to come true but I still didn’t do it. I’ve read it in a lot of books and know it was important to write things down.

I would write down other stuff….

-write blog post
-grocery shopping
-call a girl back
-edit a website

Why was I so opposed to answering the truly meaningful questions?  

Why would I put off writing out these questions and taking the 10-15 minutes to actually think about the answer and write it down with my pen and paper? Was it because I didn’t think I had the time to devote to this or because I thought that I was better than them?

Truthfully it was because I believed that if I just thought about the answer in my head, I would have already answered it and didn’t need to write it down because I’m awesome.

Turns out that isn’t the case….

I would quickly think about an answer but it was not specific enough to provide real answers to these questions. I would think, cool I totally just answered the question and then I’d move on. About a minute later I would come across another question and the same thing would happen. I’d answer it in my head and move along.

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Reach Their Goals

What happened was amazing!!!

Fairies came out of the sky, the genie came out of his lamp and granted me wishes and I got to chill at the end of a rainbow with a leprechaun drinking Guinness and eating Lucky Charms with my large pot o’ gold.

Wait… that didn’t happen. Maybe this whole Lucid Dreaming this is making me go crazy?

I didn’t reach my goal of “making more money” because I wasn’t specific about how much more money I wanted to make. I wasn’t magically meeting new girls who were both sexy and smart because I didn’t specify what I considered sexy and smart. And I wasn’t attracting my ideal client because I thought everyone was my potential client.

It wasn’t until about 2 months ago that I decided I wanted to do something differently. It all started when I wrote the post on 101 Reasons Why I Do the Things I Do.

I actually took action on something that a mentor of mine told me to do. Have been told to write down a list of the reasons I do the things I do. After physically writing the list, which took me a lot longer than I thought, I was able to clearly see things. I started to understand why I think the way I do and realized the importance of actually doing the activities that I was always told to do. It clears up space in your brain for better stuff!

The next things I started doing was asking myself questions about what I really wanted accomplished. I wrote down some monetary goals that I wanted to achieve as well as some goals with meeting and attracting the right type of girls.

Why I Wouldn’t Answer These Questions

I’ve been learning a lot about myself lately and believe that I wasn’t ready to take my life to the next level. I was scared of what people would think of me and how my life would change. I was self-sabotaging and preventing myself from achieving my peak.

But instead of taking action, I thought it would be easier to put it off for another time. I’d cared more about what other people thought about me than what I thought of myself and this was holding me back.

I didn’t want my friends to hate me for becoming successful or my family to think I was crazy for being so open about who I am and who I want to become. Still, I am nervous about what people think when they first come across my new blog style, but I’m starting to accept it more.

Some people don’t like what I’m doing and that’s fine, I know that what I do and share isn’t for everyone. I will connect with those who my posts resonate with and will be able to help them achieve more in their lives.

Achieving Our Goals Is About Being Specific

If we aren’t specific about what we want, we will never achieve it. It seems so simple, but it’s something that I truly didn’t grasp until a few months ago.

Things are starting to change in my business and personal life. I’m attracting the right kinds of clients and it seems like it’s happening effortlessly. Goals that I have set are starting to come into completion and I’m actually excited and happy to wake up in the morning. I’ve been waking up at 5:30-6am this past week and been dominating all day.

It’s fun seeing these changes and I’m excited to see more growth come when I answer more questions and do more activities to grow my business and personal life.


Have you put off doing something that you know you should be doing?


Chris Hughes

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Debbie Webb - August 11, 2011 Reply

When I’m doing something I should be doing and have a really great idea I open another window and start putting that plan into action to do when I’m done whatever I was working on first. By the time I’m finished doing something I should be doing I have many windows open.
Yay for doing what you should be doing.

Chris Hughes - August 11, 2011 Reply

I tend to open up another tab within the browser but it always ends up distracting me later on. I should try out opening a new window and separating projects that way. It seems like it should work better and I might be able to eliminate some of the junk I do otherwise. 

Thanks for the tips Debbie 🙂

Dewane Mutunga - September 3, 2011 Reply

I’m a notorious note-taker and alarm/reminder setter. I do this so if something does slip my mind I can go back to it and finish. I’m a busy-body but everyone walks down procrastination lane from time to time. The important thing is going back and finishing.

Chris Hughes - September 4, 2011 Reply

I agree with ya there Dewane. Going back and finishing things is so important. Sometimes distractions put us off course for a little while and then we are forced to step back, re-evaluate and then go back into work mode to finish these projects. 

لعبة نت - January 12, 2012 Reply

we all have goals , but not all reach our goals

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