July 27, 2009

What Is Financial Freedom?

We all know or think that we know what Financial Freedom truly is, but what is your freedom?

What does it truly mean to you?

Is it working 40-60 hours a week, celebrating and getting drunk on the weekend without worrying about the next week coming up?

or is it working 4-6 hours a week and having the time to spend with your friends, family and do the things you really wanted to do in your life?

There is good news, the decision is yours to make.

I;m sitting on the deck of my hotel overlooking the beach and just enjoying the moment and this question came to my mind and I wanted to know what it is for you…

My personal version of Financial Freedom is that I will work 4-6 hours a week on average unless I really am enjoying what I am working on and choose to work 40-60 hours a week( which doesn’t bother me if it is enjoyable work for myself). It is me having the time to travel and see the world, to be able to teach people how to do what I can do, to give back to the community and to make money on auto-pilot whether I am working or not. It is having an income come in for years and years to come, to help my kids kids pay off their college and help them buy their first houses.

Financial Freedom is the reason I got into Internet Marketing and Network Marketing and why I bust my butt everyday now so that I can leverage everything I do. By doing this now, later on I will have the Financial Freedom that I want later on.

In fact, the quote “If you do what they won’t now, you’ll have what they can’t later” comes in perfect and is one of my motivations for doing all of the things I do now.

So the question I’d like you to ask yourself is, What is your definition of Financial Freedom? Do you know what you want?

Really. I want to know what it is, everyone has a different vision of what they want and if you take the first step of picking what you want, you are on track to get it.
Are you doing what you must now so that you can have the life that you have always wanted or are you just dreaming of wanting it without taking the action to get it?

Chris Hughes

Chris loves learning, going on adventures, surfing and having fun. Chris on Google+

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