February 23, 2010

The Third Trait of Successful Entrepreneur’s

3. Vision

Vision is something that is so important that I can’t stress it enough. You’ve probably seen or heard about the movie “The Secret” and understand how the universe works to put in place your dominate thoughts so that more of them happen. This works with happiness and it works just as well with money. If you switch to a prosperity mindset instead of a poverty mindset, things start to happen that allow opportunities for you to make more money or have more happiness.

With vision, you need to realize that the goals you have can be reached. Any goal that you set can be reached and usually in less time than you’ve ever thought possible. Our vision is the only thing that limits our experiences. If you have had a dream about owning a house on the ocean working your dream job, guess what? You can have that. It’s going to take work, but having the vision is the first step to attaining your goal. By the way, this is one of my dreams on my vision board. I know for a fact I will live on the ocean and enjoy my life.

Tips on using your vision

You can have big dreams as long as you take the time to break them down into achievable goals. Don’t let your mind limit you, anything that you want to accomplish can be done. Hell, people have made 1 Million Dollars in 1 day and Frank Kern’s even made 23.8Million in 24 hours.

The only limits are those that you impose on yourself. Choose to take your big goals and break them down into smaller achievable goals, this will help make all of your goals more achievable and help you accomplish them in a reasonable time frame!

Be like a baby if you need to. If they have a dream or a desire to do something, THEY DO IT. And you know what? If they fail, they just try again. It’s when we are put into formal schooling that our visions have to be changed to fit what society considers “the norm”. Bring back your visions and see your dreams come to life. It’s more fun living this way.

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