Strength for a Reason

When I was in high school, my Aunt Sharon had painted a shelf for me that I later placed in my room. On that shelf, she wrote “..Strength for a Reason…”

Now what exactly does “strength for a reason” mean to me?

It’s funny to think back on high school and that strength for a reason meant getting good at specific sports related skills so that I could improve in soccer, basketball and golf. Now, it is more for developing strengths that are going to be beneficial for me with doing business and marketing.

I do still enjoy learning about fitness related topics and spending time doing specific exercises to achieve specific weight goals.

Strength for a Reason

I’ve been finding out lately that the more I play to my strengths, and the things I’m naturally good at, the more success I experience. When I try to do the stuff that I flat out suck at, I do bad and don’t make as much money as I could.

Do stuff I’m good at and succeed…..or do stuff I suck at and fail?

Tough decision, right?

Strength for a reason is all about  working hard at developing your strengths to make them better. It’s about making a decision to spend time working on certain traits and characteristics of your personality or working on specific body parts.

For example, one of my biggest strengths is that I’m a great learner. This has led me to finding simple ways to share what i’ve learned and has helped me with teaching people. I recognized this and have been spending time reading a lot more and finding more effective ways of learning topics. I’ve spent time learning speed reading and how to use mind maps to organize information and blog posts.

I actively spend time working on this. I spend time reading and challenging myself to read faster. I challenge myself to find more effective ways to get messages across in less time on my video channel and I try to write posts that challenge me to become a better person.

By having a reason behind developing my strengths, I can pick and choose traits that will be beneficial for my business career and you can do the same thing.

If you want to become more of a people person, take the time to read books like How to Win Friends and Influence People and spend time implementing what you learn in these books. The more you do something, the better you become at it. If you are doing things for a specific reason, you are more likely to improve at them.

That is what “Strength for a reason” is all about.

What strengths are you working on?

Chris Hughes

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