Planning VS Doing

A few years ago I started along my journey as an Internet Marketer. I was on the campus of Broome Community College and saw a little piece of paper with something along the lines of “Make $761 a week to fill out surveys”

Oh shit, I was hooked.

I was 21 years old, anxious to succeed with this whole thing and was exposed to the whole world of internet marketing. I bought that product that day for like $55, went through the whole thing in about 15 minutes (it was poorly put together) and then I made up my own flyers.

I created an account on and started printing up flyers to plaster all over campus. I must have created about 100 of these little flyers that first day and spent the next week covering the campus with these flyers for Mike Geary’s product, Truth about Abs that paid me about $26 per sale.

I even got onto one of those link shortening sites and set it up so the link wouldn’t be so long. I logged onto and shortened that link so I could make it look like a real offer…

thinking back, that was really stupid of me. How many people would remember a link that was something like when they only see it for a couple seconds?

Silly me!

If I was in their position I wouldn’t remember that long of a link.

So, the next great idea hit me… I could create those little pull off tabs on the bottom of the page with the link so people could take it home and I could make some money.

So I did that…

A few weeks later I had made about 3 sales for $26 a pop. Man, this stuff works!

What happened here?

Some of you reading this right now may think “damn that sounds like a lot of work for less than $100”.

I mean, I did go pay about $7 at Kinko’s to print out those papers. I also spent about an hour walking around and putting those papers everywhere around campus.

So for about an hour of work, I made about $70. I’d say that’s pretty good considering my other jobs would make me only $20 tops an hour… (waiting tables or valet parking)

There’s a little lesson here that you may have noticed… when I first saw that ad placed on the board at school, I did something that not many people would have… I actually decided to go through the product!

After going through that product, I could have sat down on the couch and just thought “yeah, that could work well..”

but instead of sitting around and not doing anything, I said to myself, “f*%^ it, I might as well try” and started making those banners to post everywhere.

I took ACTION and actually did something.

and man did it change my life.

Since then, i’ve been involved in a lot of different online businesses and failed in a lot of them and succeeded in a few of them.

One of the businesses that has been the most lucrative for me is Empower Network. It taught me how to correctly market a product.

If you have ever wanted to make a decision to change your life, now is the time.
I made the decision and it’s been taking me to places like this…

It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and to take action on something that could potentially change your life.

and you can get started today for only $25.

I’d say that’s pretty badass since that first product I bought was about $55 and didn’t really teach much.

Chris Hughes

Chris loves learning, going on adventures, surfing and having fun. Chris on Google+

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