December 9, 2010

Stop Leeching Off Of Un-Employment

I’m going to start this post of by saying that this may or may not offend you or make you mad. So, if you have a light heart or aren’t in the mood to have a post that could piss you off, I’d recommend that you stop reading right now.

We’re constantly being told that the economy is trash. That there are no jobs for even qualified “college educated” individuals. I personally think this is a crock of sh**.

Jobs are everywhere

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There will always be an abundance of jobs, it’s whether or not you will TAKE the job. If you absolutely 100% need to pay rent for the month, who cares if you are working at McDonald’s for minimum wage? It’s going to pay the rent for you. Who cares if you pick up trash for a living or if you become a night-time janitor at a school. If it’s paying the bills, it’s paying the bills.

The problem that I have is with people who feel that getting a job like that is beneath them so they choose not to work AT ALL. The people who are just collecting un-employment checks and not even bothering to worry about doing work and adding to society. When I was living in Buffalo I met a few people who were doing this. They finished up college and couldn’t find a job right away, so they went on un-employment. I’d see these people out on the weekends, and when I’d ask them about finding a job they would tell me it was pointless because there weren’t any jobs out there.

My next question would typically be “Are you looking for a job?”. Not that I had a job to give them, or was in a position to connect them with someone who had a job opening, but I was curious to what they were doing for income. They’d answer that they really weren’t too worried about it because they could just collect un-employment as long as they needed or wanted to.

This really would make me mad. We have un-employment for a reason, and that reason is so people who get laid off from work can use it UNTIL they find another job. Not for those people who are just too lazy to work to collect money. I believe that everyone needs to contribute to society if we are to improve the current situation, whether it’s working at a job or providing a job for others.

Craigslist and Newspapers

Jobs are literally everywhere. These people could get on craigslist and apply to 50 jobs in a single day and have interviews that same week, many times for a job that would pay them above minimum wage until they came across a position that would be better for them. After all, good things take time.

The newspapers would have jobs listed every day and many of these jobs would also be paying more than minimum wage. However these people still would not take a job, stating that “it’s easier to just not work”. Many of these people are college-educated and supposedly intelligent individuals. I LOL’ed when I wrote that.

If college is supposed to educate us so much, why do people refuse to get jobs after graduating? Doesn’t it teach us to just follow directions and do what the teacher(boss) wants? I’d often think to myself and want to ask these kids “Do you think because you have a piece of paper saying you graduated that you are better than the people working a minimum wage job to pay their bills?”

However I kept my mouth shut because I’ve found out that sooner or later people find out what the world is truly like and will grow up at some point. Hopefully it’s sooner for these people. Thinking about it, college now costs anywhere from $3,000-$20,000 or more a semester and some of these people have borrowed the whole amount to go to school, yet aren’t even worried about making any of the money back to pay back their student loans.

Do YOU feel this is a problem? If so, leave comments below.

Chris Hughes

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yusufchowdhury - December 9, 2010 Reply

Thank you for the GREAT post bro. I really feel your frustration and I meet so many people like that! I really do think part of it is just a a mindset or type of ideas that they carry. People won't change until they change within themselves!

Chris Hughes - December 10, 2010 Reply

my pleasure Yusuf….I was hesitant about posting it, but it had been something in the back of my mind for a while now. I agree that people need to change within themselves prior to changing externally.

Sarah Bonse - June 28, 2011 Reply

Thank you for posting this. It’s so true and I know that you’re not aiming this at anyone who is using the unemployment tool as a way to get by while they continue seeking employment. There aren’t enough people out there standing up for businesses who fall prey to this sort of fraud. Too many people out there need to grow up and take responsibility for themselves. 

Chris Hughes - June 28, 2011 Reply

My pleasure Sarah! It was something that had been bothering me. Seeing people who will literally just use unemployment so that they can not do anything ever. It’s frustrating when so many people are forced onto unemployment and are actively looking for jobs but can’t seem to find anything.

I was just hoping this would resonate with other people 🙂

Anonymous - October 15, 2011 Reply

Agree 100%. Parents pay for college or, like you mention, kids graduate with huge debt. Neither scenario is a very good start. Kids get out of college having everything always provided for them and they expect the government to take the place of parents. How about paying for your own college? You may even have to WORK (imagine that) at it but it is possible to graduate college debt free. Which is the most responsible thing to do and really prepares you for real life where you can’t rely on parents and loans forever.

Chris Hughes - October 17, 2011 Reply

Glad you agree John! Working isn’t that bad :-p

Anonymous - November 20, 2011 Reply

While I definitely agree that there are people like this (because there are and it annoys the crap out of me too… I don’t think anyone in that situation has the choice of seeing a job a “beneath” them or not), minimum wage is no longer enough to live on. It hasn’t been for a very long time. So yes, taking a job at McDonald’s might mean that they have a job now. But if they are getting more in unemployment and other benefits (and they are), they see that as their reasoning not to take the job. Also, working for minimum wage might be enough to pay the rent but not enough for food, and people making minimum wage often make too much to qualify for any other assistance. Yeah, it sucks. But when the “minimum” wage starts to change with the standard of living, we’ll see progress. More people would be able to afford to live, and there would be less strain on the social services that other people need more.

Sorry for my rambling. I’m not an Industrial Labor Relations student for nothing. 🙂

Helena M - December 9, 2011 Reply

Well said, Julie (especially the part about minimum wage disqualifying you from other assistance, including loan deferral). Also, despite what Chris wrote, jobs aren’t just everywhere. I wasted two months with endless well-written cover letters (to jobs for which I was overqualified, but I needed the income) and interviews until I was able to finagle a part-time job (only 10 hours a week) from a mutual connection. I supplemented that income for a while with a retail job, who couldn’t give me over 25 hours a week (and usually gave me closer to 18), until I just moved to pursue another venture.

I’m not going to file for unemployment, but I sure have been tempted. Between those two (hard-won) jobs — one of which couldn’t even give me steady hours — I wasn’t earning enough to cover rent, food, and my student loans (I paid for college almost entirely on my own). I’m not complaining; I’m just saying… it’s tougher out there than I think he’s making it out to be.

Chris Hughes - December 13, 2011 Reply

I agree that minimum wage doesn’t cover enough for living expenses with rent + food…I just have a problem when people who are capable of working choose not to. I guess it’s more about the fact that they either won’t apply for the job because it’ll be too hard for them or they feel like they’re better than a certain job even if that job would cover all living expenses. 

Chris Hughes - December 13, 2011 Reply

I guess it really does depend on where people are living as well. Some places cost a lot more to live than others. For example I’m paying about $400 more a month living in Orlando than I was when I was living in Buffalo. I guess I have been lucky with finding part-time job opportunities to help supplement my online income when times get hard. I’ve been blessed to have a network that has been willing to help me out and help me get other work when I need it.

Have you found a good job lately Helena?

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