What type of image are you portraying?

I’m going to give you a little story about something that I personally struggled with.

I was guilty of the “I don’t care what people think of me” syndrome. I didn’t care what I looked like when I’d get on camera or when I’d go do something business related.

Well….I found something out about this being a MAJOR problem with my business. I wasn’t succeeding! Why the hell wasn’t I succeeding? I seemed to know what I was talking about, so why weren’t people listening to me?

If you’ve ever heard of John Molloy you are familiar with the book, Dress for Success

Tons of people rebelled at the concept, I personally was one of them. It sure sounds manipulative, doesn’t it? I mean, some executives would make sure that their office chairs stood taller than others so that they would appear superior to the others in the office.

But the thing is, when we get to the core of it, Molloy wasn’t telling us to be manipulative. He was merely pointing out to us that success in life, like simple manners, beings with a mindfulness of others and a sensitivity to our impact on them.

Some STILL want to rebel, “I do as I please”, “I want to be me”, or “I don’t want to deal with people who are influenced by things like dress and appearance.”

Now, take a minute. Review those words, what do they imply? YOU COME FIRST.
Do you want to work with that person? Do you want that person to be your employee, a service provider to you, or even your friend?

To me, this made me ask myself….”What is my impact on others?”….”Am I sabotaging myself without even realizing it?”…”Am I losing it before the battle even starts?”

Now I’m not telling you that I don’t dress in sweatpants, shorts, or cut off t-shirts because… I DO THAT! I’m not telling you NOT to wear flip-flops instead of dress shoes, because well…. I DO THAT TOO!

What I am trying to get at here is to just be mindful of your external appearance to others. One of the biggest things now is online video and if you just dress in a nicer polo shirt or dress shirt, you’ll be surprised at how much people will start to respect your information more, even if its the same information!!!

So… the next time you get ready to make a little video to post to your YouTube channel or your blog, ask yourself “What am I putting off to my audience and what would I think if I was in their shoes?”

Chris Hughes

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