You’re Not A Baby Anymore

While I was watching video Lesson 14 of the Empower Network Masters Retreat class I learned a very important lesson that can be relevant to you if you are growing any type of business in which you are empowering people to take massive action and increase their level of income.

The more emails you get and respond to, the more emails you start to get. When you do it once, you just end up getting beat to death with question after question after question. It’s flat out annoying. It causes a lot of stress and doesn’t make a lot of money.

This goes directly against the ELF (Easy, Lucrative & Fun) way of building a business.

Honestly what the best thing that you can do, as a leader, when you are put in a situation where everyone is constantly asking questions is to just go enroll more people onto your team, show them you don’t need them and that you are going to build a successful business without them.

If something is going to teach your team what is necessary to do, it’s going to be this.

Don’t Baby People

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Instead of babying them and holding their hand about every little thing that happens, you force them to step out of their own comfort zone and do what is necessary to take themselves to the next level.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to do the things that will help our team get to the next level. More often than not, it will end up being us telling our team that they need to quit being a wussy and start taking action.

They need to try something and fail.

and then try something else…and fail again.

and again and again and again.

It’s all a part of learning. It’s natural for most people to want to give up when they fail the first time. It’s HARD to succeed. That’s why not everyone you know is living the life of their dreams, making the kind of money they deserve and becoming their true self.

I know that I personally have struggled a LOT in my life.

Some of my friends will probably tell you that everything has always come easy for me and part of that is true. I am a quick learner and focus only on the things that give me the results I want.

I learned that by putting in hour upon hour when no one is watchingthat I could become better at everything I did.

Let’s use an example here.

I’m a juggler.

When people see me juggling now and I’m throwing 5 or 6 balls around in the air and making it look effortless, it IS effortless because i’ve put in countless hours learning how to do it. I’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours practicing and perfecting my technique, getting the rhythms down and mastering the fundamentals.

Yet what most people see is that I am just juggling and must have been born with the talent.


When I first started juggling, do you think I could just automatically pick up 5 balls and BOOM BABY, master juggler!

Nope. Although I tend to tell people I just learned how today when they ask how long i’ve been juggling lol.

I failed. I failed over and over again.

I remember practicing 5 balls in the garage at my parents house for hours on end because my dad told me he would give me some money if I could juggle 5 balls for 50 throws.

The garage had a high ceiling and allowed me to practice my ass off until I finally got it. Until I called him into the garage and was like “dad, check this out” and did it.

I juggled 5 balls. I was a badass. I, Chris Hughes, was a master at juggling. Anything was possible from that point forward…as long as I put in enough hours to make it work.

Now if I would have just started off knowing how to juggle 5 balls without going through those hours of failure, it wouldn’t mean anything to me. It would just be another thing I could do, like tying my shoes or riding a bike.

Guess what?

The same thing is true with building an online business.

You’re going to fail a lot. It’s part of the fun.

There are certain things that will cut your learning curve down. For example, instead of trying to learn how to code a website yourself, you could buy some books or a course on how to do it. That will save you time. You’re still going to need to put some time in to become good at it, but it will cut the time down significantly for learning.

If you want to build an online business, you can find something like this that will teach you how to build a business.

Does it seem like its cheating to learn from people who have already done it?

I think not!

That’s what they are here for, to help us learn and grow. The people who have already done it love helping those who want to do it…IF THEY ARE WILLING TO PUT IN THE TIME!

If you are willing to put in the time, go watch the video here and join my team.

I’m not going to baby you and hold your hand, but I will direct you to the experts who have created video tutorials to teach you how to do everything. Is that cool?

Go sign up here and join me for only $25.


Chris Hughes

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