January 3, 2012

What’s the best iPhone 4S Case?

Today I became the proud owner of an iPhone 4S. But I came across a problem when I was browsing through all of the iPhone 4s cases that there are.

There’s more than 400,394,182.6 cases for this phone. Well…that may be an exaggeration, but there are a lot of cases for this phone.


I had two thoughts…

1) Spend hours looking for the best iPhone 4S case

2) Ask you what you think the best case is


This year is all about saving time and learning from other people. So I decided to go with option 2 and create this post to ask you what you think the best case is.


I’d love for you to give me your opinion below on what case you think is the best and also why you think it’s the best.

I’ve looked at a few cases:

OtterBox Universal Defender Case

Incipio NGP Case

Nintendo Game Boy Gameboy Silicone Case – old school gameboy case?

White 3-Piece Snap On Hard Case Cover

Speck Products CandyShell Glossy Case

Let me know what cases you think are the best and why in the comments below!

Chris Hughes

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Marieke Hensel - January 5, 2012 Reply

It all depends on why you’d need the iphone case. Personally I am all for simple and minimal. I already love the design of the iPhone, so why cover it up with anything? The best cover for my iphone is the pocket in my jeans. And with a case it only gets more bulky.

But if you do like a slick design, and one that can stand any drop on hard surfaces, this would be my pick: http://www.dnacaseworks.com/ Its the DNA Case, and made from metal, you can still see the iphone. And its better than those cheap $20 plastic cases that you can buy at the mall, etc. 😉

Let us know if you picked a case, and which one it is!

Chris Hughes - January 5, 2012 Reply

Marieke that case is pretty awesome! I ended up picking up a Incipio case to tide me over until I make a final decision. I wanted some protection while picking out a case for the long run 🙂 

I might pick up one of those dna cases because it really does make the iPhone look awesome. Thanks for the heads up! 

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