What Do You Think of The Crazy Video Boss Antics?

Video Boss Antics by Andy Jenkins

I just got done watching the first video from Andy Jenkins and there’s literally 2 things I’m doing right now.

  1. Literally LOL’ed for about 5 minutes straight
  2. In awe of the power of video

Okay now if you haven’t seen the video, check out the first video of Video Boss here:

Andy is a really smart dude and was successful before he got into the Internet Marketing business. His experience was with creating Hollywood films and needless to say, he’s killing it with doing online videos. Therefore, I listen to what he says and so should you.

Andy’s original course, “Video Boss” training is by far one of the best online marketing courses to date, because he teaches you how you can CREATE low-budget videos that actually sell stuff. There’s something called writer’s block that bloggers often get when creating content online and Andy shows you the exact steps on how to come up with content. He also shows you how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your videos once your videos are done. It’s smart on Andy’s part to teach this because some people could have awesome videos, but if no one saw them, they wouldn’t amount to sales and would be a waste of time to the creator. Props Andy. *fist pound*

One last thing before I let you go and laugh your face off. There’s nothing at all to buy when you visit this link, so click EVERYTHING- I still won’t get paid. HOWEVER, if you decide to purchase the Video Boss Coaching Program when it re-opens (sometime within the next 3 weeks), I’ll get a commission. But at this point, don’t worry about it- there’s nothing for you to buy, and you should check out these free videos, see if online video resonates with you, and get some value from Andy while these videos are still up online:

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