What Do You Need Help With?

Some of the ideas I have are out there. Ideas like hiring me for a week have turned into pretty cool little adventures for me. (PS- you can still hire me for a week if you’d like. I haven’t traveled anywhere in a while and would love to venture outside of Florida again soon)

Well, I decided that I want to do something else that’s a little crazy.

I want to find a way to help you out.

As you may or may not know, I’m obsessed with learning and read constantly. I’m reading Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi right now and he talks about the value of the relationships you have with people. I try to implement things I learn immediately to see how well they work. To be honest, they usually work out really well and end  up teaching me quite a bit.

So, yet another experiment comes out of the crazy brain that’s inside of my head.

I want to know exactly what you need help with.


If you need a website designed, let me know.

If you need SEO work done on your site, let me know.

If you need someone to teach you how to dougie, let me know. I know of a how to dougie video on youtube I can show you 😉

Haha, but really… I have a huge network of people that I know that are willing and able to help you out.

What Do I Get Out Of This?

I do appreciate that you’d think of me in a time like this, but who cares what I get at this point. This is about you and helping you out.

My business is coming along great and each month it is improving. The reason it is constantly improving is because of the people I meet, the connections I make and people like you who help me when I need help.

Now it’s time that I start giving back even more.

I want to turn this post into a sort of “Help Me” section for you.

If you need help with a specific thing, let me know in the comments below. I’m willing to bet that I personally know someone who can help you, or one of my readers will be able to help you find someone who can help you out.

So Tell Me….What Do YOU Need Help With?

Chris Hughes

Chris loves learning, going on adventures, surfing and having fun. Chris on Google+

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Matt Southern - January 29, 2012 Reply

I’m curious to know what resources you’ve used to learn how to build your affiliate business and how someone else could get started if they wanted to follow in your footsteps

Bobby Nichols - January 30, 2012 Reply

I’d actually like to learn MORE about designing a website myself, rather than having you build it for me Chris.

Can you help?

Chris Hughes - January 30, 2012 Reply

Hey Matt, I’m following the system that my buddy Ryan Magin put together in the course Affiliate Blog Empire. You can check out what’s inside the course if you want, I recorded a video review of it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFhyxhsgCoI 

I’ve been doing it for a few months now and love the results. The facebook group he’s created has been a major asset to me as well. It’s a great place to bounce around ideas and see what’s working/what’s not working. Hit me up if you have any questions about it. 

Chris Hughes - January 30, 2012 Reply

Hey Bobby, nice to see ya here! I’ve got a lot of resources for building sites. I recommend that every new site that people build is built on the WordPress.org platform. It’s honestly the easiest to edit everything on, and there are a ton of support people/groups out there to help you if you get stuck.

My buddy Ori Bengal created the site http://MakeWPEasy.com that has a bunch of information on how to create/edit sites using WordPress. (I use WordPress for al my sites)

There’s also a ton of video tutorials on youtube. If you head to Barnes & Nobles, pick up a book on WordPress or web design. 

The way I learned was by messing around with it on my own and then searching google for how to do other stuff. After a few months of watching tutorials/creating stuff I learned a ton. 

Does that help?

Bobby Nichols - January 30, 2012 Reply

Yeah that does help Chris and thank you.

I’ve got a site to build for a family member but it’s been years since I studied Photoshop or Dreamweaver so I’m a bit out of it.

I’ll let you know how this all goes.

Thanks again, man.

Chris Hughes - January 30, 2012 Reply

I don’t use Photoshop or Dreamweaver :-p But it’s just like anything, the more you use it the better you’ll get. Lucky for us we have access to youtube and can learn how to do almost anything on there for free 🙂

Good luck with it! 

Article Mastery - January 31, 2012 Reply

Let’s see – i have a very cool WF thread i’d love to have bumped
I just added a 14 min intro video to my training community I’m looking for feedback on (and of course, new members if the video makes any sense) 🙂
I just added a ticker symbol on Empire Ave – anyone want some shares purchased?
And I’m doing a no-brainer offer on my lifetime mentor site – pennies on the dollar…

Chris Hughes - January 31, 2012 Reply

What is 1 thing that I can do to help you with this? I could bump your WF thread if you leave the link below. 

Anneli Dahlqvist Pettersson - February 1, 2012 Reply

In my organization (umbrella organization for study associations and folkhigschools in East Sweden) are we planning for a two day long conferens about future learning i 20-21 november 2012. We want to create a meeting, witch is interactive before, during and after conferens. The Thema is leadership, interaction and human arenas. Leadership in a wide meaning, leadership in organizations, groups, in your own life et c.

Our dream is to invite you to participate the conferens for lecturing and exchange of ideas. Maybe we can hire you for a time?

But, we need ideas and we need to see possibilities, think outside the box.

That´s what we really, really need.
(I need also to get better with my english, so sorry for that)

Can you help?

Chris Hughes - February 1, 2012 Reply

Anneli, I’d be interested in helping you out. That looks like it would be fun! Can you email me at Chris @ WhosChrisHughes * com to send me more information? 

Anneli Dahlqvist Pettersson - February 23, 2012 Reply

I have send two e-mails to you wihtout answer, is something wrong? Do you get my e-mails?
Hope you will help!

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