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February 6, 2011

Why Is The Super Bowl The Only Time There’s Outrageous Ads?

This blog post came to me last night, and I want some input from you on this because I just don’t quite “get it”.

Think of the millions upon millions of dollars that it costs major brands to have their ad shown during the Super Bowl for a mere 30 seconds.

Creative Commons License photo credit: RUD66

Sure this 30 seconds is more visible than any other event in the US at one time. This means that the company tries to create a cool or funny commercial that will stick with their audience. The problem I see with this is that they are competing with ALL of the best commercials during this time, making it harder and harder for their commercial to be memorable. To me, I see this as a problem.

When everyone is doing one thing, it’s typically best to run the other way and do a different thing. However, during the Super Bowl it really is a good idea to have outrageous commercials that cause people to remember your brand.

Wouldn’t it be wise for these businesses to start creating more memorable and outrageous commercials for regular TV? If a commercial is hilarious or extremely outrageous, it will spread on YouTube and get more views (eyeballs looking at your brand).

One good example of this is the All State Mayhem commercials like this:


Here’s one commercial that I think is funny that will be premiering on the Super Bowl 2011.


Why do you think that corporations only produce outrageous advertising during the Super Bowl? Please comment below.

If your business wants to have more outrageous advertising check out Bill Glazer’s book Outrageous Advertising thats outrageously Successful.

Chris Hughes

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Lauren Huston - February 6, 2011 Reply

Great post, Chris, and VERY timely! Nicely done. I think that a lot of businesses are still conservative and are still buying into the American “tradition” of Super Bowl commercial purchases. Tradition sure is a tough thing to break! Side note: my Dad practically rolls over laughing at the All State commercials!! I will have to share this post with him.

Chris Hughes - February 6, 2011 Reply

thanks Lauren! Tradition definitely is difficult to break, but why is it so hard?

haha I LOOOVEEEE the All State commercials, I hope your dad enjoys the post 🙂

Lauren Huston - February 6, 2011 Reply

Why is it so hard? Most humans are creatures of habit. We were not really designed to embrace change. A lot of people (including businesses) have habits and routines. It takes a lot of repetition and good results from doing something different to adopt a NEW tradition.

Are the All State commercials a “guy thing”?

Avram - February 6, 2011 Reply

Chris, I dunno if I can answer the question about why companies don't do this year round… but I certainly know why they do it for the Super Bowl!

I think it's one of those situations where you have to “step up to the plate” to play with the big dogs. I remember back in high school whenever we'd play better teams in volleyball that's when we'd rise to the occasion and play absolutely out of our minds. We'd often beat better teams.

But then we'd go up against regular teams throughout the season and just play regular games – very odd.

Perhaps companies lose the intensity and focus they have on the Super Bowl ads and end up releasing crappy commercials the rest of the year because nobody else is playing at the top of their game either?


Ps for whatever reason the audio link doesn't work 🙁 Error says “Sorry, this article is not available yet”

Roy Naim - February 6, 2011 Reply

To me this comes from a psychological state of view. You see, the superbowl is a time when emotions run high.

It is a time when people scream, yell, cry, and laugh. People gather around, good food around, fun times all around.

We can't remember everything in our lives, but we surely will remember those that have emotions burned into them.

It is for this reason I believe, that the superbowl has great quality commercial. They want to connect with the emotional state that is taking place right now.

The rest of the year, very few people are connected to the show as the big game.

Chris Hughes - February 7, 2011 Reply

Hey Avram, great example of stepping up with volleyball. I believe that you're absolutely right with them stepping up because they have to.

Maybe if they chose to have awesome commercials year-round, it would eliminate the reason that a majority of people watch the Super Bowl? I know of a lot of people who just watch for the commercials because it's when the best commercials are.

I think the audio link is fixed now, it take a little while for the Odiogo to recognize a new post and add the audio…maybe I should just start doing it myself from now on… O:)

Chris Hughes - February 7, 2011 Reply

Hey Roy, you're absolutely right about emotions running high during the Super Bowl. In fact we were yelling, screaming, cheering and high-fiving the whole game. I know for a fact I will remember it and linking emotions to events definitely helps me remember things better.

Do you think it would be a waste of the creativity of the businesses if they were to release great ads during the regular seasons? Without the emotional connection it might not generate as many sales I guess…

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