Small Business Marketing: Make Money With E-mail Marketing

How do you bring people into your offline business? If you’re like 97% of the small businesses out there, it is probably by creating a sales funnel. Either you have a product on sale or a service on sale, which draws people into your business. This is done by paying for yellow page ads, buying ads in the newspaper, setting up sales brochures, or billboard ads.

Oh wait, these cost a lot of money…

Do they provide you with a positive ROI? If you don’t know, check out the article Buying Unmeasurable Marketing.

Do you think that  it would be a good idea to do a similar thing online? Spend money on the things that used to work back in the 90s, even if they aren’t working for you? Well, the sad thing is, many businesses are spending money on the things that USED to work, even if they don’t work any longer.

Why?!?! Why are businesses doing that? Okay, I know that isn’t you, you are a lot smarter than that and only spend money on things that provide you with a positive ROI.

This section is for anyone who isn’t succeeding in their online marketing

I’m going to explain to you the difference between the old way of creating a sales funnel and the new way of creating a sales funnel. I’ll let you in on a secret, the old way is not providing the ROI that you want…the new way is 😉

The Old Way

The New Way

You’ll notice there is a very little difference in the old way to the new way, however it will make a huge difference in your marketing funnel. What’s the reason for this? If you are a small business owner who has a blog and is trying to build an e-mail list, you need to differentiate yourself. The best way to do this is to provide value up-front to your prospect.

Give them something for free

This means that you are going to have to give something away for FREE. You probably have noticed that the information on my blog is free and it’s full of value. The reason for this is that it teaches people something, as well as helps build credibility. I’m an expert, and feel that by giving away this information establish a different position in your mind than someone who is trying to sell you something before giving you value. Who would you rather work with?

What you’ll need to do is identify something of value that you can give away. It doesn’t have to be a product or service of yours, it can be a coupon or even an e-book or free video that teaches people how to use your product. If you are a chiropractor, give away free videos that teach people how to stay healthy during the holidays. If you sell high-end cars, give away free videos of what the car can do and let people drive the car in exchange for their e-mail address. This will build your e-mail list and will allow you to market to these people later on.

Adding these prospects to an e-mail list is next.

How to keep in contact with your customers & prospects

The single best way to keep in contact with your prospects and customers is by using an e-mail management system such as AWeber. AWeber allows you to set up lists of people who have already purchased things from you(it’s easier to sell to people who have already bought from you). You can also set up a list which includes people who have come into your business and haven’t bought…YET! This way, you can let them know when you are having a sale at your business and hopefully turn them into a customer.

A simple way to add more customers to your prospects list

The simplest way to build a list of prospects in your business is to ASK FOR IT. When people come into your business and are interested in anything, all you need to do is ask them to sign up for your e-mail list so that you can e-mail them when you have special sales and offers available.

You actually won’t need to give something away for free to people who come into your store, because you will be hooking them up with awesome deals! That’s right, you can build a list by being a good person! Sweet!

One of the clients I work with has been collecting names for only 6 months and she had over 850 names to add to her e-mail list. The thing was, she wasn’t even using an e-mail list to promote her business! She just had these e-mails and didn’t know what to do with them! After I got her set up with AWeber, she imported that list and was able to start promoting to them. The cool thing about this was that she can e-mail these people any time that she has a sale in her store! AWeber is less than $20 a month too, so it really isn’t costing her much to bring people into her business.

Compare that with the price of putting an ad in the newspaper, which the average price for an ad in my current city, Orlando,Florida is anywhere from $300 to $3,000 depending on how big of an ad you want. When you think about that, and how many people come into your store from that specific ad…is it really worth it?

850 vs 50,000

Let’s do a quick comparison, an e-mail sent out to 850 people who have already entered your store = qualified people vs an ad sent out to 50,000 people in your local area. On average, about 1% of all people will pay enough attention to the paper to notice your ad. A small percentage of them will be interested enough to come into your business. Do you think any of them will come into your business at all? A percentage. Maybe 10 people out of that 50,000 who will be BUYERS. Out of your 850, let’s say that only 10% of these people are in the buying mood at the time, this makes only 85 BUYERS.

I don’t want to get you any more excited than you already are, so i’ll leave you at that. Go get an Aweber account here and then start getting those e-mails from the people coming into your business! You will start making more money from the people who come into your business and will save a bunch of money on advertising. Win-win!

If you sign up through that link there and e-mail me, I will even teach you how to set it up…for free!

Chris Hughes

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