Should Your Business Be Using Youtube for Marketing?

In recent years, YouTube has been gaining popularity for every kind of video. People upload their funny home videos, music videos and even make their own movie series on a YouTube channel. Marketing through YouTube is also possible today; many business owners are enjoying the rewards of a successful channel that brings in new customers and more revenue. Deciding whether or not to use YouTube is a decision each company must make. This article will explain the top reasons why every business owner should have a YouTube channel for marketing.

1. Free Publicity
Paying for ad space or commercials can cost a fortune. Every business is facing cutting corners and costs today. Unfortunately, many employees are losing their jobs because of necessary cuts. Companies cannot afford to cut advertising, since that would pose the risk of losing business. With YouTube marketing, television commercials can be discontinued. Email marketing can be combined with YouTube, but it is possible to advertise using only YouTube and still reap the benefits of success.

2. Budget-Friendly
As mentioned, YouTube is free. Creating videos doesn’t have to be expensive, either. The entire purpose of YouTube is to have real-life videos that are made in real-life settings. There is no need to hire actors or use props. A YouTube video can be shot in a park, on a beach or in a cluttered living room. Employees can help create the video instead of actors. There is no need to rent expensive equipment; a simple digital camera with video mode can be used.

3. More Interesting
Television commercials are becoming overrated. Today there are many annoying commercials on t.v. The population is becoming increasingly less trusting of companies that air frequent commercials, especially if the terms are “too good to be true.” The new generations are being taught to question everything, so they’re looking at commercials from a skeptic’s viewpoint in larger numbers. Television is also becoming less interesting. People now watch more shows on their phones, online and spend more time on YouTube than they do a regular television. YouTube videos made for marketing should be interesting and mysterious – with a call to action at the end. Given the proper mystery and ingenuity, a YouTube marketing video can make even internet bingo appealing. Videos made for YouTube marketing should never mirror a commercial, as this is what people today are trying to avoid.

4. More Popularity
When a YouTube video is a success, it will spread across the internet. It may reach a viral state if it is popular enough. Bizarre advertisements, stunts or extremely funny videos usually top the charts. The best part about a YouTube channel is that the company is now owned by Google. Even typing in a description for the video that is search engine optimised will result in a higher search engine ranking and more video views. Videos that are posted on a company’s social media page will also quickly top the Google charts if it is clicked enough.

5. Sparing Bandwidth
Not all websites are set up to host multiple videos. Sometimes it is better to create a series of videos that are about 2 minutes each, but setting up multiple videos can create a bandwidth problem. Too much traffic to the website, especially if a video goes viral, may cause the site to crash. A crashed site will definitely not draw new customers in, so it is important to use a different host site to avoid this problem. YouTube is the perfect solution, as it is the largest, most reliable and completely free.

6. Automatic Notifications
YouTube has a beneficial feature for subscriptions. When a business starts a YouTube channel and alerts customers who are already following on social media or through a website blog, the customers can choose to subscribe to that channel. Nearly everyone has their own YouTube membership; most users are on the site once per week or more. When a new video is uploaded by the company, the customer will receive a notification about the new video. With a catchy title and description, they won’t be able to resist clicking – and sharing or reposting if it is interesting.

Matt is a freelance writer and research who works for a leading free comparison website based in Australia where consumers can read impartial credit card reviews. Recently he’s been writing more reviews of credit cards for small businesses featuring a variety of rewards and perks.


Matt is a freelance writer and research who works for a leading free comparison website based in Australia where consumers can read impartial credit card reviews. Recently he's been writing more reviews of credit cards for small businesses featuring a variety of rewards and perks.

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