November 3, 2017

How To Save Money On Amazon Without Going Crazy

How To Save Money On Amazon

Want to know something a little crazy?

There’s a plugin, by the name of Honey, that will save you money on your everyday Amazon purchases. It takes 30 seconds to install, and it could save you a bunch of money this year.

If you love saving money, then this might just be the best blog post you read all year.

Amazon does a great job at providing us with good prices and the 2-day shipping is terrific. One problem with Amazon is they don’t have it set up for the average shopper to compare prices to find the best deals possible. Even someone who is extremely careful can accidentally end up overpaying for products.

Well, that was until Honey came out.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to outsmart the Amazon marketplace and ensure you pay the lowest price every time you shop: Honey. This little browser add-on gained popularity among shoppers for its automatic coupon feature, it also offers powerful Amazon shopping tools that can save you TONS of money. And, yes, it works with Prime!

Here’s how it works:

You don’t need to change anything at all about how you currently shop on Amazon. Honey works in the background for you. When you visit any product page, you’ll have a little orange button appear just above the price. (See picture below)

If Honey finds a better deal for you, it’ll let you know by saving “Save $x.xx”. Click that button to see the better deal.

I’ve found savings ranging from $.02 to hundreds of dollars—not bad considering it takes zero effort.

Honey was able to find $95.84 in savings, and all I had to do was click one button.

Save Money On Amazon

Here’s another example (in video) so that you can see just how this works. This is how easy for me to save $10.20 on a Keurig, by going with another Amazon seller:

10 seconds to save $10.20, and I get the same 2-day shipping and fulfillment by Amazon. Same coffee maker, same shipping, just cheaper!

Sometimes the displayed price is actually the lowest price, and in which case, Honey tells you. Either way, you’ll feel confident knowing you didn’t get ripped off! Over time, your savings can really add up if you shop on Amazon frequently.

Save Money On Amazon

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