Rode Videomic Go Unboxing

Hey what’s up, Chris Hughes here and in this video I am going to review the Rode Video Mic Go.

And it’s a lightweight on-camera microphone and I actually go it for the Nikon D5100 camera, so you’ll see that is here. And I’m going to do a quick comparison of sound quality. Right now I’m shooting this video on a Canon G7X Mark II I think is the full name of it, but I just wanted to do an unboxing. And then a sound test just so you can hear the quality difference.

I’m actually going to go over to the Nikon to have just like a two to three second clip of sound and then I will have it with on it. So the unboxing, pretty boring, took me a while to open as you saw.

Very simple, you’ve got two pieces. So I’m not going to read any instruction because, it’s probably just like plug it in.

Okay. So the install, as you can see here, pretty easy. These little buttons are nice. Seems sturdy, not going to fall off if I tip it side to side. So what I’m going to do now is, turn this on, oops, let me see if I can get the video, okay, so focus. So this is the test of the default sound from the Nikon D5100 without the Rode microphone plugged in. And now, I’m going to see if I can plug it in. It’s a really easy set up. Oops, look at that all blurry. So it just plugs in the side, plugs in the back, mounts nicely.

Okay, now this is with the Rode microphone actually plugged in. And, it’s pointing directly at me, just directly ahead which I hope is the appropriate way to do this, I guess we’ll find out. But, you’re probably recognizing the sound difference, the quality of the sound is a lot clearer than it was without any of the external, like the external mic plugged in makes it so much clearer and easier to hear. So if you actually want to pick up one of the Rode, whatever mics, there’s going to be a link down below to pick it up on Amazon.

It was like $80, so less than $100 and you get the, this improvement in sound quality for your Nikon D5100 or any other camera that allows an external plug to go into it.

So thank you so much for watching. If you are on YouTube, please subscribe to my channel. I’m sharing a lot of entrepreneurial advice and tips and tricks I’ve learned in growing my business. And, just subscribe so that you can actually get more of these videos. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll see you in the next video.

Equipment used:

Rode Videomic Go

Nikon D5100

Canon G7X Mark II