February 28, 2011

Why Is “Relationship Status” So Important?

Couple Relationship StatusFacebook has become such a normal part of everyday conversation over the past few years. It’s everywhere from TV to having it’s own movie “The Social Network” and it’s really changed the way that people interact both online and offline. What fascinates me is the way dating has evolved and how the relationship status on Social Media become such a serious thing.

I read an article today on a Facebook app that alerts you when someone changes their status. You can read the article at Facebook ‘Waiting Room’ App Helps You Break Up Couples.

In the clip below, from “The Social Network” you’ll see one of the reasons why I’m writing this.


Quote directly from this clip:

“Relationship Status…Interested In…this is what drives life in college.

Are you having sex or are you?

It’s why people take certain classes and sit where they sit… Do what they do.. when out at some center.. you know, that’s what the Facebook is gonna be about. People are gonna log on because there’s the chance they’re actually going to get laid or meet a girl.”

This was the final point in Mark Zuckerberg adding the finishing touches to Facebook. Think about it, relationship status was the final touch on Facebook. It’s unbelievable how this was the final touch and how it’s really changed the way relationships are in today’s age.

Do you list your relationship status?Relationship Status


I personally removed the relationship status on my personal profile because I feel like it’s un-necessary for me to broadcast my dating life to the world. Who knows, if I meet an awesome girl and have a long-term relationship with I may eventually show my relationship status. However at this point it is easier for me to not worry about changing it and possibly hurting feelings associated with that subtle aspect of Facebook. It’s crazy how much a status can change relationships and how your relationship status can impact a person’s day/week.

I’ve also personally experienced this when I switched from “In a Relationship” to “Single” a few years ago. It was a heart breaker and absolutely sucked switching to “Single” after that. I guess I was comfortable with showing off that I was in a relationship and didn’t want to be out of one. I did learn how much one little virtual statement could make me feel. It’s amazing how much simple things can affect our lives. The Internet really has changed everything.

What If Someone’s Listed as “In a Relationship?”

Relationship Status



I’ve hung out with girls who don’t have a relationship status listed, girls who are listed as “Single” and other girls who are “In a Relationship”. Yes, I check. Mainly because I work with Social Media as part of my job and I’m curious. Aren’t we all guilty of this at times?

What do you feel about if someone that you are hanging out witd is listed as “In a Relationship”? Does it change the dynamic of the relationship? Does it make you think twice about asking them on a date or going in for the kiss? What if they just haven’t gotten around to changing it yet? What if it was a joke?

I’ve spoken to various people about this and how it’s changed our lives. Some people who have listed themselves in a relationship with someone on Facebook and then their family members who are friends of theirs on Facebook naturally assume this means that the person is going to marry this person. Too many people switch relationships weekly or bi-weekly to really take the “In a relationship” portion seriously.

I’m fascinated with dating and how attraction works, which is part of the reason that I decided to write this post. The other reason was because of that crazy app I mentioned earlier.

Do you think that Facebook is a good thing for relationships or a bad thing? Please leave comments below and let’s have a serious discussion about this.

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