Publish It Now, Revise It Later

My Favorite Way To Find Out If Stuff Sells

Hey everyone,

In this video I talk to you about just creating things and putting them up for sale. You can always revise things later on and fix what doesn’t work once you’re making money from it selling.

This may go against everything that you have ever heard about creating ideal products, but coming from personal experiences I know that this works.

I’ve tried doing it their way.

I tried waiting until everything was perfect with my projects. What did I find out when I waited until my project was perfect?

I learned that I didn’t make any money from these projects.

They didn’t sell so I didn’t make any money.

It sucks when you don’t make any money. Don’t you agree?

I see you nodding your head.

I can see that you are a little upset right now. Upset that people have lied to you. That you believe that every time someone sells something, it’s 100% complete and 100% perfect. That there are no errors in it.

Hold on a second while I giggle to myself about your preconceived notions.

Don’t worry, I had them too.

It’s More Important To Make Sales

Yeah, you read that right.

Sales are more important than “having it perfect”.

If you look at it from a financial standpoint…

1) Your product is still not perfect and not for sale = NO MONEY

2) Your product isn’t perfect, but is for sale = $$$$$$$$

Cue Wale…

They gonna love me for my ambition.

If you are new to online marketing and want to just get started with something that you can sell and start making money soon, you should check out what I’ve been working on lately with the Empower Network.

They provide you with a fully completed product that you can sell while you are waiting for your product to be complete.

It’s the most badass system I’ve ever seen and I support it 100%.

Plus, you can get started for only $25 which is awesome.

Chris Hughes

Chris loves learning, going on adventures, surfing and having fun. Chris on Google+

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