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Orlando Florida SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Recently I’ve been learning a lot about SEO. I’ve invested in courses like Occupy Google, the SEO Dominator’s Club and a few other courses like these. I’ve been testing and tweaking the SEO techniques that I’ve been learning and have been noticing great results on my affiliate blogs.

When I first got involved with Internet Marketing I never thought that I would end up learning so much about search engine optimization, but the more I learn about it the more I understand the benefits of organic search rankings. There is always going to be an option to pay for ads, but I would much rather have free rankings that make me sales than have to pay for sales.

It’s just simple math. If I have to spend $10 to make $30, I only profit $20. If I build a sites rankings by using proven search engine optimization strategies, I can get free traffic. If I sell that sale product to make $30, I profit the full amount.

So why am I talking about this?

It’s simple really.

I have gotten good at getting websites ranked highly in the search engines. This led me towards providing SEO for local businesses in Orlando Florida and the surrounding areas. I want to start out local with this because I like the face-to-face contact and feel it’s important when doing business.

Learn more about Orlando Florida SEO.

I definitely want to spread this throughout the country and be able to travel to meet these business owners face-to-face for initial meetings and to be able to see where the business owner wants their business to go. By doing this, I will be able to help small businesses generate more customers using the internet and build their business.

To me, this seems like an awesome idea and a very fun way to help others. I believe that the more I am able to help others, the more I can give back and the more positive impact I will have on this world.

SEO is something that is here to stay and I believe that by helping these businesses I will be able to help some small businesses stay in business.

When I work with these businesses, I want to get them to the point where they are dominating the first page for their keywords. This means that anyone who is going to go against my personal clients will not even have a chance to be on the first page. This is the competitor in me coming out.

I want to pay you to refer people to me.

Do you know a business owner who needs SEO work done? If so, you may be in luck if you refer them to me and we work together.

Before you get ahead of yourself I want to let you know what kind of clients I am looking for. My services are not going to be for everyone.

My ideal client

My ideal client is a business that has 5-25 employees, understands the importance of the internet but doesn’t know how to do the work and can afford $1,000-$2,000 a month for SEO.

Here’s how I will pay you…

For the first tier of people you refer to me I will pay you 10% of what your referral pay’s me each month. This means if you refer someone who is paying $2,000 a month for SEO, you will get $200 from me every single month. Does this sound like it would be worth 10 minutes of your time?

If you know of a business that could use these services, feel free to forward their information to me. I would love to work with them. Send me a message thru email at [email protected] , on Facebook  or tweet me @WhosChrisHughes .

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