March 12, 2018

How To Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO – YouTube Best Practices

Are you looking to optimize YouTube videos for SEO? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn how to optimize YouTube videos for SEO, how to optimize your YouTube channel and how to set your channel up for success. If you have been dabbling with YouTube videos, this guide is going to take your channel to the next level. You will need to put in the work to create the content, but if you follow these guidelines you’ll have a better chance of success.

Let’s start off with optimizing YouTube videos.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos For SEO:



Before you launch your video, have you thought about the title of it? Does the title accurately reflect what is inside the video? What about the length of the title? Does it show up and read properly on mobile devices? Is it a short and concise title that is emotionally driven and/or keyword optimized?These are all things you want to focus on before pressing “Publish” on your video.


Your description should start off with a keyword optimized sentence or focusing specifically on the keyword that the video is about. In an ideal situation you will also write in an educational message within the description that provides value to the reader if they choose to click “See More”. After that, you want to link up to other videos you have and at least 1 playlist that is relevant to what the video is about.

Did you remember to add a link to where people can subscribe to your channel? What about links to other social media accounts you have set up for the channel? You want to make sure that all of the links in the description are clickable and are trackable. I recommend using ClickMagick for setting up these tracking links.


How many tags are you using? Are there at least 10 relevant tags for your video? Did you include both one-word and phrase tags or just one or the other? Do the tags accurately reflect what’s in the video or are you just throwing words in there because they sound cool? You’ll want to make sure the tags have a high search volume and low competition so that you can rank easier.You can find these keywords by using tools like VidIQ, Google Adwords Keyword Planner and


The thumbnail is one of the first things to catch a viewers eye. Does the thumbnail accurately reflect what the video is about? If you choose to have text on the thumbnail, is it easy to read on both desktop and mobile? If there is text, does it complement the video title? You can use to create these thumbnails very easily.


In order to get people to spend more time on your channel, are you including YouTube cards within your video? These are used within your video to drive traffic to other relevant videos you have on your channel.

how to optimize youtube channel

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Channel Banner:

Does the banner on your channel accurately reflect the channel’s content and what niche you’re in? How does the graphic look on desktop? Does it also look good on mobile?

About Section and Channel Description:

Are the top two lines of these keyword optimized? You want to make sure that the first paragraph is a brief overview of your channel. Did you include your upload schedule if you have one? (example: New videos every Tuesday at 2pm EST) Do you have your social media links in there, and do they all work?


Have you created custom playlists in your channel? Do these playlists have keyword-optimized descriptions that are relevant to your channel? Where do you have these playlists? Are they featured on the landing page of the channel?

Channel Trailer: 

Do you have a channel trailer set up? If not, you need to record one ASAP! Does this trailer show up on the landing page? Does the channel accurately reflect what your channel’s content and niche is? Is the trailer telling the best story in the shortest amount of time?

Would you like to shortcut the time it takes to create profitable YouTube videos? The training that is put together in the Video Ranking Club course will teach you the step-by-step system to duplicating this.

how to optimize youtube videos for seo

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