February 22, 2011

My Experience at JV Alert Live in Orlando 2011

This past weekend, February 18-20th I had to opportunity to go to JV Alert in Orlando, Florida (which happens to be where I’m living right now). I was invited by Nancy Perez of LocalOnline.biz thanks again for inviting me Nancy! Much appreciated 🙂

I wanted to do a quick shout out to everyone I met and provide you, the reader, with some information about who these people are and what they do. Some of them I got to know better than others, but I know that in the future I will be getting to know these people better and hopefully helping them in some way or another.

Friday was the first day of the event and I went in ready to learn. I learned quite a bit and have a word document with a ton of notes in it. The speakers did an excellent job getting my brain up and running, actually convincing me that I need to focus more on my Juggling Secrets course that teaches people how to juggle through videos. I’ve had this course for a little while, but was just not convinced that it could become a good money maker, it took some input from other people to let me know that there was a lot of potential for this when I did it the right way. This led me to staying up late on Friday night and drawing out a bunch of mind-maps thanks to Walt Laurel of PassionDrivenProfit.com for giving me the idea to raise the price of the course, and adding a way for people to make money juggling. I’m working on changing this all of this week!

As for the speakers on Friday I wanted to give a quick shout-out to them.

Ken McArthur

Ken McArthur started it all off, being the host of JV Alert Live, he let us know what we were in for and gave us his story. It was nice to learn this because I’m new to meeting the people who’ve helped set the stage for people coming up. So thank you for setting this up Ken, it was an awesome event!

Bob Jenkins

Next up there was Bob Jenkins, aka Bob the Teacher . Bob spoke about how you can use Teleseminar’s to grow your business and the benefits of using them. He also gave us an example of the formatting of teleseminars and walked us through creating one. This was cool, actually seeing a teleseminar being created, while watching it develop in person. Definitely a new experience for me!

Daven Michaels

The next speaker was Daven Michaels who has created 123Employee. Daven spoke about the importance of not doing the stuff we aren’t good at. He led us through an exercise to find our top IGA (Income Generating Activities) and then we were asked to highlight or underline the things that other people could do for us. This was pretty eye opening when I realized that about 95% of the things I personally can do, can be outsourced.

I ended up leaving after this because I had to work at a part-time job valet parking cars, but I assume that the information from Glenn Dietzel was phenomenal as well!

Saturday’s Events… this is when it started getting a little more interesting for me!

Saturday started off again at 8am, this was after me staying up and drawing out a bunch of mind-maps for the juggling course, so I was a little tired. It’s a good thing that learning pumps me up and got me energized for the day!

Joey Smith

Joey Smith started off Saturday’s events by speaking about following our passions. He taught us about how life is based on three needs:

1) Companionship

2) Sustenance

3) Happiness

Simple, yet profound at the same time. He showed us how we have shifted to focus on our happiness last, instead of one of the first things. He also shared with us a ton of information about our social biology and how we react to situations because of our pre-programmed DNA. He also left us with “Don’t get a job, get a ob. You can create your own economy. We are designed for work, not for a ‘job'”.

After this, Ken McArthur spoke again.

For lunch, I went to eat with Marlon Sanders, Cori Padgett and Nancy Perez. Lunch was great, I got to hang out with some excellent people and learn a little bit from them all. Marlon even gave me an idea that could help me make a lot more money from what I’m already doing. You should definitely check out all of their sites and learn from them.

Ray Edwards

Ray spoke to us about our peak states and how they influence our work. He also taught a ton of information about Strategic Influence and how it brings Authority, which in turn brings Freedom. He taught us about the difference between Strategy and tactics in business and how we need to be aware of them in order to truly succeed.

Dave Foran

Dave is the “Internet Biz Guy” and I met him with Darien Hill during the cocktail hour. Dave, Nancy Perez and I ended up grabbing dinner together on Saturday night. Dave is a genius when it comes to webinars and works with a lot of people as a JV Manager. Dave used to be involved in the flowmeter business and sold his business in 2000 for millions of dollars. He was awesome to have dinner with and let me pick his brain quite a bit, so I’m extremely thankful for that!

Saturday nights after party…

This is when it really started to get interesting and a little more fun. Of course a few drinks were around and people were starting to get a little crazy, involving me juggling _ _ _ _ _ in the hotel lobby. There’s a video that will be shared soon….

Long story short, I wanted to thank everyone who I met this past weekend and let my readers learn a little bit about you guys and girls. You all are phenomenal people and I look forward to learning more about all of you!

Quick shoutout to Jeff Wellman, Keith Wellman, Paul Counts, Felicia Slattery, Lawton Chiles, Carolyn Lewis, Johnathan Green, and everyone else who I met on Saturday! If I forgot to add someone in here, please feel free to leave their name/website in the comments below. I tried to include everyone but I probably have forgotten someone.

I also got to meet the IM OutSorcerer Howard Tiano!

Chris Hughes

Chris loves learning, going on adventures, surfing and having fun. Chris on Google+

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Micheal Savoie - February 23, 2011 Reply

Chris, it was great having you at our party on Saturday night. It originally started in our villa, but we could only cram 70 people in there before the police made us move to the hotel lobby. Once we were in the lobby, it grew to over 100 people (I lost count after a while, but with that many cool people in one area, it doesn’t matter exactly how many).
I saw that you had started teaching some of the marketers in the lobby how to juggle, but when you decided to juggle _ _ _ _ _ in the lobby, I knew this party had gotten out of control!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on jvAlert Live, and welcome to the family!


Chris Hughes - February 23, 2011 Reply

Thanks again for inviting me Micheal! As soon as I got to the villa I saw a cop car and was like…this isn’t a normal IM seminar haha

I taught quite a few people how to juggle which was a BLAST! haha as for the juggling _ _ _ _ _ in the lobby….the video hopefully will be coming soon! I gotta talk with Paul about it and see when it’ll be up! I’m anxious to share it with people.

Thanks again man, it’s a great family to be a part of!

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