Kickass Guide to Success in 2012

Today’s post is going to be all about how to start your new year off right. If you are like most people (me included), you probably are making some kind of goals for the new year.

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I know I have a list of goals that I plan on accomplishing this year and I know that if I follow through on all of these goals that I will achieve them. I believe that you can achieve all of your goals as well and want to provide a bunch of resources that will help you achieve more of your goals.

This led me to the idea of creating a resource guide for kicking ass in 2012. I wanted to put a bunch of resources together that I personally have used or continue to use to help me constantly improve and live a happy life. I’m going to include stuff for business, stuff for personal development and even health information.


Let’s start off with some of my favorite business resources:

Affiliate Blog Empire

One course that has helped me a ton with making more affiliate commissions is Ryan Magin’s Affiliate Blog Empire course. I wrote a blog post about how it’s been helping me over 2011 and you can read about it here > $100 a Day From Affiliate Blogs – Affiliate Blog Empire. In that post, I share my first $100 day from Clickbank. I simply followed Ryan’s teachings and have been seeing my commissions rise each month 🙂 Definitely a great resource.

Video Traffic Academy

Another course that has helped me a lot was the Video Traffic Academy Course by James Wedmore. This course taught me step by step how I could use YouTube to dominate my market. I’ve been using YouTube to make affiliate sales as well as sales for my Juggling Course because of the information I learned from James. If you want to see a review video of the course check out my review video Video Traffic Academy Review.

Market Samurai

This tool is kickass to the extreme. When I first got it, I had no idea of the potential that was inside of this tool. After using it for a few months and actually taking the time to watch the training videos, I’ve learned so much about finding profitable keywords using Market Samurai. It’s helped me tremendously with only buying keywords that will get traffic and get sales. Learn more about Market Samurai.

Text Link Ads

I just found out about this site a month ago. Since then, I have made $30 selling links on my personal blog here and will continue to make this $30 each month. How cool is that? The guys at Text Link Ads sell ads for you and then you get paid for simply uploading a little widget to your site. It’s a cool way to make some extra cash and it can be a start if you’re just learning about monetizing your blog.

Free Blog Factory

The Free Blog Factory is a pretty cool resource. They help you build a blog for free. All you need to do is pay for hosting and they handle the rest. They’ve got a bunch of free resources to help you get started with building your blog as well. Definitely a great tool for people new to having their own blog/website.


Personal Development Resources:

The Tao of Badass

Seriously? Yes.

This is a course that’s for all the guys out there who are tired of sucking with meeting girls and having good relationships with them. I know there are a lot of you out there and this is a course that’s going to get you started on the right path of meeting girls and dating more girls. This is an important part of your life and I’ve found that by surrounding myself with higher quality girls, I’ve been improving professionally and have better relationships with people in general. My dude Josh, who created the product, is giving away a free video that will help you out. Check out the Tao of Badass, I promise it’ll help you in more ways than you can imagine.

Steve Jobs Book

Steve Jobs has been one of the most influential people of the last 100 years. Walter Isaacson has done a great job in writing the story of Steve Jobs and the book is definitely worth reading. You’re going to learn a ton about the history of Apple and will probably be surprised at just how obsessed Steve was with seeing Apple succeed.

The Way of The Superior Man – book

This book is unbelievable. I highlighted so much inside the book that I probably should have just dipped the book in highlighter liquid. It’s a “Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire”. Honestly this book should be a must read for every man out there. (I’ve been on a huge learning mission with male personal development)

You can learn more about The Way of The Superior Man here.


Fitness/Weight Loss Resources:

Taking care of myself is one of my daily tasks. I love working out and end up doing everything better when I take the time to exercise and eat healthy. I feel that fitness is honestly one of the most important things in our lives and without our fitness we truly have nothing. I love learning information about exercising and eating healthy and the best time of year to start with a new fitness regime is the beginning of the year.

Visual Impact Muscle Building

One of my current favorite resources for exercise is the Visual Impact Muscle Building course by Rusty Moore. I bought this course a few months ago and have been doing different workouts from this over the past couple months. I have shin splints and often can’t run for more than 1-2 miles and would struggle with cardio, but Rusty gives an awesome cardio workout that you can do in 15 minutes and burn around 200 calories. He’s a genius when it comes to fitness and getting fit, but still looking good in clothes.

He also has just released a course for women called Visual Impact for Women.

Truth About Abs

Mike Geary has created an awesome product about getting a 6 pack. It’s one of the most difficult things to do and the majority of people think it’s actually harder than it is. He wrote an awesome article called Effective Fat Loss Office Workouts for Time Crunched People that might be of interest to you. I know that most of you are time crunched so hopefully that article can give you some insight into losing some extra weight 🙂

The Four Hour Body

Tim Ferriss is one of my favorite people to learn from. His book, The Four-Hour Workweek changed the way I look at business forever. He’s done it again by finding a way to get optimal results from your workouts with only 4 hours a week. He’s got resources on everything from putting 34 pounds of muscle on in 28 days, to increasing fat loss 300% with a few bags of ice. Seriously, Tim is a crazy dude but tests everything. Check out The Four Hour Body.

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