It’s Cool, It’s My Journey and I’m Going On It Anyway

Come with me if you’d like, I’m going there anyway…

This was a message I learned last year when I was doing P90X. I had spent time learning about the 90 day extreme home workout through the late night infomercials and finally decided I was ready to do it. I decided that it would be a good idea for me to record a video every day of the 90 days…so I did it and started P90x With Chris.

I decided to commit to it and to dedicate 90 days to finishing it. I had no idea how I was going to get through it, how I was going to make time for it and how I was going to be able to cut back on drinking while in college.

There were so many reasons why I couldn’t get through the full 90 days, but something kept me going.

Maybe it was me being stubborn, or maybe it was the fact that I just got out of a relationship and wanted to get ripped so that girls would notice me more.

I’m pretty sure it was more for getting girls initially, but after noticing the health benefits from the daily workouts, I did it more for the health benefits and energy boost. Now I exercise daily to feel better, challenge myself and get more energy.

I just started recording a video every single day…

I’d do the workout, put a camera on me and record the workout and then I would talk about how I felt after the workout.

I did this day in and day out.

I was transparent and told people exactly how I felt and exactly what I was going through. It was a huge learning experience on differentiating myself and growing a following by being true.

There were a few other people who had p90x videos on YouTube, but I was still getting new followers and subscribers almost daily. People would email me and tell me they were inspired by what I was doing and then going to my website to see more.

Why were they following me?

Thinking back on it today, I had absolutely no reason why people were paying attention to me. I was a 21 year old kid who had a video camera, an apartment on campus and I wanted to keep myself liable to getting through the workouts.

To me, I was going to do it whether people were watching or not. I didn’t care if I had 0 people following me or 1,000.  I wanted to finish P90X.

side note: I ended up getting 161 subscribers to a channel and now have over 43,000 views on those videos***

haha what the hell?!?

All I wanted to do was make sure I got through those damn workouts. I’d push play whether I felt like it or not, because I promised to myself that I was going to create a video every single day.

Thinking back on this now, I remember answering specific questions in videos, getting some of my friends do guest appear in some of the workouts and even talking about some stupid events that happened to me throughout college.

The Message I’m Now Taking Away…

With anything that you do in life, people are going to affect it in one way or another.

Some people are going to absolutely love you for what you are doing. They will connect with you, share what you’re doing, tell all their friends about you and even watch every single video you ever upload. (I’ve had some people like this and love all of you who do this for supporting me)

The problem that I went through on my personal blog here was becoming comfortable with sharing who I was becoming. I was nervous about the haters hating and people telling me I was stupid for being open with my personal development and growth.

You might feel the exact same thing as I did and be scared sh*tless. You might be worried that someone might not connect with you because your hair is red, you’re a little overweight or you say “um” too many times in your videos. Just remember that I did it and you can to.

The thing that you need to keep in mind is that eventually you are going to have to be yourself. It’s better to just be authentic up front.

It’s extremely difficult and I still think back to all the videos I created for marketing where I was sitting upright, trying to act like a corporate snob. I was trying to be someone who I was not and it wasn’t working. I wasn’t connecting with people and I wasn’t making any money doing that style of videos.

It’s true that people can tell when you aren’t being authentic to yourself. No matter how hard it is, you have to be yourself and go on your path whether you are currently connected with the right people or not.

Focus on your message and go on your journey whether people go with you or don’t. The right people will come to you, although it might take some time.

Have you ever started something and found that people naturally started following you? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below.



Chris Hughes

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AJ Kulatunga - June 16, 2011 Reply

Hey Chris!

Really love the points you make here about “Some people are going to absolutely love you for what you are doing” and it’s those people that we all try to connect with in this new age social world. Beautiful things happen when you are in your zone and when you surround yourself with great people either online or offline you get into your zone quicker. 

I also really like your points on being authentic. Not many business people today or even internet marketers really truly understand the notion of a lifetime customer and by getting them hooked initially on some gimmicky tick tack sales isn’t going to make you last long. It’s all about being real and that’s what the new social world is about. Real people having real conversations.

Nothing but success to ya!

Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead!…and STOP WORKING SMARTER!


Chris Hughes - June 16, 2011 Reply

Thanks for the response AJ! 

I definitely used to try doing sneaky sales stuff and found it didn’t work. As I’ve grown, I’ve become more open about things saying “here’s my affiliate link if you wanna buy I’ll make some money” and stuff like that.

I’ve found that being honest like this has helped improve the trust between myself and customers and has built up some more loyalty to me being a more honest dude 🙂

Talk to you again soon I’m sure!

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