Your Instagram Page Is NOT a Business – Here’s What It Really Is…

Your Instagram page or profile is not a business. But, here’s what you can do about that…

Okay, so in this video, I wanna basically explain to you why your Instagram page or profile is not an actual business. It’s simply a marketing medium. A way to get in front of your audience.

The thing about having an Instagram page is you can accumulate a lot of fans, a lot of followers relatively quickly if you’re providing relevant value to them. Pictures that they’re interested in, posts that they can like, things that they can interact with. The thing is you will never officially own your Instagram page.

If at any time, Instagram changes their terms of service, they can wipe out your entire business really quickly and one of the easiest ways to save yourself from this happening is to get people from Instagram, so you are going to use the platform, but you need to get people off of Instagram and onto your email list. Because you can own your email list.

And people might say that email lists are dying or email is dead or all of that, but the thing about it is email is always a medium that people are gonna be using and it’s just because it’s easier. It’s something that everyone has. Everyone has an email address.

instagram as a traffic source

So, by taking someone from Instagram, from the platform, from the marketing medium and bringing them over to something you own … so, you’ll want to get people onto an email list and then, ultimately, you’ll wanna host a lot of content on your particular website. Your blog, your whatever that happens to be for you. (As you can tell, this article is hosted on my own personal website)

And the reason for this is because on your blog, you can control everything. You can control the layouts of things, you can control where pictures are, where videos are, where people are looking, where they’re directing their eye contact, all of that.

(You can even track this with tools like HotJar)

click tracking for websites


On Instagram, you can’t have control over this. Someone can go to your page and will be scrolling and they’ll just be seeing pictures, they’ll be seeing all of that, but the thing is you can’t build a business out of that. You can direct traffic from that and traffic is just people, just eyeballs, just individual people seeing your content and consuming it.

So, the next time that you think that you’ve got 100,000 Instagram followers and you think that life is good, it’s perfect, everything’s gonna be like this forever, just think that Instagram could delete your profile.

They could just delete all of the hard work that you put into it because you might have done something against their terms, you might have posted something that’s controversial.

What do you do about that?

Well, the simplest thing is to get people to other social platforms. Like get people on your Facebook page, get people in your Facebook group, get people on YouTube (Chris Hughes YouTube).

Like right now, you’re watching this, most likely, on YouTube and if you are on YouTube, click that little subscribe button down below and turn on the bell for notifications so you can get first notice of new videos.

Every single time, I’m building up communities in Instagram, on YouTube, on Twitter. And all of those direct back to my WhosChrisHughes.comwebsitee because I own that and that website gets people onto my email list.

So, there’s multiple points of contact that I’m having with people who are going to be consuming my content. And keeping that in mind, every time that … if you’re building up Instagram pages just for traffic, that’s awesome, but make sure that you’re capturing the information.

I made a big mistake a couple of years ago with … I have a lot of Facebook fans, fan pages, over 9,000,000 right now and what happened is a lot of those things, I wasn’t directing everyone to landing pages or sales funnels where I could capture their email address.

I was just sending people to different affiliate offers, different sales products and things. And what happens is when Facebook changed their algorithm, posting one picture used to get 7 to 10% of the fan base seen. Now, it’s less than 1% or something.

The same thing is gonna happen with Instagram. It’s just how they switch the network’s function like outside shareholders come in and they try to share their viewpoints on stuff. It basically destroys the user experience. But, we’re users, we’re just content creators for these people. We’re not shareholders of the company, we’re not the owners of the company, so we really don’t have a say.

Which is why you need to focus on getting people from your social properties from your Instagram page over to other things and if you see my Instagram, a lot of the times, I’ll change what my link is.


I’ll put people to my YouTube channel or I’ll put people to a free ebook or a free members area where I give them more training and tutorials and things.

And each of these is just another point of contact for the potential fans, for the WhosChrisHughes Brand.

So, keep that in mind. If you haven’t done this yet or if this is kind of blowing your mind, like you might be overwhelmed, I’m actually gonna include a link down below to a free members area where you can get detailed videos on how to create these types of things. How to create a landing page that you can capture people’s email information, just stuff that’s gonna be useful for you if you’re planning on actually creating a business out of your Instagram profile.

Click Here to get access to that

So, that’s gonna help you if you take action on it. You’re gonna have to watch the videos and do the stuff that I teach, but that’s how everything is. You have to do the thing in order to get the result.

But, thank you so much for watching. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more information, more tutorials just like this, sometimes just rant about stuff and click that little bell notification icon so you can get a first notification.

Thank you and I’ll see you in the next video.

Chris Hughes

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