How To Grow Your Instagram Following (By Choosing The Right Hashtags)

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Getting more followers on your Instagram account starts with a combination of choosing the right content and the right hashtags to target.

Finding the right hashtags can be a make or break situation for your account. For example, if you’re looking to build up an account in the “Entrepreneur” space, it’s going to be crazy competitive.

If you choose to target keywords such as #Entrepreneuer right off the bat you are going to be competing with over 33 MILLION results for that particular keyword. What that basically means is that you’ll need to have a few thousand likes and comments in order to show up on the top 9 posts for that keyword.

That’s extremely difficult for a beginning account with less than 10,000 followers.

So what can you do instead?

Well, this is the hard part. you’re going to need to play around with a lot of different keywords and hashtags to find the hashtags that have less competition.

For instance, the keyword #entrepreneurquote only has 60,000 results with the average top 9 posts getting around 200 likes and 50 comments.

That’s much easier to get on the top 9 posts for than a hashtag that has thousands of likes and comments.

Does that make sense?

If so, the tool Social Info is terrific for helping you with identifying top keywords/hashtags to target in your campaigns.

Get the tool here:

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