How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

For most bloggers one of the biggest concerns is how to get more traffic to your site. Which for some people might take a lifetime to get or some might take 8 months. It truly depends upon how much work you put forth in driving traffic to your site. I know for my blog Justicewordlaw Dot Com it took about 8 months to finally see traffic flowing in every day. But, it took a lot of work to get it to that specific level though. You have to think of your blog not just a blog but as a business. As a JOB! Which I know some people don’t want to think of because that is probably the reason you have a blog in the first place.

But, as I thought of it. I would not be late to a job, or try to leave early because I would get fired. That is the same mentality that I have for my blog as well. I will never have blog posts up late and I won’t short hand my readers as well because I care about each one of them and want to grow them not lose them. Which that is one of the first things to understanding in driving traffic to your blog is that your not writing for yourself anymore. Your writing to give people your opinion on various topics that you are passionate about and trying to convert them into a sale at the end using keyword marketing or social media.




Social Media is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog. Make sure that you have the plugins (if your using WordPress) Tweetmeme Retweet Button, Facebook Share, and LinkedIn Share Button. You want to cover all social media platforms so that your readers have the ability to share your content with other people and bring more traffic to your site.

This is one of the easiest traffic methods but some people do not have them. I do not understand why though?  Basic social media could get you at least 20 readers per post  if you are consistent with it. Out of those 20 readers maybe 7 might subscribe to your Email Opt-in and out of those 7 people that do 3 of them might convert into sales for your blog. That is how you have to think of your blog as a business and then you would start getting more traffic and making money.

Other social media plugins to consider:




Keyword Optimizing

You want to watch and analyze the specific keywords that you use for your blog titles & pages. The question that you always want to think of is what would you like to be sited as when the major search engines crawl your site ? From there you then go to Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator check to see how many searches that specific keyword or phrase is getting and analyze to see which one would be best for that page or blog post that you are going to be writing. Search engines crawl each page that you have and site for keywords, so if you go after non competitive keywords that most companies & bloggers are not going after you have a better chance of getting higher rankings quickly. Try to look at about 5 different keywords for either your blog post or page that you are writing for and make sure that you focus just on those and link on other pages or blog posts that are also bidding for those words.

Tip: Go to Google and type in those keywords or phrases that you want to be searched for and for each blog post or page that comes up within the top 15 searches you should be linking back to those for your site.


To get traffic coming to your blog fast you must have a set schedule for your blog. You do not want to have an un organized schedule. That is not good at all for either you and your readers. There are people that read your posts and you might not know it and if you could give them a set schedule of when you are posting then you are better to get more traffic for your blog. I blog once everyday on my Justicewordlaw Dot Com because I understand that there is always some new Marketing trends that are going on and I want to make sure my readers have the information 1st. So, if you don’t have a schedule then make one today and be committed to that schedule as well.

Building traffic to your blog is not an over night sensation. This is a job and a business in itself. But, the reward is going to be amazing if you stay consistent and you don’t give up. Building traffic is going to be the first of many stages for having a successful blog but when you put forth that work it will work out in your favor.



Justice Wordlaw IV is an Internet Marketer, blogger and a addicted to Starbucks coffee. He works with solo entrepreneurs and small business companies to help them increase there traffic to their companies and convert over to sales.

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