Goals can sometimes be difficult to achieve, right? Well, that used to be true until you learn this 3 step system to achievement.

Ever wanted to learn how to achieve your goals?

The problem is that you might struggle when it comes to actually achieving them. That tends to be a common problem when it comes to achievement.

Most people when planning their goals simply see is a “success event” where they suddenly come across a ton of money, which to them means they’re now living the “good life”.

That’s about as specific as the average person will get. They will think “I’ll have so much money, and I won’t have to work at this crappy job or in this crappy apartment anymore”. That’s it, if you were to ask them any further details about that moment or how they could get there, they won’t be able to tell you.

I was that way too, I simply thought it would just miraculously get better.

There is a better way!

Here’s a few questions to get you on the path to achieving all your goals.

  • How much money will you be making?
  • What will you be known for?
  • Who would be your ideal customer?
  • What will your product be?
  • How many customers do you need to reach your monetary goals?
  • Who needs to support you to reach your main goal?

The good news…

There is a 3 step system to achieving those goals you set.

(watch the video)

The first step is to get specific with what it is you actually want. Most people when setting goals choose to set fairly generic goals, instead of being specific. For example, people say they want to “earn more money” but if they were given an extra $5 right now, that wouldn’t quite hit the spot.

See where the problem is? They aren’t specific about what that goal actually is. Instead of just saying they “want more money” they should state that they’d like to “increase my monthly income by $5,000 by July 10”.

That way they know what they are going for, and they are more likely to achieve it.

After that is the step where you set an action plan towards achieving the goal. You know, the step where you actually set up the pan to achieving your goals. This is a sticking point for a lot of people, because they get intimidated by large goals they might have set.

example: goal of losing 30 pounds, but focusing on the 30 pounds instead of losing 1 pound a week.

And finally, the last step… the last step is simply putting in the work every single day on the daily steps.

That’s right, taking action! This is another difficult step because you won’t just immediately accomplish your goals. They don’t just miraculously happen. You need to put in the work, every.single.day.