How Much Are “Buzzwords” Costing You?

This post is going to be a little raw, but may have a huge impact .

It’s going to be a little in your face, because that’s the way I like things and that’s the best way for us to realize that it’s time for a breakthrough.

So if you are still reading this, here’s buzzwords that really mean absolutely nothing to normal business owners.

Buzz Words to Avoid

Cartoon ninja by DSdesignart

– Paradigm Shift

– Out of the Box

– Revolutionary

– Game-Changing

– Integrated

– Core Competencies


– Ninja

– Mission Critical

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but I thought we were supposed to design products and build businesses that are revolutionary, out of the box and game changing Chris, am I not supposed to do that?

Honestly, you should build a business or design a product that is all three.

But no one who’s going to buy your stuff actually gives a shit whether or not YOU consider it “game-changing”.

They do care about a few things… things like:

  1. Does it help their business directly?
  2. Does it solve a legitimate problem that they have?
  3. Will it improve their conversion rate by 3% over the next 6 months?
  4. Will it have an ROI above 5%?

These are legitimate business concerns. 

Businesses want to grow, they want to make more money and they want to solve more of their customers problems. It’s as simple as that.

All that the buzzwords do for these business owners is waste their time.

If you honestly sat down with your potential clients/existing clients and asked them “What do you need?” the answer would not be “A bunch of words that sound awesome!”.

They would most likely answer with something like “I need you to fix my problem.”

So What Should You Focus On?


If you want your audience to buy stuff from you, make it simple for them to do it. If you force your prospect to run a 100 meter sprint, learn how to say “I am a god among men” in Japanese and then require them to eat an apple pie in less than 1 hour, I’m guessing not many people will want to buy after that.

Some might.

But the majority of people will not. Simplicity goes a long way because when people feel that they’re not smart enough to understand your solutions, they feel that they are not smart enough to do business with you. That’s not what you want.



One of the only things that your client cares about is if they will look good to their customers. Your job is to help them look brilliant to the people who matter most to them.

Who cares how brilliant you personally are? (Yes, you are super brilliant and good looking)

All that matters to your client is how they look to their customers. Find the ways that you can make your client look brilliant and shine to his or her audience.



Wasting someone’s time is the worst thing you can do. Seriously.

If you waste my time, I’m probably not going to want to do business with you ever again.

Time is something that we can’t get back, no matter how hard we try.

Great solutions find a way to save time.

Not every solution you provide is going to save time to your client, however the fact that it MIGHT save time is a hell of a lot more important than saying “my product is [email protected]#!”

You might as well add “LOL” at the end of that.



If what you are offering is too difficult to use, people won’t use it.

When I create training videos for my baby boomer clients, I be sure to include detailed instructions on how to do things because they didn’t have the luxury of growing up with computers like I’ve had.

This means that I needed to create videos that they would understand and be able to use. So that’s what I did.

They had a problem, I created a solution.

No, I didn’t use “GURU” in any of these videos or any of the advertising…unless i’m legitimately talking to a real-life guru in my marketing… in that case, I’d say “Yes, this is a real guru”.

What to Keep In Mind

Our job is to lend value.

We don’t get any bonus points or gold stars for using fancy words – we get points for results. Period.

Are you too busy using buzzwords and not actually providing solutions? Leave your comments below!

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