Get a Free Blog & Help Me Win an iPad 2

If you are looking to get started with a blog for your business or yourself, the guys over at Free Blog Factory are giving away FREE Blogs.

Click Here To Get Your Free Blog:

I’ve worked with these guys quite a few times before and they are doing a promotion right now in order to help more people just like you.

From August 10-12 they will be giving away FREE Blogs again and if I personally make 10 sales I will win an iPad 2. I’ve always wanted to invest in a tablet like the iPad 2 because I feel it will be beneficial to me when traveling and when giving presentations, but I haven’t put the money down to invest in one. I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to get one as well as help you out. I might as well win it instead of buying it, right? That’s what I thought too 😉

Who Is This For?

These blogs are for anyone who needs a website or just wants to upgrade their existing site. If you already have a site set up and are 100% content with it then this isn’t going to help you in anyway. What you could do to help me out is to share this on Facebook and send out a Tweet to share this with your friends/followers.

What’s Included With The Free Blog?

  • Done-For-You Blog Setup: Instantly create WordPress sites on your domain with unlimited email accounts.
  • Mobile Browsing: Your website is compatible for your visitors to view on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Google Analytics Tracking:Access essential information about your visitors to give them exactly what they want.
  • Highest Rated CMS: WordPress is dynamic, easy to use and rated the #1 Content Management System on the planet.
  • Content Management System:Easily edit and publish articles, pictures and videos that your readers can share using social media.
  • Secure Web Hosting:Backed by the award winning HostGator; you can expect excellent service, security and support.
  • Thousands Of Gorgeous Themes:Your site includes 70+ themes and the ability to download from thousands more.
  • Robust Business Tools: Your blog is a marketing machine with tools for advertising, email and social media marketing.

Who Are These Free Blog Factory Guys?

I personally have known Bradley Will and Russell Yermal for about 2 years now and have been connected with them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and chatted with them on Skype for the past 2 years. About 2 years ago I invested in their Social Media Altitude weekend training that literally took me from a novice social media guy to an expert after the classes. In fact I remember being out all night drinking on a Friday and then waking up early to attend the all-day trainings on Saturdays. They were rough, but I loved every minute of these trainings.

These guys know what they’re talking about, are true Go-Givers, and truly understand how to create blogs that are awesome. They’ve got so many happy customers and I’m more than happy to recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting a blog up online.

How You Can Help Me
(If you want to…)

First off, if you do not currently have a blog for your business you can get one for free from these guys by clicking on my affiliate link >,chughes-1287113735 <

The next thing you can do that will help me is to share this post with other people who you know that might need a website. You may know of a business owner who knows that he/she needs a website but doesn’t know someone who can set it all up for them. If you send them to this post they will find out about the guys at Free Blog Factory and will be able to get hooked up with a great deal to save them some money. You’ll look cool in their eyes because you’re helping them out with getting their business online and you’re also helping me get my iPad 2 so I’ll be super excited and share more cool stuff with ya.


I want those people who take advantage of this offer to truly get the most out of this. If you buy through my link,,chughes-1287113735 , and send an email to [email protected] with a receipt from your Free Blog, I will give you 1 hour of Social Media and Internet Marketing Consulting free of charge.

I charge $200 per hour of my time and people seem to really enjoy what I help them with (see what people say here > ).

In this hour, we can chat about anything you want. We could brainstorm a whole business for you, you could pick my brain on identifying your ideal customer, I could teach you how to best use Facebook to generate leads or we can just chat. It’s really up to you and we can spend this time on the phone or on Skype. If you choose to use Skype, I can record our call so that you will have it to refer back to later on.


Chris Hughes

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Ladyonline - September 3, 2011 Reply

hmmmm.. you charge $200/hr but cant afford an ipad?

Chris Hughes - September 3, 2011 Reply

I haven’t invested in one yet. I needed to see enough of a reason to invest in one and thought winning one could be a better alternative. 

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