November 11, 2017

Every Problem Has a Hidden Opportunity So Powerful It…

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Saturday, 11/11/2017

The other day I actually started writing out this blog post after re-watching the video I shot a few years back in Costa Rica. The video was on my blog over at Masterminding on the beach in Costa Rica. That video was recored after a really intense mastermind session we had. One that actually had a significant impact on my life and a few others who were lucky enough to attend.

One quote that really stood out when I was re-listening to this was…

“Each problem has a hidden opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem.  The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity.”

–Joseph Sugarman

This quote is so damn true. It often seems like the times where I’ve experienced my biggest successes have come after terrible failures. My business took off when I quit my jobs, moved to a foreign country and took a major chance. The problem was that I had no income anymore… the opportunity was that I learned how to create a business because of it.

It’s pretty incredible when you really stop and think about it. Everyday people you can hear people talk about problems that they have. There are thousands of problems everywhere, and many of these problems are BEGGING for these problems to be solved. That’s an opportunity right there.

What kind of problems are you experiencing?

Think for a second what kind of problems you’re currently experiencing… maybe it’s snowing where you live now. How much does it suck that the windshield freezes and your car is cold when you get in it? For me, that was a terrible part of my day. For me, I just moved south to get away from the cold. However, there was the opportunity to get one of those remote starters for your car. Problem solved.

What about problems related to your fitness? Fitbit created something incredible when they figured out setting the goal of 10,000 steps a day for people. It’s simple enough that it’s an easy goal to aim for… and you can track all of the steps through their little device.

The problem was that people forgot to be active in the traditional world we live in now… and the solution is to try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. The solution was provided by them and now they have a massive business. Fitbit was valued at $8 BILLION in 2015.

How do you identify these problems?

Great question. Identifying problems comes down to simply paying attention to things that are happening around you. The next thing is to get creative about the solutions to these problems. It’s not going to be easy, but damn is it going to be fun.

The next time that you’re in a conversation and you notice that someone is complaining about something, pay attention. Ask a few questions about why they are so upset about the issue. If you ask then 3-5 times “why” you’ll get to the root of the problem. There is always a way to provide a solution to problems, but you need to be creative to solve the problem.

Paying attention means you’ll need to listen more than you speak as well. But, you know that already and should be listening more than you speak already.

Now it’s up to you…

I could try and tell you that I can help you with solving all your problems, but the truth is that it’s up to you. Every single day you’re going to experience problems in your life. It’s important to recognize these problems and to identify solutions to the problems.

You’ll start doing it for yourself, and then eventually you’ll end up solving other people’s problems as well… which could lead you into creating a business doing something that you’re totally kick ass at.

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