September 12, 2009

Eliminate the words “I’m not a Salesperson” from your Vocabulary

Everything in life is selling.

This is something that took me about a year to understand. Sad, but true.

I had first gotten involved in a MLM company and was always told the “share, don’t sell” type deal… guess what? That didn’t work!

I was convinced that I wouldn’t have to do any type of selling in my life and that people would just want to buy what I offered them.

This is not true at all. Everything that we do in life involves selling, whether its meeting a person and becoming friends to getting into a relationship or selling a product.

Anything that we have to offer someone else makes us a salesperson. If you ever even attempt to get another person to purchase, try or even look at what you’re offering, then you are a salesperson!

Most of us however have a negative attitude towards selling, treating it like a bad four-letter word. We need to just accept the fact that we all have something to sell- our time, energy, ideas, products, visions, dreams, or even services.

Whenever you set up yourself as a person who’s against selling something, you create a really hard environment to succeed in.

The bigger the deal that you make out of selling, the more you interfere, energetically, with your own success. Also remember that your energy follows your attention. If your attention is spent on “not being a salesperson”, the only thing you’ll get out of it is that you become very ineffective at selling, even though you ARE selling.

Choose to accept the fact that everything in life is sales. Take the time to learn how to sell, to learn how psychology of sales work, to learn why people buy. It will not only help you understand why you buy, but it will also help you put a little more cash in your pocket 😉

Chris Hughes

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