Are You Comfortable With Your Weaknesses?

I’ve decided to create a post all about my weaknesses. Going through one of my business development courses I came across the fact that it’s okay to have weaknesses because it makes us more human. 2 of my weaknesses are Reese Cups and my grandmas peanut butter balls. But those aren’t really weaknesses according to the business world.

I have a lot of things that I am an expert in and these are my strengths; Internet Marketing Consulting, Social Media Consulting, expert brainstormer, expert juggler and connecting with people.

In this post I’d like to talk about my weaknesses and share them openly with you. Now I’m getting a little nervous writing about what I’m not good at…

Too Many Ideas…

Are You Comfortable With Your Weaknesses

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Okay so to start off with, I am someone who has way too many ideas. I often come up with ideas out of the blue and will spend a few hours drawing out how to implement the idea and how to make it profitable. This has led me to starting a lot of projects that I often don’t finish completely.

This sometimes makes me distracted and not finish projects when I should. I understand this and need to find someone to partner up with who can finish projects with me and hold me accountable for finishing up projects completely before moving onto another.

Following Through With Projects

Sometimes I start projects and end up not finishing them or forgetting about them. I love starting new projects and learning new things. Think it’s part of the entrepreneurial ADD. I’ll start a project and have a ton of ideas for it, but if I don’t sit through the entire development of the product/project I will often move on to something else.

I need someone to partner up with who can follow through on the project and finish it. It’s often the minor details like editing and making something look more visually appealing that I don’t enjoy doing. I often just spit out all of the information and don’t take the time to go back and edit things.

I Don’t Always Have The Answer

I’m not always the best person to answer questions that you may have. Sometimes I really just don’t know the answer to something, even if it is something that I should know. However I’ve found that by building up a network of people who are smarter than I am, I can find the answer within 24 hours or less. If there is something that I am unsure about, I can call up an expert that I know and get the answer.

I Am a Workaholic

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Are You Comfortable With Your WeaknessesI work a lot.

Somedays I start work at 7am and don’t stop until 12am that night. If I get “in the zone”, I will continue to work non-stop until I’m out of the zone. Thinking back on college, I would often stay in on some weekend nights and do work because I had a good idea and wanted to run with it. Some of my friends would get mad at me because I wouldn’t go party with them, but I had an idea and would go into work mode so wouldn’t want to leave.

I still find myself doing this and have been working on becoming better at managing my time. I now have been testing out a new way of working where I will focus intensely for 2-4 hours straight, shutting off all distractions(cell phones, social media, etc) and only do work. After that period of time is over, I will relax and be all for distractions.

I will watch sports, hang out with friends or read a book and completely shut off. I’ve been working on learning how to control my productivity and to only work when I’m at my best. This is a struggle for me, but something I’m actively working on improving.

I’m Never Content With What I Know

There is constantly new information coming out, books being released, videos revealing new hidden secrets to solve problems quicker and I need to learn this stuff. I’d spend at least 1 hour every day dedicated to getting the most up-to-date information about marketing on the internet. I’m never satisfied with what I currently know and spend time learning as much as I can.

I have a childlike sense of curiosity when it comes to learning new information. Most of you were probably a child at one point, so you may remember being so curious about something that you kept asking your mom or dad “why, why, why, why, why?!?!” until you finally learned. I still tend to do that a lot. I’m always trying to learn more and figure out ways to do things more efficiently or effectively.


You can ask my mom what the biggest word I learned was when I was young and she would say it was procrastination. This was because I would always put things off. I would always put things off until the last minute, feeling that I would perform better when the time was running short.

During college, I learned how to actually schedule things and would often convince myself that a project was due a week prior to its due date. I would work like an animal the week before the project was done in order to finish on time. This led me to having the major portion of projects done a week in advance, giving me the next week to take care of the minute details and finish a project in time.

I’ve learned how to change this recently and by using to-do lists and post-it notes, I’ve been able to finish projects on time and often be done in advance. By finishing projects as soon as possible, I’ve been able to fight my procrastination. This is something i’m actively working on.

How do you handle your weaknesses?



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Di Davis - July 19, 2011 Reply

I’m having a hard time seeing your weakness.  The are just as easily strengths if you look at them from a different perspective- very indicative of a very creative mind with great intelligence.  Procrastination is just a sign of boredom with your project- you just need to find someone to finish them and to implement your ideas!  I see a millionaire mind that needs staff.

Terry Crosby - July 19, 2011 Reply

You just described me . . . 

Chris Hughes - July 19, 2011 Reply

I guess we are a lot alike, Terry 🙂

Chris Hughes - July 19, 2011 Reply

I agree with you there Di. I’ve been trying to turn these weaknesses into strengths but sometimes I just don’t have any urge to. I like your idea for finding someone to finish and implement my ideas…now how do I go about finding this person? 🙂

Dewane Mutunga - September 3, 2011 Reply

Everybody has strengths and everyone has weaknesses. Most people tend to highlight their strengths and hide/bury their weakness, but I think the latter half is a mistake.

I believe that vulnerability is actually a good thing if used correctly. Acknowledging and accepting a weakness can work in your favor because weakness shows that you’re human and people can resonate with that. People do business with people.

That’s just my 2 cents 🙂

Chris Hughes - September 4, 2011 Reply

Thanks for sharing Dewane! 

Tamara - January 31, 2013 Reply

I agree you can turn your weakness into strength.remember the glass is always half full. Don’t ever give up!!!!!!

teresa - April 23, 2013 Reply

Wish i could help you!! I’m the same….full of ideas but with out that little bit of back up money to get it started. Looking for someone interested in helping get things started.if ideas were money I’d be rich !!

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