Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing – How To Create Affiliate Marketing Funnels

Are you looking to create affiliate marketing funnels for your business? Good news, you’re going to learn just how you can use ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing.

To start off with, I’m going to give you a brief overview of what affiliate marketing is and then will explain how you can use ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In its simplest form, affiliate marketing is a way for you to earn commissions on sales generated from traffic (people) you send through a sales funnel. It’s kinda like car sales reps getting a commission for sales that they generate.

The more you produce, the better you’re compensated. It’s one of the easiest entry points into creating an income from online and digital marketing.

Below is an example of an affiliate marketing funnel

Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing

As you can see in the picture, it’s only 3 steps. Pretty easy, right?

You’ll, of course, need ClickFunnels for this to work, get a 14-day trial here.

The first step is known as the opt-in page. On the opt-in page, you basically are letting the visitor know that you have something of value for them. In this example, it says “FREE VIDEO REVEALS THE SECRET TO ______” and then it’s up to you to come up with a unique hook for your potential customer.

The opt-in is the step that you’re able to collect information about your lead. You’ll usually get both the name and email address, or simply the email address of someone who is interested.

Next up is the “Thank you page”.

The thank you page is where you’ll be delivering the free gift you promised your prospect on the opt-in page. Makes sense, right?

You tell someone you’ll give them a gift in exchange for their email and then you simply give them the gift on the next page. It’s pretty genius, right? Well, to me it kinda just makes sense. You know, like you doing what you said you were going to.

For instance, if I told you on one page that I’d give you a free video about how to create an opt-in page in exchange for your email address, you’d get a video on the “thank you” page that teaches you how to create an opt-in page. I’d simply be doing the stuff that I told you I was going to do. Makes sense to me.

Want to see this in action? I actually did it with the Expert Secrets funnel I built up to give away the book (and build my email list).

Click here to see that in action.

how to make money with clickfunnels

If you want to use this same funnel, you can import it into your ClickFunnels account by clicking here.

You’ll see that I have an opt-in page, a thank you page and then it redirects to the affiliate offer for Expert Secrets.

Video About Reverse Engineering a Landing Page


How do you come up with the hook for your affiliate marketing funnel?

Great question! I’m glad you asked…

wanna know a crazy easy little secret that I use? Once I tell you, you’ll probably just say “yeah Chris, that’s way too easy” and most of you won’t do it… those of you who actually do this will reap the rewards.

I’m actually going to use the example I used above, the one for the “Expert Secrets” funnel.

The first thing I’m going to do is buy the book. You know, because once you have a product you can go through it and pick out some secrets and some great information from the book/course/resource/product whatever it is that you are selling. I highly recommend buying the product you are going to promote because you’ll understand the product better and how to market it better.

In this case, the Expert Secrets affiliate funnel I set up I simply used some of the same copy that was already written for me on the landing page I’d be promoting. You can see I use “In this video, you’ll learn the secrets to…” and then

  • Find your voice and give you the confidence to become a leader
  •  Build a mass movement of people whose lives you can affect…
  •  Make this calling a career, where people will pay you for your advice…

Whoa! Where did I ever come up with those great ideas? Well, if you look at the actual affiliate offer page, those are the core focuses of the page.

That means that the guys who have created this offer (the super smart people) they’ve already tested different copy that converts and found what was working best. So my first initial affiliate marketing test is going to use what’s already been proven to work. The same can be done in any and every niche you promote affiliate offers in. You’ll, of course, want to test your own ideas against these to see which gets you a higher opt-in rate on your opt-in page.

You can go to the sales page for the product you are promoting and look at what the bullet points are. These are usually some of the top talking points, and things that people want to learn. You can use that to create your hook.

Understanding The Offers Your Competitors Are Running

Another little *secret* you can use when it comes to creating successful affiliate funnels is to take the simple product and turn it into an offer.

What does that mean?

How to turn an affiliate product into an offer

Let’s use that same affiliate product I mentioned above, the Expert Secret book.

So 90% of marketers out there are going to be doing the easiest thing possible, which is simply sending traffic to the affiliate page that’s given to them. About 5% of these marketers are going to create their own page (like I showed you in the example above), and simply by doing that, they’ll increase the amount of money they make.

How will they increase their monthly revenue? In its simplest form, they’ll be building up an email list. An email list will allow this particular marketer who captured the lead to continuously market to their leads and sell them multiple products. I’ll get to the email list below…

Okay so back to turning an affiliate product into an offer.

Normal affiliates are simply going to promote the bare affiliate link. What that means is that these people won’t be using things like tracking codes and tracking ids. A major problem with that is that once you have a lot of web properties created that drive traffic to an offer, you won’t know where sales came from. That’s not a great way to create a business… you NEED to be using tracking.

…whoa I got off on a tangent there…

Okay, so most people just use 1 single affiliate product and the bare link. You, on the other hand, know that offers convert better than a simple product. For example, if you were an affiliate who sold coffee, what do you think would sell better?

  • Sell the coffee by itself
  • Sell the coffee with a coffee mug, a coffee maker, and a reusable coffee filter

At first glance, you might think that “oh, people just want the coffee” and that might be true. But if there is a bundled offer available, it makes the product stand out.

What’s interesting about this is that you’ll make more money from the offer, since its a higher valued product sale. With affiliate stuff, let’s say you are selling a weight loss supplement for women.

Which do you think will work better?

  • the supplement
  • the supplement, along with an eBook/Video with a 30-day workout plan, a recommended diet plan and a Facebook group for accountability

If someone were to see that second offer and compare it with simply getting the supplement it’s really no contest. It’s a no-brainer for someone to go with the person who is including all of the other stuff. Right there is a huge difference between a broke affiliate and the guys bringing in the big bucks.

Does it seem kinda overwhelming to create an eBook/video, 30-day workout plan, recommended diet plan and Facebook group? Of course, it does! It’s more work. The thing about that though, is that once each of those things is created they can be re-used over and over again.

You can hire someone to write a book for you, or record workout videos. You could have an expert create a diet plan, and then you can hire someone to manage the Facebook group for you. Think about if you partnered up with a fitness instructor and they created workout videos and managed the Facebook group for you.

You could split the profits 50-50, bring in new customers through your offer and then sell other fitness related products to this new list of people who you bring in. The trainer could handle all of the videos, questions in the group and the stuff they’re good at… and then you focus on just selling more people.

Another idea for the person this is exactly right for… After that 30-day workout plan they create, you can sell an on-going monthly coaching to people for $20 a month. You can split those profits with the trainer and make recurring revenue.

That ALL started with taking a product and creating an offer around it. Think about the power of that for just a minute and the next time you want to pick a product to market, focus on creating an offer around it.

Now back to email lists and auto-responders…

Creating an Email List and Using An Auto-Responder

With traditional affiliate marketing, you’ll simply be sending traffic to an offer and hoping that people buy on the first click. However, certain people will collect leads with their opt-in forms and then be able to market to their leads longer than just one time.

You can see an example of this with the image below. You’ll see how there’s an “opt-in” and then “tags” and then some follow-up emails in place…

With the email auto-responder I use, Market Hero, I’m able to track and automate a lot of the follow-up stuff so that I can get more sales on auto-pilot for my affiliate business.

Click here for a trial of Market Hero

Basically what I do is I set up a follow-up series that automatically emails these leads and provides value to the readers and sells them on what they were originally looking for. In the case of affiliate marketing, that means you’ll be sharing that particular product with the leads on your email list.

So each day you’ll send out an email that educates your audience and pre-sells the product they will be buying… you know, so that they can get the thing they want… and you make a commission.

If you don’t know what to include with your emails you’re not alone. I’m not an expert in a lot of the niches that I do affiliate marketing in, however, I leverage tools and hire experts to handle a lot of the content. One of the best tools for creating these emails is the Funnel Scripts software by ClickFunnels.

With each of the emails that you are sending out, you’re going to want to redirect this traffic back to educational content that pre-sells your lead before sending them to the affiliate product.

You can set up these educational type of pages very simply with ClickFunnels so that you can take that original idea of the “simple affiliate funnel” and then you can simply add a couple of other pages to that particular funnel. Let’s go back to the example of a weight loss supplement for women.

So your lead requested information about something… we’ll use the example of a free report titled: “7 Secrets To Incinerate Belly Fat”

On the thank you page, you’ll have a thank you for signing up video that talks about the miraculous new weight loss supplement that is helping women lose weight. The video should educate the lead and get them excited to try out your recommended supplement. Underneath the video, you can link up to the affiliate offer for them to claim theirs. Inside of the video you can also let people know that they should check their email to get the download link for the free report.

Inside of the report, you’ll pre-sell the weight loss supplement. Then, over the next 7 days, you send out an email each day with other helpful tips and tricks to eliminating belly fat. You’ll redirect people to other educational pages inside of your funnel…and you guessed it, you’ll put a little button below each of these videos that take people to the affiliate offer.

Does that seem doable? What a weird word. Does that seem possible to you? You can create all of this over a weekend if you really put your time towards it. Instead of bingeing Netflix, you spend 8 hours binging content creation for a funnel. I’m all for bingeing Netflix, but I’d rather do it after I’ve created something that will pay me whether I work or not. That’s the beauty of creating a system and automating the processes.

Once again, here’s a link for a 14 day trial of ClickFunnels. (See what I did there? I’m educating throughout the blog post here and recommending a tool to use… you can do the same thing)


Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing

So by now you should have a pretty good understanding of how ClickFunnels can work for affiliate marketing. It is simply a tool to use to make simple landing pages and funnels to pre-sell people before sending them to an affiliate offer.

I hope this makes sense and that you’re having that light-bulb moment where you see the value in collecting the lead information (email) so that you can continue to market to these leads. I’m also hoping that you’ll see the value in using ClickFunnels because it’s one of the easiest tools I’ve come across to create these landing pages.

If you see the value in using ClickFunnels, please consider using my affiliate link to sign up with it. I’ll be given a commission and it can be a sort of “thanks, Chris” for sharing this technique with ya.

Click here for a 14 Day Trial to ClickFunnels

Do you have any other questions? Let me know below!

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