Clearing a path through the woods with machete

While we were at Lago Escondido, we stopped at the island in the middle of the lake and started to clear up some of the path.

I entered the zone and started going to town on some of the bushes to clear a bigger path.

Hopefully one of these days we can go back and finish…although we might need to wear shoes and long pants instead of flip-flops and shorts….

We ended up clearing up an extra 100 feet or so with the machetes, it was a lot of fun.

I really feel like grabbing a machete and entering into the woods to go to town on some plants is some of the best therapeutic exercises you can do for yourself. It’s like when you go to the gym and do a really intense workout, you start to enter God Mode and get a bunch of your pent up energy out.

If you haven’t tried it lately, i’d recommend grabbing a machete and heading out into the nearest woods. You can yell like Braveheart if you’d like, or you could just hit some stuff and listen to hardcore music to get the blood flowing.


Chris Hughes

Chris loves learning, going on adventures, surfing and having fun. Chris on Google+

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