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Are You A Consumer or Creator?

In this video, I talk about the difference between a consumer and a creator when it comes to consuming content online.


There is a balance between consuming and creating, but, as an Entrepreneur, you need to spend a majority of your time on creating. Creating can be anything from blogs, videos to information products that you can sell.

When you focus your time on the creation side, you will further improve your online branding and you will be able to sell the content that you create.

Are you currently creating a product?

A Consumer or Creator

Should I Use Traffic Geyser for My Small Business?

To use Traffic Geyser, click the image here

Review of Traffic Geyser and their services.

Questions addressed in the video:

“Why Should I Use Traffic Geyser?”

“How Will It Benefit You?”

“What Will Traffic Geyser Do?”

“What Traffic Geyser Will Accomplish”

“How Does Traffic Geyser Work?”

“Creative Ways To Use Traffic Geyser in Your Business”

“Where You Can Get Traffic Geyser”

There’s also a tool called “Tube Mogul” which is a FREE option that works fairly well.
You can learn more about it in the video here:

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