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Your Instagram Page Is NOT a Business – Here’s What It Really Is…

Your Instagram page or profile is not a business. But, here’s what you can do about that…

Okay, so in this video, I wanna basically explain to you why your Instagram page or profile is not an actual business. It’s simply a marketing medium. A way to get in front of your audience.

The thing about having an Instagram page is you can accumulate a lot of fans, a lot of followers relatively quickly if you’re providing relevant value to them. Pictures that they’re interested in, posts that they can like, things that they can interact with. The thing is you will never officially own your Instagram page.

If at any time, Instagram changes their terms of service, they can wipe out your entire business really quickly and one of the easiest ways to save yourself from this happening is to get people from Instagram, so you are going to use the platform, but you need to get people off of Instagram and onto your email list. Because you can own your email list.

And people might say that email lists are dying or email is dead or all of that, but the thing about it is email is always a medium that people are gonna be using and it’s just because it’s easier. It’s something that everyone has. Everyone has an email address.

instagram as a traffic source

So, by taking someone from Instagram, from the platform, from the marketing medium and bringing them over to something you own … so, you’ll want to get people onto an email list and then, ultimately, you’ll wanna host a lot of content on your particular website. Your blog, your whatever that happens to be for you. (As you can tell, this article is hosted on my own personal website)

And the reason for this is because on your blog, you can control everything. You can control the layouts of things, you can control where pictures are, where videos are, where people are looking, where they’re directing their eye contact, all of that.

(You can even track this with tools like HotJar)

click tracking for websites


On Instagram, you can’t have control over this. Someone can go to your page and will be scrolling and they’ll just be seeing pictures, they’ll be seeing all of that, but the thing is you can’t build a business out of that. You can direct traffic from that and traffic is just people, just eyeballs, just individual people seeing your content and consuming it.

So, the next time that you think that you’ve got 100,000 Instagram followers and you think that life is good, it’s perfect, everything’s gonna be like this forever, just think that Instagram could delete your profile.

They could just delete all of the hard work that you put into it because you might have done something against their terms, you might have posted something that’s controversial.

What do you do about that?

Well, the simplest thing is to get people to other social platforms. Like get people on your Facebook page, get people in your Facebook group, get people on YouTube (Chris Hughes YouTube).

Like right now, you’re watching this, most likely, on YouTube and if you are on YouTube, click that little subscribe button down below and turn on the bell for notifications so you can get first notice of new videos.

Every single time, I’m building up communities in Instagram, on YouTube, on Twitter. And all of those direct back to my WhosChrisHughes.comwebsitee because I own that and that website gets people onto my email list.

So, there’s multiple points of contact that I’m having with people who are going to be consuming my content. And keeping that in mind, every time that … if you’re building up Instagram pages just for traffic, that’s awesome, but make sure that you’re capturing the information.

I made a big mistake a couple of years ago with … I have a lot of Facebook fans, fan pages, over 9,000,000 right now and what happened is a lot of those things, I wasn’t directing everyone to landing pages or sales funnels where I could capture their email address.

I was just sending people to different affiliate offers, different sales products and things. And what happens is when Facebook changed their algorithm, posting one picture used to get 7 to 10% of the fan base seen. Now, it’s less than 1% or something.

The same thing is gonna happen with Instagram. It’s just how they switch the network’s function like outside shareholders come in and they try to share their viewpoints on stuff. It basically destroys the user experience. But, we’re users, we’re just content creators for these people. We’re not shareholders of the company, we’re not the owners of the company, so we really don’t have a say.

Which is why you need to focus on getting people from your social properties from your Instagram page over to other things and if you see my Instagram, a lot of the times, I’ll change what my link is.


I’ll put people to my YouTube channel or I’ll put people to a free ebook or a free members area where I give them more training and tutorials and things.

And each of these is just another point of contact for the potential fans, for the WhosChrisHughes Brand.

So, keep that in mind. If you haven’t done this yet or if this is kind of blowing your mind, like you might be overwhelmed, I’m actually gonna include a link down below to a free members area where you can get detailed videos on how to create these types of things. How to create a landing page that you can capture people’s email information, just stuff that’s gonna be useful for you if you’re planning on actually creating a business out of your Instagram profile.

Click Here to get access to that

So, that’s gonna help you if you take action on it. You’re gonna have to watch the videos and do the stuff that I teach, but that’s how everything is. You have to do the thing in order to get the result.

But, thank you so much for watching. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more information, more tutorials just like this, sometimes just rant about stuff and click that little bell notification icon so you can get a first notification.

Thank you and I’ll see you in the next video.

How To Grow Your Instagram Following (By Choosing The Right Hashtags)

get more instagram followers

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Getting more followers on your Instagram account starts with a combination of choosing the right content and the right hashtags to target.

Finding the right hashtags can be a make or break situation for your account. For example, if you’re looking to build up an account in the “Entrepreneur” space, it’s going to be crazy competitive.

If you choose to target keywords such as #Entrepreneuer right off the bat you are going to be competing with over 33 MILLION results for that particular keyword. What that basically means is that you’ll need to have a few thousand likes and comments in order to show up on the top 9 posts for that keyword.

That’s extremely difficult for a beginning account with less than 10,000 followers.

So what can you do instead?

Well, this is the hard part. you’re going to need to play around with a lot of different keywords and hashtags to find the hashtags that have less competition.

For instance, the keyword #entrepreneurquote only has 60,000 results with the average top 9 posts getting around 200 likes and 50 comments.

That’s much easier to get on the top 9 posts for than a hashtag that has thousands of likes and comments.

Does that make sense?

If so, the tool Social Info is terrific for helping you with identifying top keywords/hashtags to target in your campaigns.

Get the tool here:

How to Become a ‘Social Media Marketer’ At Your Current Job

social media manager job

A lesson I learned while chatting with my cousin the other day about social media marketer jobs…

If you’re under the age of 30 right now and are trying to “break in” to the social media marketing world, you need to find a way to go above and beyond at your current job.

Yeah I know, it’s going to suck at first taking on more responsibility.

But that’s part of being an incredibly valuable person in life. If you’ve been thinking that you want to start getting paid for being on social media, you’re not alone. Thousands of other people at this point are thinking the same thing. There might even be someone doing social media marketing for the job you’re at now.

But there’s always opportunity.

One simple thing you can do is do a social media audit of what is currently being done at your business, and then create content to help. You can spend 1-2 hours creating some epic pictures/videos or setting up high quality images for your place of work and then take that to show your boss.

Creating things to help the boss get more business is a sign that you actually care about the success at your workplace. When your boss see’s that, he/she is more likely to try to help you get what you want out of that job.

If you want to become a social media marketer, then you’ll want to take the steps that you would take if you already had that job. Create things and provide your boss with results in advance.

If you can get customers for your existing job, that shows immediate initiative and revenue. It’s hard for someone to say “no, I don’t want more business and revenue”. So if you’re willing and able to build something in advance (without getting paid at first), you can then leverage that into a paid opportunity if you show them the value.

You’ll have to put in the work though.

You’ll have to go above and beyond your current job description. You’ll have to take the initiative to making it happen. But if you do, good things will happen.

After that, you can simply take the results you got from the first place, and duplicate it for others.

Why Your Facebook Page Sucks and What To Do About It

Facebook Page Reach Got You Down? You’re not alone…

Facebook fan pages are still one of the best places to build a brand in 2018, you just need to know how to use them.

It’s no longer a free for all where you immediately reach 20% of your fans every post. It’s closer to 1% or less, which means you need to focus on creating better quality content for your fans.

You can’t just post something for the sake of posting it anymore. You need to be deliberate. You need to focus on creating posts that get your fans thinking and saying “oh man, that’s totally me!” or “that’s so true”

or even get them to think “oh yeah, I know someone like that” and to reach out to their friend.

Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook, that way they can make more revenue. Every time you try to take someone off of their platform, it may seem like you’re being punished. Well, you basically are.

However, you can use the platform to build up your audience. You will need to create custom audiences of people who engaged with your page, and then retarget these visitors with targeted ad campaigns to get people onto your email list, or over to your website.

It’s honestly for the better this way, because if you can convince someone to leave their safe place of Facebook and come spend time on your platform, with you… you’re that much closer to creating a crazy fan and customer for life.

You just need to focus on the fan. Focus on the content that they can’t help but love, and share. Spend your time creating that kind of content… and then retarget the people who consumed that content, and bring them to your other platforms.

How to Create a YouTube Channel and Rank Your Videos

how to create a youtube channel for business

So you want to learn how to create a YouTube channel and rank your videos? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re currently reading this article, I don’t need to tell you that video content accounts for over 74% of all online traffic, or that over 5 BILLION YouTube videos are watched every single day.

Go ahead and read that again if the size of that didn’t sink in the first time. When I first read those, I re-read that like 4 times. 74% of ALL online traffic and over 5 BILLION videos are watched every day.

This brings us to the next part. You know that YouTube is an important content tool for your business, and you’re ready to start leveraging videos to grow your own business.

In this article, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about creating a YouTube channel, so you can start uploading your own videos and growing your audience today.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

1. Create a Google account (if you don’t already have one).

To watch, share, create, and comment on YouTube content, you’ll need a Google account.

If You Don’t Already Have a Google Account

Go to and click “sign in” in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you’ll be taken to a Google sign-in page. Click “more options”:

Once you click ‘Create Account’ you’ll just follow a few steps to create a Google account.

If You Already Have a Google Account

All you’ve gotta do is head to and click “sign in” on the upper right-hand corner. From there, you’ll get redirected to the same page as shown above, but you’ll get to select which Google account you want to sign in with.

At this stage, you want to make sure you are selecting the right account you want to be associated with your YouTube channel.

2. Optimize your YouTube Channel with brand details.

Once you’re all logged into your account, it’s time for you to go to the top right and click your picture (the one with the circle). This is known as your user icon. You’ll see a drop-down menu open up and then you need to click on “settings.”

how to optimize my youtube channel

From there, you’ll be taken to your account overview. Under “additional features,” click “create a new channel.”

The first account you’ll want to create is your Brand Account. It can honestly be whatever you want to name it, it doesn’t have to be the same name that you used to create your Google account. I do recommend thinking about your brand name prior to creating the channel.

For example, have a channel named “Gaming With Chris” would be much easier to remember for your future fans than something like “ChrisGames11892873Life” so keep that in mind when naming your channel.

how to make a youtube account for my brand

After clicking “Create” you might be asked to verify the account. This is done via text or voice call. Alll you’ve gotta do is enter the code you receive if this happens.

Once your account has been verified, congratulations! It’s time to start with customizing your YouTube channel.

3. Customize Your YouTube Channel.

There are a few key elements that you want to customize on your new YouTube channel:
1) Descriptions
2) Visuals

Descriptive Details

From your channel dashboard, click “customize channel.”

We will just do the fundamentals right now. After you click on the “customize channel” option, you’ll get taken to your basic channel. That’s where you’ll see the cogwheel over on the right side…

You’ll get this pop-up, where you should click “Advanced settings.”

Finally, we get to start entering some basic info about our new channel. We’ll start off with the country you’re based, and make sure that we add a few keywords that describe what our channel will be about.

This is also where we select whether or not we want it to appear as a recommended channel on other account pages. I always select yes for that.

It’s also within these settings that you can link an AdWords account, add a Google Analytics property tracking ID and make advertising selections.

Next, you’ll want to add your channel description and links. Back on your channel customization dashboard, click on the “About” tab.

This is where you’ll want to fill out your channel description (which I recommend optimizing so it’s easier for people to discover your channel). You can also add contact info and links to both your website and other social media channels. You can have up to five links here.

Your YouTube Channel Art

Your channel art is basically like your “YouTube home base” so you want it to accurately reflect that. Google has a ton of resources for content owners, everything from images to use, to image editing tools.

One big tip is to make sure you create a responsive banner that matches dimensions for various user experiences, like desktop, mobile, or TV.

Google has put together this handy image so we know the dimensions to use… (or you can hire someone to do it for you)

Source: Google

… as well as this video explaining it:


Be sure to upload your profile photo as well. If your channel is linked to a Brand Account, as we showed you above. After that, you’ll have to update the image that’s in your “about me” section on your Google account as well.

When you click “change” under your profile icon, you might see this message:

If you see this, click on “Edit” and then you’ll be able to edit your Brand Account info. This is where you’ll be able to change your profile photo, the same one displayed on your YouTube channel.

The recommended image size for this is 800 x 800 pixels.

Next up, you’ll want to add your channel art, which is basically just a banner image.

How to Add Videos and Optimizing Them For YouTube Search Traffic

Since you’ve optimized your channel to make it easier to discover, that is still just the beginning.

Once you begin adding videos to your channel, you’ll want to make sure that you follow these simple tips to improve your chances of being discovered. Remember that YouTube is a search based network, so a lot of the content that you create should be based around answering questions that people have within your niche.

A little cheat here for finding what people are searching for within your niche is to use the tool Answer The Public to find common questions that people are already asking. This is a great way for you to shortcut your path to success on YouTube.

Here’s a perfect example of me using that exact tool while I was creating this article. I typed in the question “How to Create a YouTube Channel” and this is the result it gave me.

Now that might seem a little intimidating at this stage. There’s a ton of different searches that people are doing just for “How to Create a YouTube Channel”.

Here are just a few of the questions that I could create YouTube videos around:
– How to Create a Channel In YouTube
– How to Create A YouTube Channel for Business
– How to Create a YouTube channel for My Business

What you can do is take 1 video and record a video answering that exact question. Repeat that for the next 30 days and you’ll have 30 pieces of content that help solve people’s problems and bring you more visitors to both your channel and your sales funnels.

Let’s talk about the key aspects of your video

  1. Title – The title is the first thing that people will read when they are browsing the search results. You want to include the target keyword in the title, along with having the title pique the interest of the viewer.
  2. Image – The thumbnail image that you use should be relevant, and most of all pique someone’s curiosity so that they will click through to learn more.
  3. Description – Your description should be an extension of the video. While people come to YouTube to watch video content, the search engine will read this information so you want to make sure that what is written in the description is useful to the reader. I recommend linking up to a few different videos that are on your channel for people to learn more. You can learn more about this in the Video Ranking Club Course.
  4. Tags – Tags are a simple way for your viewers and for YouTube to understand what your content is going to be about. Use relevant tags though, it’s not worth it to try to game the system. Google may actually penalize you for using tags that aren’t relevant.
  5. Category –  YouTube’s Creator Academy suggests that marketers “think about what is working well for each category” you’re considering by answering questions like:
    • Who are the top creators within the category? What are they known for, and what do they do well?
    • Are there any patterns between the audiences of similar channels within a given category?
    • Do the videos within a similar category have share qualities like production value, length, or format?

So that’s it! Now it’s time to start creating YouTube content that helps solves problems for people within your niche!

If you want to learn the entire system that I use to create and rank YouTube videos, I highly recommend getting a copy of the Video Ranking Club training course by clicking here.

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