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Benefits of Managing Your Online Reputation

Managing Your Online Reputation is an important part of doing business online.

In fact, your online reputation could be the deal maker or the deal breaker when it comes to someone doing business with you or not.

If you have a great reputation online, what do you think will happen?

People will be more likely to buy from you. 

There are a lot of online business reputation management tools available today that can help you keep track of who’s saying what about your business. These are vital to the success of your business if you do any sort of marketing using the internet.

Let’s go through the process someone goes through before hiring you.

People log onto and decide to type in the name of your business. They see a few review sites pop up that post some not-so-flattering words about how an incident happened to a particular client. Something like “Dr. So and So was not the nicest person I’ve ever met and therefore you should go somewhere else”

Oh man, if someone reads that they probably will decide NOT to do business with you. In fact, they’ll probably look for the next best doctor who has only positive remarks made about him.

There are a variety of types of media that can be shared online that might not be flattering for your business.

Things like:

  • Unfair news articles
  • Disparaging blog posts
  • Exaggerated reviews
  • Hostile forum comments
  • Outdated legal issues
  • Blatant smear campaigns
These happen.
You understand that some people are just angry and have something against you for one reason or another and there is no way to please everyone.

But what do you do about this negative press?

You have two options.
  1. Do Nothing
  2. Hire an online business reputation management company to fix it.
Online Business Reputation Management companies can step in and help change around your search results.

They show you what’s being said about your business and by who and they allow you to change it.

 It is possible to keep track of this by yourself, but it’s in your best interest to let a professional handle it for you.

Orlando Florida SEO Services

Orlando Florida SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Recently I’ve been learning a lot about SEO. I’ve invested in courses like Occupy Google, the SEO Dominator’s Club and a few other courses like these. I’ve been testing and tweaking the SEO techniques that I’ve been learning and have been noticing great results on my affiliate blogs.

When I first got involved with Internet Marketing I never thought that I would end up learning so much about search engine optimization, but the more I learn about it the more I understand the benefits of organic search rankings. There is always going to be an option to pay for ads, but I would much rather have free rankings that make me sales than have to pay for sales.

It’s just simple math. If I have to spend $10 to make $30, I only profit $20. If I build a sites rankings by using proven search engine optimization strategies, I can get free traffic. If I sell that sale product to make $30, I profit the full amount.

So why am I talking about this?

It’s simple really.

I have gotten good at getting websites ranked highly in the search engines. This led me towards providing SEO for local businesses in Orlando Florida and the surrounding areas. I want to start out local with this because I like the face-to-face contact and feel it’s important when doing business.

Learn more about Orlando Florida SEO.

I definitely want to spread this throughout the country and be able to travel to meet these business owners face-to-face for initial meetings and to be able to see where the business owner wants their business to go. By doing this, I will be able to help small businesses generate more customers using the internet and build their business.

To me, this seems like an awesome idea and a very fun way to help others. I believe that the more I am able to help others, the more I can give back and the more positive impact I will have on this world.

SEO is something that is here to stay and I believe that by helping these businesses I will be able to help some small businesses stay in business.

When I work with these businesses, I want to get them to the point where they are dominating the first page for their keywords. This means that anyone who is going to go against my personal clients will not even have a chance to be on the first page. This is the competitor in me coming out.

I want to pay you to refer people to me.

Do you know a business owner who needs SEO work done? If so, you may be in luck if you refer them to me and we work together.

Before you get ahead of yourself I want to let you know what kind of clients I am looking for. My services are not going to be for everyone.

My ideal client

My ideal client is a business that has 5-25 employees, understands the importance of the internet but doesn’t know how to do the work and can afford $1,000-$2,000 a month for SEO.

Here’s how I will pay you…

For the first tier of people you refer to me I will pay you 10% of what your referral pay’s me each month. This means if you refer someone who is paying $2,000 a month for SEO, you will get $200 from me every single month. Does this sound like it would be worth 10 minutes of your time?

If you know of a business that could use these services, feel free to forward their information to me. I would love to work with them. Send me a message thru email at [email protected] , on Facebook  or tweet me @WhosChrisHughes .

Occupy Main Street Review

Occupy Main Street is a course that’s all about selling SEO and dominating your local area by being the go-to guy or gal for SEO in your area. My buddy Jonathan Green is the creator of the Occupy Main Street course and also the creator of Occupy Google which is the SEO process that I put all of my affiliate blogs through.

In this video I show you everything that’s inside the Occupy Main Street course and give you my opinions on it after going through it.

Click Here to Get Occupy Main Street

A Crazy Idea That Will Help You Build Your Business



I want to start traveling more so I decided to do something a little crazy. Typical, right?

I’m willing to come spend a week or two with you to help you grow your business no matter where you are in the world. You’ll have to pay for the airfare, lodging and pay me for my time. (Hey a kids gotta pay bills)

What’s In It For You?

That’s a great question. There are a lot of things that I do and a lot of things that I’m constantly learning, but my specialties are helping you better market your business using the Internet.

Thing I Love Doing aka My Strengths

  • Blogging
  • Creating Content- Videos and Written Blog Posts
  • Creating Training Videos
  • Networking
  • Brainstorming
  • Mind-Mapping Ideas to Create Systems
  • Personal Coaching
  • Asking You Questions You Didn’t Even Think To Ask
  • Finding New Ways To Monetize Your Site
  • Connecting You With People Who Can Do The Things You Suck At
  • Drinking Beer

Image: Apple\’s Eyes Studio /

Okay, so maybe drinking beer isn’t a real “strength” but I figured I’d include it so you know I’ll gladly enjoy a beer after we’re done rockin it for your business.

I’m willing to come spend 1-4 weeks with you. During this time, I guarantee 40 hours of work-time each week. Although I’m willing to bet we’ll end up doing more work because when we get in the zone we will not stop just because we hit that 40 hour mark. I believe in GSDF (Get Shit Done Fast) and love running with ideas.

This Isn’t For Everyone

I want to make it clear that this might not resonate with everyone. You might think I’m crazy, out of my mind or something else. That’s cool, it’s probably true.

If you don’t feel that this resonates with you, or you don’t see the value in hiring me for a week or two I completely understand.

But, if you feel like this could be beneficial for your business or you feel like you know someone who could benefit from this please share this with them.

I want to start traveling more and would love to do it while doing what I love and helping people like you grow your business.

What’s It Going To Cost?

I’m going to start the price out at only $2,000 for a week for the first 5 people. The reason it is so inexpensive right now is because I want to build up a few testimonials from the first 5 people prior to bumping it up to the $4,000-$5,000 per week. I plan on providing you with at least 10 times that value either through saving you that much money or by making your business more money.

UPDATE: 2 of the first 5 spots are already taken

This is an inexpensive option for you to grow your business when you look at the costs of recruitment, hiring, training and employing someone. I’ve self-educated myself over the past 3 years on all things marketing and tested hundreds of techniques on my own sites to see what works and what doesn’t. You won’t have to pay for any of the errors I’ve made, only the successes that I’ve found.

If you think that is too much, it probably isn’t for you and you should look into something else. However if you think this is something that your business could benefit from and you think I’m cool enough to hang out and work with for a week then you can buy some time via the link to Paypal below:


Expenses: You will have to pay for the plane ticket as well as the cost for the week if you are within the US. If you are out of the states we can make a deal so that we can take some of the cost of the plane ticket out of the total cost so it doesn’t end up being $3,000 or more for a week for you. Flights out of the USA can be upwards of $1,000 so we can make a deal all you’ve gotta do is ask 🙂

We will need to talk prior to you hiring me so that we can decide if this is a good deal for you or not. Leave a comment below if you are serious about hiring me.

Money Back Guarantee: If you aren’t 100% content with what we accomplish, you’ll get all of your money back. You still will have to cover my flight and lodging though so that I can get to you and get home. I promise to work my ass off for you so that you don’t even think about asking for your money back.


Please leave a comment below if you think this is crazy &
please share this so that I can find the right people to work with!

Guest Posting to Increase Blog Traffic

I mentioned in the video the 5 steps to guest posting to increase blog traffic.

Here they are:

  1. Identify Blogs in your industry
    -You can do this by searching for “top 5 ______ blogs” and filling the blank in with your industry
    -Search on Google, Yahoo and Bing
    -Check to see how much traffic these blogs are getting. Typically smaller blogs give you a better chance of guest blogging there
  2. Connect with the blog owners
    a) Share the blog owners posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks
    b) Connect with them on their personal blog by leaving comments
    c) Exchange e-mail or facebook friend request them
    d) Speak on the phone or on Skype with them
  3. The benefits to share with these blog owners
    -Improved SEO
    -Adds content to their site
    -Increases incoming links to their blog
    -Fresh eyes to see your information
  4. Building the relationships
    -You are immediately perceived to be the expert because you are being featured as a guest blogger. This means you need to share excellent content that is not watered down or second-rate.
    -Only write about stuff that you can teach people so that you are doing them a favor by having them read your article
  5. Getting others to guest post on your blog
    -The benefits of this are that you can be lazy and have other people build content for you
    -Leverage the experts, it helps them increase their backlinks and adds content to your blog

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