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7 Reasons Why Spending Money on Experiences Makes Us Happier

Why Does Spending Money Make Us Happier?

January 29, 2018
Location: sitting at the desk in our villa in Playa Encuentro, Dominican Republic watching the rain over the palm trees
Time: 10:18am

Life has been an absolute dream come true for me over the last few years. Today, I wanted to write about why I believe spending money on experiences makes us happier than buying stuff does.

Why am I writing about this? Well, I often find myself having conversations with people and they tell me they would love to live my life and go do the stuff I have done.

The good news is that now they can. Click here to learn more about turning your “bucket list” into your “liv’d list”.

One major reason for me writing this right now is that it’s raining outside, and it has been for the last 4 days. WHERE IS THE SUN!?!? We’re in the Caribbean, it’s supposed to be sunshine and beaches all day, right?

Well, life doesn’t always turn out that way. If it did, we wouldn’t appreciate the sunny days as much.

So here are…

7 Reasons Why Spending Money on Experiences Makes Us Happier Than Buying Stuff.

If you weren’t aware yet, the millennial generation is now the largest age demographic. Some people are probably bothered by this, because it seems like each generation has something against the other generations, for whatever reason.

Millennials “aren’t spending our money on cars, TVs and watches,” Taylor Smith, CEO and co-founder of Blueboard, told CNBC. “We’re renting scooters and touring Vietnam, rocking out at music festivals, or hiking Machu Picchu.”

Want to see something kind of funny? This is actually the scooter I have in the Dominican Republic right now…

While I would rather be driving around in a Tesla, this type of transportation works so much better for the life I live. I’ve had a scooter as my main transportation in Bali, Thailand and now the Dominican Republic. It works so well for the minimalist beach lifestyle.

It’s 0-60 time… well, honestly I don’t think this little Yamaha Jog can get to 60mph :-p

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, believes in the Easterlin Paradox, which states that after our basic needs have been met, money will only increase happiness to a certain point for the following reasons:

  1. Happiness over material items quickly fades.

    Spending money makes us happy, we can all agree on that. Especially those of us who were raised in the USA. All the advertisements make us want to BUY ALL THE THINGS! 
    It’s honestly kind of crazy, but the point of advertising is to get us to want things so badly that we have to buy them. I’m in advertising and love the fact that this is true, it allows me to live this life. However, the problems arise when we realize that the things we buy, that feeling we get, it only lasts for a little while.The new iPhone, the new car, the new _______ (fill in the blank). Once we have the item and we’ve had it for a little while, it loses its appeal. It just is part of our “stuff”.Experiences on the other hand… like traveling, running with the bulls, diving with sharks, visiting waterfalls, or doing other items on our Liv List… these things stay with us. They become a part of our identity, which brings us greater satisfaction long term.Those experiences will always be with us. We’ll look back when we’re old and wrinkly and get that dumb grin on our face thinking about how cool it was that we did it.

  2. Experiences define your purpose and passions.

    We can all agree that everything we do in life should be based around our purpose and our passions, and not just because we want certain material possessions.Yes, yes… I know, it isn’t always that easy and straightforward. But, can we at least agree that our life SHOULD be based around our purpose and passions?Think of it like this… if you’re a sports fan, you have all the t-shirts, the autographs, you watch all the games… do any of those top going to the arena and watching the team play live? Of course not! I actually still think about the time I went to see the Duke Men’s Basketball team play in Cameron Indoor Stadium, standing in the student’s section with my face painted… the energy was just incredible.That right there, that single experience is better than all the shirts, hoodies, anything I could buy… and I went to that game in 2010.

  3. Possessions don’t contribute to social relationships.

    “We consume experiences directly with other people,” says Gilovich. “And after they’re gone, they’re part of the stories that we tell to one another.”My girlfriend and I went to Machu Picchu with the Under30Experiences tour group a few years ago, and we still to this day talk to the people we had that experience with. We actually met up with one in Austin a few months back and went kayaking on the river around the city. (More experiences)
    I’ve gotta say that having experiences like these are much better than the temporary feeling of just buying something.

  4. Moments are more memorable.

    While experiences tend to only last for a short period of time, they provide an incredibly high level of memorability because of anticipation.Think about some experience you’ve had. Maybe it was a concert, or show or whatever. You hear that the performer is coming to town, you anticipate buying the tickets, you anticipate attending the show once you bought the tickets, you get excited simply going in the car to get to the event… and then the event actually happens. BOOM. The whole experience is full of excitement, anticipation and memories are cemented in your brain because of that.It’s not just the couple hours of showtime that you remember. You remember the little things leading up to it as well, and how you felt before, during and after it.

  5. Experiences introduce you to a whole new world.

    Growing up in upstate New York, I had a very different perspective of the world as I have now. I had a terrific childhood and wouldn’t change it for the world. It helped shape me into the dude I am today.Random, but did you know you can get ordained as a Dudeist priest? haha no lie. I am ordained as one.

    See that, a new experience you might not have known about!Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to live all over the world and see just how differently people’s upbringings can be. Each of these new places opens my mind up to what life could have been like. Each time it makes me think about how great of a childhood I had.I never would have known this if I didn’t travel. Sure, I could see it on the Discovery channel or something, but when you see it in person, when you interact with people, when you’re there… that makes an enormous difference.

  6. The garage full of stuff – aka STUFFOCATION
    Weird word, right? I didn’t make it up. Someone else did. But I liked it, so I’m using it.Is your garage jam packed with junk you completely forgot about? Does looking at it give you that feeling of “what the hell is all this shit?” If so… you might be stuffocating. Ha, that word again!Each time you see the garage full of junk, that feeling happens in your body, whether you are aware of it or not. Want to know something that’s pretty cool? You can actually list the stuff for sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace… or even hold a garage sale!You can then use that money to have experiences, start a business, or buy cheeseburgers. (I don’t know what you would do with the money)
  7. Keeping up with the Joneses is a losing battle

    Every time you try to out-do your neighbor, it’ll just lead to more and more… stuff.Why would you be competing with your neighbor anyway? Who cares what they have or don’t have? Sure, the new car will be nice… for the next month or so… but what then? You’ll see the new version and want another.
    The tendency of keeping up with the Joneses tends to be more pronounced for material goods than for experiential purchases,” says Gilovich. This is because, according to research from Ryan Howell and Graham Hill, it’s easier to feature-compare material goods than experiences.“It certainly bothers us if we’re on a vacation and see people staying in a better hotel or flying first class. But it doesn’t produce as much envy as when we’re outgunned on material goods.”What this basically means is that spending money on experiences, rather than stuff… can decrease envious behavior, which means you’ll be happier and healthier in the end.In other words, spending money on experiences can decrease this envious behavior, which means that we’ll be healthier and happier in the end.


Now is the time where I leave you with something extremely wise, and an action step so you can start spending your time and money on experiences instead of stuff.

** Inserts wise words here**

You already know what to do. Now it’s just time to do it.

Click Here to Get Started

The Money Grabs – A Money Mindset Activity

Money Grabs

Today I want to share with you something that’s known as the “money grab”…. and it’s one of my all-time favorite activities to do in order to increase wealth consciousness.

CAUTION: You’ll look like a fool to onlookers.

If you’re one of my good friends, I’ve most likely made you do the money grab. I actually made my brother do it one of the days we were hiking in St. John, US Virgin Islands, earlier this year… except it was extremely hot and the “grabs” were for a breeze to come off the water and cool us down.

The money grab is a very simple activity. It doesn’t require anything. Except well… to be awake.

The whole idea is simple. Think about the number of transactions that happen every single minute around the world. People are at the grocery store buying milk, people are buying clothes on different websites, people are buying… well, you get it.

The money from these purchases isn’t being shipped in one of those crazy armored cars that are loaded with money (like in those cool bank robber movies). That would be insane.

Imagine if for every $5 purchase someone made on their phone, an armored vehicle came and picked up the money to move it to someone else’s account. That would be a funny scene… although crazy expensive in day-to-day life. the good news is that with technology, this money is constantly flowing through around.

This activity allows you to sort of tap into it. Now I’m not saying doing this is going to instantly put money in your pocket… or that you’re stealing money from these transactions. You’re simply raising your level of awareness to it happening… So whenever your bank account is at a number that pisses you off, remember that the money is constantly flowing around you… you just have to find a way to step into it.

Let me know below if you’ve ever done the “money grabs” and what you thought about it!

Video About The Money Grabs – A Money Mindset Activity


Successful People Habits – Brainwashing Yourself With Positivity?

positively brainwashing myself

Brainwashing Yourself With Positivity

Want to know something weird?

I enjoy brainwashing myself and others..

No, no… it’s not in that “evil, schemey, bad” way either. I enjoy positively brainwashing myself and others!

Does that sound a little out there or weird?

If so… you’ll probably love this video.

When I was living in Bali, a friend came and stayed with me for a bit and we did this exercise where we basically covered all the windows in the villa with affirmations of “I Am Wealth. I Am Abundance. I Am Joy.”

positively brainwashing myself

(This was a difference day/activity, but a good show of what the setup looked like)

Basically, my belief is that if you want to become more successful, you should learn about the habits of successful people. One particular habit that I came across was using mantra’s, and being deliberate about what you want in life.

When we’re young, we aren’t taught this type of stuff in school. To be specific about what you want and to create the reality you want to live in.

Right now, wherever you are in your life and business, you’re at the level you’re at because of everything you have done up until this point in time. The good news for those of you who aren’t 100% happy with your current levels of success, is that now you can be deliberate about where you want to be.

It’s not going to be easy…

Especially when you start off with declaring “I Am Wealth. I Am Abundance. I Am Joy.”

Honestly, you’ll raise a lot of red flags inside your brain. It’ll be like “nah, dude…. you’re not wealth. You’ve only got $200 in your checking account” or “Nah dudette… you aren’t abundant. You don’t even have enough to take care of yourself, how can you possibly be abundance?”

Want to know something cool about when this happens? You’ll see and witness it first-hand. Your gut might feel a little weird, or your energy level might drop. That’s perfectly normal. We’re not expected to know that we are the badasses that we are.

One thing to do is to keep at it. Keep writing out “I Am Wealth. I Am Abundance. I Am Joy.” because, as humans, we will eventually give in to something if we hear it enough times.

Another thing to remember is that when you first started at anything in your life… you most likely weren’t very good at it, right? I mean when we learned how to ride bikes it’s not like we magically just had perfect balance and could ride the bike. We fell off… over and over and over again. But, did your past self-give up because of a few scrapes or bruises?

Hell no! You got back up and did it.. It could be that your friend already knew how to ride a bike and you didn’t want to miss out. It could be that your parents promised to get you ice cream if you could ride your bike to a certain spot (that got me riding my bike)

Think about a couple other times in your life when you absolutely sucked at something. I’m sure there are many times because I know for me there have been countless times. We aren’t naturally just great at everything. We’re not robots.

(Except you, Google… I see you there reading my blog posts)

Okay. So back to the task at hand. Get your notebook and start writing out those statements. Get the book mentioned in the video here.



Go ahead and give that a listen/watch if you still feel weird about your new life.

The life where you actually realize that YOU ARE WEALTH, YOU ARE ABUNDANCE and YOU ARE JOY.

Because… right now, those feelings and thoughts are creating the future you. The one that you’re damn proud of. The you that can do anything and everything you set your mind to.

and if you still don’t quite feel that way, write down your affirmations another 100 times. This is all about the process. We’re undoing years of self-talk and replacing it with positive self-talk. It will take work. It will take effort. But it will be worth it.

6 Ways How To Turn Those Desires into Gold


How To Turn Desires into Gold

I want to share with you an excerpt from the book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Using the link here, you can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon. I highly recommend picking up a physical copy of this book. However, if you click the button down below, you can get a free copy of the digital book.


Let’s get right into how to turn desires into gold.

1) Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient merely to say “I want plenty of money.” Be definite as to the amount.

2) Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. (There is no such reality as “something for nothing.”)

3) Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire.

4) Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.

5) Write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, name the time limit for its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return for the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it.

6) Read your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. As you read – see and feel and believe yourself already in possession of the money.


It is important that you follow the instructions described in these six steps. It is especially important that you observe, and follow the instructions in the sixth paragraph. You may complain that it is impossible for you to “see yourself in possession of money” before you actually have it.

Here is where a burning desire will come to your aid. If you truly desire money so keenly that you desire is an obsession, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it. The object is to want money, and to become so determined to have it that you convince yourself you will have it.

The process that is listed above seems to simple, which is why so many people don’t follow through with it. Instead of putting in the time to write out their own specific goals and follow these 6 steps, they’ll just keep doing things the way they always have done things.

But, if you want to truly change your life it’s recommended to put aside the ego and follow the steps laid out for us by people who have done what they are teaching. People like Napoleon Hill who dedicated his life to understanding how to become wealthy.

My challenge for you is to actually follow through with this activity, and to give it a minimum of 30 days with doing step 6. It’s going to be hard. You’re not going to want to do it and you might feel like a weirdo when you’re doing it. But, put aside your self-talk and give this a shot. I’m willing to bet that your life will never be the same after that 30 days.

Now what I want you to do is comment below “I’m in” if you’re going to give this a shot. If you say “I’m in”, you are committing to trying this for at least 30 days. This is a public accountability check for you and once you commit, you should follow through with it.

Here’s a video from Napoleon Hill

How To Change Your State In The Blink Of An Eye

Change Your State In The Blink Of An Eye

Change Your State In The Blink Of An Eye

We can all admit that some days are better than others. Sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe a little hungover or just feeling “off”…

Most of the time we just accept that this is the way today is going to be. BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, you can drastically change your state in minutes with this simple trick.

In this video, you’ll learn about the “Chris is Awesome” folder and how you can create the same thing in your life to have a little “mindset hack” to immediately change your mood.

After watching this video, you’ll create your own “Chris is Awesome” folder for yourself and start filling it with awesome stuff you’ve done over the past few years.

You can put pictures of cool things you’ve done, messages that people have sent you thanking you for things, you can even put pictures of things you’ve always wanted in the folder. It’s up to you!

The goal is to make it nearly impossible to continue having a bad day after you’ve gone through it.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your “Chris is Awesome” folder today!


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