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Is Collaboration Good for Entrepreneur’s?

Collaboration is something that seems to be a major issue for Entrepreneur’s. We are often worried that “If I share my strategies with other Entrepreneur’s, won’t they steal my idea?”

The problem with that type of thinking is that you are coming from a mindset that is of a lack and you need to switch your mindset to one of excess. There is more than enough idea’s, clients and customers to go around and if you switch your mindset, you will notice that you have more than enough of all the resources that you need.

I used the collaboration of Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West in the song “We Run This Town”. In the video I get into details of how collaboration allows for you to have more exposure to your future customers. By collaborating as Entrepreneur’s and doing guest blog posts, creating products as a team, or even having a Mastermind session, we are able to leverage each and everyone’s network who is doing the collaboration.

It’s crazy how we feel that we can’t always connect with other Entrepreneur’s because they are viewed as our “competition” instead of as our potential partners.

The power of partnerships

Partnerships allow for us to leverage the strengths of other people. For example, here’s a story 🙂

Joe is an average guy who started a business taking wedding photo’s. Joe was a great photographer who was exceptional at capturing the perfect light and taking the picture at the exact time when the couple looks it’s best. However, Joe absolutely has no idea how he is going to find people who want to hire him to take their photo’s. Joe tries his warm market and soon runs dry of customers.

Joe heads to a group of business marketing professionals and meets Sam. Sam has grown up with marketing in his veins. He practically bleeds out amazing marketing campaigns. Joe and Sam decide to try out a little deal in which Sam gets 50% of the sale for all referrals he gives to Joe. Joe starts having people request his services at a boost of 10% in the first month!How awesome, what a great concept! However, there is a problem…

Joe can’t keep up with the new flow of customer’s!

Yes, this can happen. If you take the time to collaborate with people who’s STRENGTHS are your WEAKNESSES, then you can see a significant boost in your business. There really is no point in focusing on your weaknesses, if you suck at something then you should just collaborate with someone who’s great at what you aren’t! Focus on your strengths!

The world is an amazing place and the Internet allows for us to connect instantly with experts in any field. Just hop onto Twitter and you’ll see how many people there are that you can meet and eventually develop these relationships into partnerships.

Now, do like Joe did and start to play your strengths and find others to take care of your weaknesses!

Look at the difference it makes in the size of reach that the collaboration of Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West have…

All of these circles contain the individual reach of all these artists… Now look at what happens when they collaborate.

The dark area in the middle is where your followers will start to follow what the other artist’s are doing along with them still following you.

With Twitter, you will notice that you get more followers when you get Re-Tweeted by people who have large followings (10K or more followers)

Now how much more powerful will your influence be if you start to get followers and customer’s from your competitors.. You’ll gain more customer’s and more loyal fans!

December 31, 2009

Free Website Traffic for the New Year. (Internet Marketing TIP)

I came across a suhhhweeet potential Traffic Generation strategy for the new year.  It’s pretty tricky but if you have a niche, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to draw at least a little bit of traffic with this tip. I’ll be trying it to see if I can get some traffic to one of my websites.

Kodak is running a promotional campaign in Times Square in which anyone can have their picture appear on the big screen for 10 seconds. Detailed instructions are over here, but basically, you need to e-mail a photo to [email protected] and wait for it to be approved ( Kodak made promises that it will be as fast as possible and within a 24-hour period).

Once your photo gets approved, you will receive a code. Text it to the number provided, and your picture will appear at the next opportunity — i.e., the next free slot in programming. Your picture, with the accompanying caption, will show up for 10 seconds.

This is where the opportunity lies!

Ideas: You are in the finance niche. Put up a picture/advertisement that would catch the attention of your target audience. You can put a text in the picture as well… that text can be your WEBSITE! You can pick up a domain name from GoDaddy by clicking the image below:

What you’ll want to do is create a picture that draws attention and includes a Call-To-Action to go to a website. This is an Internet Marketer’s FREE Advertising tip! Please use it and share this post with everyone you know. It’s cheap = FREE and could be profitable if used correctly.

You can track a campaign by using a different URL or you can directly link it up to your own personal blog. You’re creative and I know that you’ll find a great way to use this tip!