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Can The World Cup Help My Business?

As you may or may not be aware, there’s been this little thing called the World Cup going on. I mean, it’s not too serious. Only the BIGGEST sporting event in the world.

Soccer, Futbol, Football. Whatever you call it, it is HUGE. If you’re from the US like I am it isn’t quite as popular as it is in the rest of the world so the majority of people here aren’t turning into soccer hooligans…maybe that’s the reason the US got beat by Ghana? We should become better hooligans. I know during hockey season Buffalo has hooligans all over the place (I became one this year).

So about that picture…When my dad was in Argentina, he bought me an authentic Argentina jersey and it pretty much solidified me as a fan of Argentina…not to mention that Carlos Tevez and Lionel Messi are crazy good.

So what can I learn from the World Cup?

Well, there are quite a few…one of these could be how supply & demand can make a company profit like never before selling Vuvuzelas, how Nike has gotten their fans involved by creating the “Write the Future” marketing campaign 

or even a message about how working together as a team is essential to victory.

I like that last one, so I’m going to go with that.

What is teamwork?

According to Wikipedia: Teamwork is work performed by a team. The quality of teamwork may be measured by analysing the effectiveness of the collaboration

It’s the team that plays together the best each and every game that will win the cup this year. The same is true in business.

Teamwork is what you’re already doing with the teams YOU are already working with. If you are an Entrepreneur trying to do it without a team(I’ve been there, it’s hard to share ideas), but I’m here to tell you that collaboration is good for Entrepreneur’s.

Steps to building an effective team:

  1. Identify Strengths & Weaknesses for each person
  2. Focus on these strengths
  3. Outsource Weakness
  4. Rinse and repeat with the rest of the team 😉

What’s In It For Me?

Well one thing is that it’s going to make you more money and everyone you are working with will show increased productivity. Is that enough?

I’ve got an exercise for you. It’s not anything like doing a crazy workout each day for 90 days, unless you’re into that…I’m crazy and did that over at . Literally, I did that. I’m now turning Insane and doing something similar but for 60 days at

Take out a piece of paper; go ahead and step away from the computer and grab a piece of paper and a pen.

Go ahead and do this exercise with your team. All you need to do is have everyone in the meeting write out 4 things that each person on the team does well and 1 thing that the person does EXCEPTIONALLY well. They should write one of these for themselves as well.

An example of this from my personal list:

  1. Ideation
  2. Learner
  3. Activator
  4. Maximizer
  5. Significance

Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” – Benjamin Franklin

That list right there is my top 5 strengths and I explain them more in a post I made, Should I Focus On My Strengths?

With a team of 5 people working together, you will have a list of 25 things that each person is good at. This will increase each person’s confidence and allow for them to see what they are really great at. (Sometimes we find it hard to truly identify our strengths)

Why does this work?

Think about it this way…. if you suck at doing a particular task do you really want to do it? Deep down inside of you, do you really want to do it?

I know that when I’m not good at something, I definitely don’t want to do it. On the other side, when I’m doing something I’m really good at (helping businesses make more money) I’m having a freakin’ blast! I’ve typically got a grin on my face and ideas flow to me faster than a speeding bullet.

If your business has been static, please take the time to do this with your team. If you find that you are spending 80% of your time on things that you flat out suck at, then STOP. Start spending time on what you are good at. Use the Pareto Principle to your advantage. Hire people who are good at what you suck at and start spending your time on the things that YOU and your team are good at. Outsourcing is an option that is great. Use it to your advantage and if you need any help finding a company to outsource through, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a phenomenal team.

How To Set Up A Facebook Event For Your Business

Setting up a Facebook Event for a special event your business is hosting is a great way to let your customers/fans know that you are hosting an event and get some idea of how many of them are going to show up for the event. I’ve broken this down into 3 steps for you so that you can start doing this for your business today!

Step 1) On your home page on the left side, you’ll notice the “Events” tab. Click it 😉

Step 2) After that, you will get this screen. Click on “+ Create an Event” and you’re on your way to creating an event!

Step 3) The final step…following the instructions and then selecting guests to invite.

Ta-da!!! All done, now you successfully know how to create a Facebook Event.

Possible ideas for using this in your business:

-Chiropractor’s hosting workshops in their office
-Restaurant’s hosting a party or trying to fill their dining rooms for certain holidays
-Small mom & pop shops hosting a certain type of deal on certain products. You could host a certain deal on X products and have the day listed on the Events page to get people walking into your business READY TO BUY!
– Etc, Etc, Etc…

You get the idea. A Facebook Event can be a great way to get your current network into your business for something. Set up a free workshop/seminar that educates your prospects on the benefits of using your product/service and then offer the product at a discount for the attendees. You’re a genius so I know that you can come up with some great ideas to make some more money in your business.

If you’re struggling with ideas, feel free to have a 15 min free consultation with me and we can brainstorm some possible ideas for you. I’m a Generation Y Entrepreneur so I’ve got a brain full of ideas that are waiting for you to pick it. And who knows, maybe some of these ideas will help you so much that you’ll want to Hire Me for more of my idea’s 😉

After the event is finished, be sure to Remove it so that you don’t annoy your customers 😉 Thanks to Chuck for the reminder!

How to Run a Successful Online Marketing Campaign

What do the letters C, T, L and P all have in common?

They are all part of a formula that the top local businesses are using to run a successful online marketing campaign by dominating the search engines by ranking their articles on the first page of Google, their videos on the first page of YouTube and they are making more money from these rankings.

It’s pretty cool how I came across the formula; I was on a Skype video chat with the CEO of the start-up I joined in January and I had to come up with a certain formula that I had in my head, but just hadn’t written it out yet. It’s funny how when we ask the universe something, it provides us with the answer when we are ready. (If you’d like more information on the start-up, check out WebAnatics – Small Business Turnkey Solutions For Web Design, Search And Social Media)

Alright, I get it… you’re thinking to yourself “Chris, where is the value? When do I get to figure out “the formula?” and that’s a great question. I mean, I’d be thinking the same thing if I was sitting in your seat right now and reading this post.

I wonder if this is making you anxious, excited, curious, possibly pumped up? If you feel any of these feelings right now, you are in luck! I’ve got a present for you right now. Gift
Creative Commons License photo credit: $holydevil

Are you ready for your present?

The present is the secret formula I discovered after getting off that Skype call. It was not passed down through generations like my grandmother’s deviled eggs recipe or her pie crust (both are absolutely the best in the world) but this formula has been proven time and time again to help my clients run successful online marketing campaigns.

C + T = L + P


*****WARNING: Using this formula could lead to more profits for you if used correctly.

Alright, now that you got to see the formula, you’re probably curious as to what each of these letters mean…and no, it doesn’t stand for Chris Tries Learning Physics because I’m not good at physics at all….I actually received a 46 on my physics regents exam in high school….not a strength of mine.


Okay, so the formula really means…

Content + Traffic = Leads + Profits


TADA! Now you’re a millionaire, right? WRONG.

Okay, I’ll explain the formula a little more in-depth for you.


Content is all the work you put out on the internet, everything from blog posts like this post,creating and marketing videos, writing and submitting articles, social media interactions, social bookmarking campaigns, PPC, PPV and even commenting on other people’s blog posts/videos.

One thing about Content is that it always needs to offer value to the reader/viewer. If you are not offering value through your content, then your content will be useless long-term. Take the time to create mind blowing content that offers so much value that your readers head spins around and they think to themselves “Holy sh** this person really knows what they’re talking about! I better listen up and take any recommendations that they have.”

If you currently are using these methods of creating content, make sure it is beneficial to your target audience, if it isn’t then you need to change your approach or quit using this medium.

You’ve got to realize that content gets found through search results. If you are providing relevant content that is full of value to your readers, then they will be more qualified to purchase from you. Having more content means that you have more opportunities for people to come across your information and move along your sales funnel.

Content is by far the most important part of this formula for success and if you aren’t creating the right content and using the right keywords and call-to-actions, you will be wasting a lot of time and money. The thing is; you must actually put in hard work in order for this formula to pay off.

You need to create content that truly is valuable to your target audience and not a bunch of fluff. If you provide fluff for the first part of the formula, you’re going to get fluff in the end. The quality of the input of this formula definitely affects the quality of the output. If you create terrific content up front, you’ll often receive terrific compensation as the output 😉


gentlemen's club
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alex Holzknecht

The more content that you have online, the more traffic you will be getting from these search engines and social bookmarking/networking sites.

It’s really a simple formula, we all want more website traffic to our sites because our sites are considered our sales machines. Our site SHOULD sell our prospect on buying our product/service in the long-run, AFTER the prospect is qualified and learns about the benefits of doing business with you or using your service through the Content that you created in the first step.


Leads, leads, and more leads. That’s what we all want/need in order to grow our businesses. Without leads, our business stays static and we don’t make any more money. I’m pretty sure we all want more money or would at least LIKE some more money. You already know what leads are, so we’ll go into the next part.


Your leads turn into your profits once you convert them to paying customers. You’ll need to have your sales funnel down well in order to do this though, so don’t skimp on your sales process.

Now you know the formula.

You can choose to use this proven formula, or you can choose not to. It’s entirely up to you and i’m not going to force you to use it.

If you are a small to mid-size business that is interested in doing this but you really don’t have the time to create all the amazing content that I mentioned above, my team does offer these services.

I’m going to tell you up-front that it will cost you some money and will take some time for this content to pay off. Our minimum time requirement for our services is 6 months but clients typically go for a year or more because of cost savings. The reason we have this minimum is that content takes time to get ranked in the search engines, which also takes time to get shared on the bookmarking sites and we can not show you accurate R.O.I.(Return On Investment) until the 6 month mark.

Marketing your business using the Internet is not an instant gratification tool. It’s just like anything else in life and in your marketing, it takes time for what is done to pay off.

If you are interested in these services, contact me by emailing me or leaving a comment below. We will discuss pricing as we have many different service options available to best suit your business.


10 Tips for Using Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

Affiliate programs are something that we all have probably seen or at least heard of. If you haven’t, you’ve probably been living under not 1 rock, but 74 different colored rocks.

A is for Amandaaaaaaa!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Justin Marty

I’d like to share with you my top 10 tips for using affiliate marketing on your own blog so that you can make more money.

  1. Consider Your Audience– As a blogger, you should already be aware of who your readers are and what makes them tick. No, it’s not 2 double A batteries or even a C battery, but a brain and some other organs 😉 By knowing who is visiting your blog and who your daily/weekly/monthly readers are, you can help answer questions like: Are they shopping for specific products? Might they be looking for related products or accessories? What would get them to buy? By starting with your reader in mind rather than the product, you’ll be serving your readers as well as making a few dollars on the side. Win-Win 😉
  2. Genuine Recommendations and Personal Endorsements Always Work Best- There are hundreds of thousands of products, services, and books that you can recommend to your blog readers, the problem is that it’s not as simple as randomly putting some links on your blog and hoping that someone buys. Your blog readers come back each day because something about YOU resonates with them. (For me, it’s probably my juggling skills and my ability to ride a unicycle…or maybe it’s my dashing good looks or my sense of humor? I don’t know, you tell me) Your readers have at least some level of trust and respect for you, and one of the best ways to lose that respect and trust is to try to sell your readers things that you don’t feel will benefit them.
  3. Link to Quality Products-We all like to buy the best products. Your readers are no different and are more likely to make a purchase if you’ve found the best product for them. Choose products and companies with good reputations and quality sales pages.
  4. Contextual Deep Links Work Best-It’s not all about just throwing up a banner here and hoping that people click on the stuff and buy it. Include links within your blog articles and mention these links within a video. Create a clear call-to-action.
  5. Consider Positioning of Links-One of the biggest things for adsense optimization is placing ads in your sites “hot spots” (like the top of a left sidebar, inside content, at the end of posts above comments, etc) The same thing works for affiliate marketing. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*Ben_winky
    Creative Commons License photo credit: senkiwboo
  6. Traffic Levels Are Important-You need to realize that traffic levels do have an effect on how many sales you make. The more people that see your well-placed, relevant, and well-designed affiliate links, the more likely it is that one of them will make a purchase. So don’t just work on building great links, work on building a readership for your blog. I recommend joining a Tribe for this. The best tribe to join is the Tribe Syndication Association on Facebook.
  7. Diversify Without Clutter-It’s just like when buying stocks or investing in anything, DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN 1 BASKET! There are plenty of products to link to, so there is no need to just work on one. At the same time, you shouldn’t clutter your blog with too many affiliate program links. If you do, you run the risk of diluting the effectiveness of your links, and it could disillusion your readership.
  8. Be Transparent-Don’t try to fool your readers, unless it’s April 1st and it’s time for a good joke 😉 Trying to hide affiliate links is something that we all have learned to do. It’s something that is recommended in all the courses and something that seems 100% right to do. There’s something I like to do though which is tell people when something is an affiliate link. Try putting a note above, besides, or below your affiliate links to let people know it is an affiliate link. Your readers will appreciate it and will a lot of the times end up buying from your link because you’ve been so transparent. To learn more about being transparent in social media, check out this post; Transparency in Social Media
  9. Combine with Other Revenue Streams-Affiliate marketing can be done along-side of adsense. While there is the potential for one to take the focus away from the other, there is also the potential for them to work hand in hand, as different readers respond to different approaches.
  10. Track Results-Not Track TEAM, but track your results. Most affiliate programs have some type of tracking or statistics package that will allow you to watch which links are effective. Some packages are better than others, but most allow you to see what is selling and what isn’t. Watching your results can help you plan future affiliate efforts. Keep track of what positions for links work well, which products sell, what wording around links works well, etc., and then use this information as you plan your future affiliate strategies.

There you have it. Tips to be a successful Affiliate Marketer. Now get out there and TAKE ACTION!

3 Reasons Quality Backlinks Are Better

I was doing research on the importance of backlinking and was going to determine the top 3 reasons that quality backlinks are better than a large quantity of backlinks that aren’t quality.

Here’s what I’ve found:

1) Quality backlinks are ranked higher through the Page Ranking system Google uses. A PR1 website is not a quality site to be linking to, although it may increase it’s PR in the future. At all times, if you can get backlinks from PR 6-10 websites, your site will ultimately rank up higher.
2) If you have a ton of backlinks from irrelevant websites, this actually does more harm than good for your site. Therefore, don’t buy packages that try to sell you 100+ backlinks unless they are relevant sites and provide you with a linkback from a PR website of 6 or above.

(Example: You have a marketing website that’s linking up to porn websites for backlinks, which is a typical scenario for mass linking campaigns. This harms your SEO in the long-term because it’s irrelevant sites linking to yours. The better way to do this is develop relationships with 10 marketers in your niche and do a link-for-link exchange. This shows up as a marketing blog linking to another marketing blog and looks good in Google’s eyes)
3) Google is working on a patent that will deal with the popularity of sites that are being linked to & how trustworthy a site is that you link to from your own website.

What does this mean for you? This means you could possibly get into trouble for linking to a bad site.

To prepare for this now we should chose relevant sites to link with, sites that don’t have an enormous amount of outbound links on a page and ones that don’t practice bad SEO techniques. By doing all of these things we can reduce the risk of having our reciprocal links discounted.

If you’d like to read more about the importance of backlinking, I provide another article here:

Please feel free to share if this helps!