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What Are Solo Ads? Solo Ads For Beginners Explained

solo ads explained

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What are solo ads: and how can you actually use them to drive traffic to your business?

Well, in the simplest form, a solo ad is just someone else having an email list, a list of prospects or people that are interested in a specific topic, and you’re renting an email from that person.

So let’s say that I have 100,000 emails. There are people who are looking to learn how to make money online, like to build an online business. What you could do is you could pay me to send out an email on your behalf to my list. (Shown below)

how does a solo ad work

This can work in any industry, any niche, anything. All you need to do is you need to find someone who has a big email list, and you could pay them to basically blast out a promotion for you, your product, or service, or whatever that happens to be.

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Now, the problem that a lot of people have when it comes to using solo ads and solo ad providers is that instead of actually using it for the purpose that it should be used for, and the purpose for a solo ad is just to build up your email list. People often use it to try to sell immediately.

You shouldn’t try to sell someone immediately when it comes to running solo ads because a lot of the time it’s your first contact with a lead, so it’s like going to a networking event or a party and immediately asking people that you meet for a sale. It just doesn’t work.

It’s not an appropriate way to build a relationship. You need to talk to each other, and interact, make jokes, have fun, and really participate in the whole relationship building phase. If you look at solo ad providers that same way, if you look at it as a way to kind of develop a relationship with the other person’s leads, the other person’s list, you’re going to end up making out a lot better than if you just try to email them and sell them something right off the bat.


So that’s one thing to keep in mind when buying traffic, which traffic is just what solo ads provide.

Give something up-front to collect someone’s email address, usually either very low cost or something for free to kind of bridge the gap between some stranger trying to sell you something and someone who’s like a trusted adviser.

So how can you actually do this? Well, there are thousands of solo ad providers. Probably tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. A lot of people have these email lists, and pretty much every single niche that you can imagine.

For instance… I have a juggling course, and I can actually purchase an email to one of the big companies that sells juggling balls or juggling clubs, rings, all that kind of stuff. I can purchase an email from them to tell people go buy my juggling course. It really is an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to just renting other people’s email lists.

So let’s just recap what we just talked about.

So, first thing. Solo ads are just renting someone’s email lists.

Two, the purpose of a solo ad is just to drive traffic to your landing page, your sales funnel, a way to connect with the audience, and ultimately you collect their own lead information so that you have it on your email list so that you can continue to follow up with them, to build a relationship, and to market your products.

That’s two of the things, and then don’t sell something right off the bat. A lot of people are going to disagree with me on that. Whatever, who cares. I mean, it’s just like anything. You develop the relationship, and then you sell once the customer, the prospect, realizes that what you have is actually valuable. It’s really easy to do.


Down below I’m actually going to share with you. Udimi is my favorite source for solo ad traffic. It’s just really easy.

Search through the solo ad providers. You can see all their reviews to see if they’re good or not. Spend time looking through their reviews because they’ll tell you if these people are going to suck.  If the traffic’s good, they’re going to have a high rating. If the traffic sucks, they’re not going to have a high rating.

where to buy solo ads

Start small with this, too. Don’t spend a couple $1,000 right off the bat. Do 100 clicks or 200 or even 500 clicks just to kind of test out that traffic source, and you do need to be tracking. If you’re not doing tracking with everything, you should be.

I’m going to shoot another video about ClickMagick, which is the link tracking thing that I use because that way I know where the traffic comes from, what the source is.

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In the case of solo ads, you can have a separate tracking link for each provider and each date that the email goes out so you know if bought 100 clicks from someone like person A. It goes out on a Tuesday, you’ll know specifically if a lead (and sale) comes from that and ultimately if a sale will be generated from that, so you do need to be tracking.

Full recap of this. A solo ad is just renting someone else’s email list to generate leads for yourself. Remember to give away something for free or at a low cost so that you’re starting the relationship off on the right foot. Track everything, and I’m going to include all of the links down below so you can learn more about each of these things. Thank you so much for watching.

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