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February 23, 2010

The Fourth Trait of Successful Entrepreneur’s

4. Action

The forgotten step from “The Secret”. You could have the greatest idea in the world for a business or a product. But guess what happens if you don’t take action on the creation of this product or business? You guessed it. NOTHING HAPPENS.

The people who are the most successful are those who take immediate action to the creation of their goal/dream. It’s funny how things play out when you actually take action. It’s true that things are often very rough at the start, but the thing to remember is that we’re all basically making up the story of our lives as we go along.

The same thing is true with Entrepreneur’s and our stories of success. We need to understand that things will work, and other things will not work right at the start. The cool thing about this is that we can always fix what doesn’t work! How genius is that? If something’s broken, fix it! If there’s nothing there in the first place, how are you going to fix it?

99% of budding Entrepreneurs fail at this; they talk a good game but do not follow through. Winners decide on a course of action and they implement it as quickly as possible.

Be the 1%. You know you can be!

February 23, 2010

The Third Trait of Successful Entrepreneur’s

3. Vision

Vision is something that is so important that I can’t stress it enough. You’ve probably seen or heard about the movie “The Secret” and understand how the universe works to put in place your dominate thoughts so that more of them happen. This works with happiness and it works just as well with money. If you switch to a prosperity mindset instead of a poverty mindset, things start to happen that allow opportunities for you to make more money or have more happiness.

With vision, you need to realize that the goals you have can be reached. Any goal that you set can be reached and usually in less time than you’ve ever thought possible. Our vision is the only thing that limits our experiences. If you have had a dream about owning a house on the ocean working your dream job, guess what? You can have that. It’s going to take work, but having the vision is the first step to attaining your goal. By the way, this is one of my dreams on my vision board. I know for a fact I will live on the ocean and enjoy my life.

Tips on using your vision

You can have big dreams as long as you take the time to break them down into achievable goals. Don’t let your mind limit you, anything that you want to accomplish can be done. Hell, people have made 1 Million Dollars in 1 day and Frank Kern’s even made 23.8Million in 24 hours.

The only limits are those that you impose on yourself. Choose to take your big goals and break them down into smaller achievable goals, this will help make all of your goals more achievable and help you accomplish them in a reasonable time frame!

Be like a baby if you need to. If they have a dream or a desire to do something, THEY DO IT. And you know what? If they fail, they just try again. It’s when we are put into formal schooling that our visions have to be changed to fit what society considers “the norm”. Bring back your visions and see your dreams come to life. It’s more fun living this way.

Felix Looking
Creative Commons License photo credit: schmollmolch

February 23, 2010

The Second Trait of Successful Entrepreneur’s

2. Humility

I just today realized the importance of Humility when I was listening to an interview that Bradley Will did with Bob Burg on the UnStrapp’d blog for Generation Y Entrepeneurs.  Bob was speaking of the top 2 traits for Young Entrepreneur’s after Brad asked him the question and Bob mentioned Confidence and Humility.

“A Combination of Confidence and Humility. The kind of confidence that says I know I can go in there and give it my best shot and that I can succeed because I’m humble enough to make sure to get the information from those who’ve already done it. Not try to re-invent the wheel but to realize there are people who know more than I do. I’m humble enough to know I have to take action and that I’m going to get knocked on my rear end a bunch of times and that’s part of the process.” -Bob Burg

Humility to me is realizing that we truly don’t know everything. A funny thing that I realized last week while I was reading “Mission: Success by OG Mandino” was that the more I read, the more I realize that there is so much out there that I do not know. I know that I’ve been learning a ton and have been applying these principles I learn to become more successful, but the fact of the matter is: I still have a TON to learn. In fact, I’d say I have about 1,000 TONS to learn!

Being humble is about finding your balance I feel like, which is why I want to end this with a little picture of a guy learning how to unicycle. It takes the balance of a few friends to get yourself comfortable but once you are up and running, it just becomes another great trait of yours!

National Bike Week 2009 - Unicycling
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February 23, 2010

The First Trait of Successful Entrepreneur’s

1. Confidence

“All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.” -Mark Twain

Mark Twain says it pretty good with this quote in my opinion. At first it confused me a little bit, “ignorance and confidence leads to success”…It just didn’t make sense to me. HOWEVER, I sat and thought about this and realized how true it is in fact. It’s true in any part of life, not just Entrepreneurship. It’s even true in the dating world 😉 (From personal experiences, the more that I am confident in myself and who I am when approaching girls, the more they seem to be open to talking with me)

Beware of The TRAP

Would-be Entrepreneur’s often get caught up in the “what if this doesn’t work” trap. Having the confidence to just put your faith in the fact that everything will work out is something we need to possess. In September of 2009, starting my Senior year of college I had a major changing point in my life. I was newly single and had no idea where my future was going. I had a choice to make the night this happened. A bottle of liquor or Tony Robbin’s Awaken The Giant Within course on my iPod.

As you can probably tell, I chose to further develop myself as a person/Entrepreneur. I walked around for about 2 hours that night listening to this audio-book and just realizing the true power that I possess inside of me. It did what it said…it awoke the giant within me. It brought out my confidence in myself as an Entrepreneur and made me realize that the goals I set for myself are attainable.

Confidence is necessary to be successful. People will notice if you have confidence in yourself and your product/service and will judge you on how you present yourself. Be confident in who you are. You are unique and you kick ass. Be you and don’t let anyone hold you down. You’re on the path to success and anyone who’s trying to hold you back deserves to be left in your dust.

lil wayne
Creative Commons License photo credit: killa_kam

Lil’ Wayne is a confident rapper which is the reason I put him in here. His beats really get me pumped up when I’m writing blog posts and doing work as well.. odd, but true little fact about me 😉

Transparency in Social Media

What is Transparency in Social Media?

Let’s talk a little bit about Transparency. Transparency is one of those social media marketing terms that you probably hear when being pitched a social media campaign, but what does it actually mean?  Traditionally, the term transparency is referenced in news media to tell the public why and how information is gathered from different sources.

What’s it mean in plain English though? You know…for the average person like you or me? It basically means I tell you who I received the information from so you know that it’s credible and that I was not the originator of the information. Online when you are doing business, transparency leads to credibility, it builds the trust from someone reporting information(me) by providing credible sources to the end viewer(YOU).

Transparency in social media especially when it comes to blogging and/or covering a product, brand or service means that’s I’m giving you an honest non-biased opinion or truth when I write or cover a particular topic. I do this a lot with book reviews and share what I learned from the books!

What does this mean for online business owners or people looking to get online? Online this can mean that, I am who I say I am online and that my reason for posting or having a discussion about a product, brand or service does not have any hidden agendas.  Or if I’m posting or having a discussion about a product, brand or service and was paid or hired to do so, you’ll know about it up front or it will be included in the conversations.

Why is transparency so important in Social Media Marketing?
Transparency is ALL about trust. With everyone trying to grab your attention online whether it is through a video, blog post, facebook ad or a tweet, trust that relationship marketing will be one of the key ways that brands will try to sell their services to customers. In other words brands and businesses will contact you saying ” you should blog out this, or can you tweet this”. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this but will you let your readers or subscriber know that you were paid to post content about a particular brand upfront or at all? If you are lying in your videos or product reviews, then people WILL find out. It might suck for those of you trying to “SCAM THE SYSTEM” but you shouldn’t be doing that anyway!

Will you sell using Social Media?

We’re in a time where companies will try leverage individuals who are community leaders or have a large audience for brand awareness. This is considered taking advantage of huge followings or the “People of Influence” in social circles. If you have a lot of followers on twitter, blog subscribers or subscribers in an email database you have the opportunity to leverage your community and establish a few relationships with brands who may want to reach your targeted audience. It’s something that we will call “selling their eyes”, to where you’re willing to push paid content to your community via product placement or sponsored ads. The best way to let your community know what you are up to is to be straight up honest with them about who you are and what you do, and also the fact that you get paid a small commission on each sale you refer.

Do you trust me?
There’s a lot of good and bad examples of transparency in social media and I’m not going say that I know everything about Social Media but I share what I learn and hope that it helps you. Anyway, I have an example about what happened to me over this past weekend. It’s quite a silly story actually and involves a heart being drawn onto my hand in PERMANENT MARKER!!! Then the next day I had a business meeting with someone who will be hosting a Social Media Marketing seminar in Buffalo, NY and I’ll be speaking there…. Oh boy it was funny :-p