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Jumping Into a Blue Hole in Freeport, Bahamas


Have you ever had that crazy little feeling rush through your entire body when you’re standing over a cliff looking off of it?

If you’ve ever jumped off a bridge into a river, jumped off a cliff into the ocean or done anything where you were jumping off a height you have felt that feeling.

The feeling where you think “oh shit, this is stupid


fu%* it, YOLO

This feeling happened to me the other day while I was in Freeport in the Bahamas.

We drove about 30 minutes out into the middle of no where. I mean literally out in the middle of nowhere. We were driving down a main road one minute and then we ended up driving off-road down this super narrow path (you’ll see in the video).

About 10 minutes of driving down this road that was all rocky and broken up, good thing we had a truck!

All of a sudden my buddy who is driving STOPS the car and says we’re here!

I look around and see nothing much…

except for another little path cleared out.

I immediately started walking towards the path and continued walking down the path until BAM there’s a huge hole in the earth.

I look down into the hole and sure enough theres water down there that is crystal clear. You can see something that looks like a wood platform that appears to be about 5 feet below the water. After jumping I learned that the wood structure was about 30 feet down under the water but because it was so clear that you can see so deep.

A few minutes later my friend who has been there many times before jumps in. Then it comes up to my turn… I walk over to the edge while holding my GoPro and said “fu&* it! YOLO!” and jumped in.

Yes, that feeling was running through my entire body but I faced my fear directly. I jumped.

and DAMN was it awesome. For 2 seconds you’re in free fall and then you hit the water to some of the most refreshing, although chilly, water that I’ve ever been in. It woke me up and made me feel alive and there is no feeling in the world like conquering your fear and then feeling the success of conquering your fear.

When is the last time that you conquered your fear? What was it?

Leave your comments below!

Stuart’s Cove Shark Dive in Nassau, Bahamas

The other day I decided to do something that was pretty frightening… and that was to jump into the ocean even when looking off the back of the boat you could see sharks swimming around… check out the view here:

Stuart's Cove Shark Dive Nassau Bahamas

This was what it looked like in the water after we finished and they took the sharks away from where we were so that we could load the boat up.

When we were diving in there was 7 visible sharks…yes I counted…. because I would be jumping in with these scary creatures.

Check out the video and let me know what you think!

What did ya think?

Chris Hughes Jetpacking in the Cayman Islands

best jetpacking spot in the world

Jetpacking in the Cayman Islands

This was one of the craziest feelings you’ll ever experience. Walking on water, flying on water, diving underwater and launching out of it to fly in the air…it’s all possible with jetpacks.

I’ve had dreams about how crazy it would be to use one of these and today these dreams came true.

Here’s just a short little video from today’s adventure.

I’ve gotta admit that the feeling you experience is unlike anything else. You’re literally hovering above the water with a JETPACK on your back.

While I tried to have them mount my GoPro 3 on the helmet they have, there was no helmet attachment and they wouldn’t let me use the chest mount either so I didn’t get any first person footage of this.

It would have been pretty amazing if I had the videos from when I went up about 25 feet into the air. Imagine looking down while you are 25 feet in the air and there is nothing supporting your feet. You literally look down below you and there is nothing supporting your feet but you are floating in the air.

The video above was shot from my GoPro 3 from the boat next to where I was learning how to jetpack. Next time I go I will be sure to take my Nikon D5100 to get some really good pictures and videos for ya! Plus, I’ll be better than I was the first time so I’ll be able to go higher, move around faster and hopefully learn some more of the fun stuff thats possible with a jetpack.

Want to learn more about where I did this Jetpacking?

Find them on Facebook at 

 best jetpacking spot in the world


Tell Me About Yourself!

This video is about YOU… not about me.

So if you’ve been struggling to get started with the whole online marketing thing, this will help you get un-stuck.

It’ll help you get out of your own way and on your way to creating videos on a daily basis to help you grow as a person and to help you grow your business.

Be sure to pay close attention to what I’m saying in the video and take IMMEDIATE action on doing the little assignment I give ya. It will help you as I know it has helped myself and countless others.