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January 4, 2010

FTC Blogging Disclosure! go go go

Apparently the FTC needs a blogging disclosure so that everything is LEGIT! As of December 1st 2009, I’m required to disclose that I may be getting paid at times for the material I write on

I sell a few things on this blog. But most of the time I just write about my random experiences, thoughts about business and such. That may change in the future, but the primary use of this blog is to write about my life as a student of Entrepreneurship and review some great books and products…and some not so good ones, however I don’t usually write too much about books I do not like and products I don’t like, however I will include more and more of them as time goes on 🙂

However, I am required to tell you that any time you click on a link on this website, there is a decent chance that I may be paid if you buy a product on the other end of those links. Just to be safe, assume that I get paid on EVERY link you see on this website.

At times, I receive free gear for blogging about particular products. And at other times women offer to take me out on dates while buying all my dinner and alcohol…haha well the last part isn’t quite the truth but if you are an attractive woman who wants to take me out, I’m all in 😉

The bottom line is that I’m an affiliate marketer as well as a blogger. When I choose to share my experiences with a product or service, I often have an affiliate link attached to that product. When someone buys that product, I get paid. It’s that simple.

According to the new law from the FTC, I need to disclose this to you.

Since I have gotten that off my chest, I don’t promote bullshit products and will never do that. I also don’t accept money from people trying to buy my opinion and make me say their product rocks if it actually sucks. I share the truth about what I feel about with the product and will not be bought in order to say “omg this product rocks!” if it doesn’t. If your product sucks and you need to pay people to say it’s awesome, how about you take that money and FIX your product…that’s a better idea 😉

I don’t really like these new rules of the FTC but I understand that they’re here to help. Many affiliate marketers are scamming people and the FTC needs to help protect YOU and ME.

Just be careful of who and what you buy and lastly remember that if you feel you like my review of products or books and like want to get the product, if you click on those links, I often get paid!

The last thing I wanted to share with you is that I will spend portions of the money on buying books, drinking beer, skiing, playing soccer and traveling the world. So don’t be angry, just buy the products and help me do all of those things! 🙂 I promise i’ll upload pictures just like I have on Twitpic of skiing at Greek Peak with my brother

I hope everythings good with all of this, Life rocks!


What is “Speed of Implementation” and Why Do I Need It?

what is speed of implementation

There was a Harvard study of sales people who made over $250,000 a year from their sales. Researchers found that the most successful sales people had one trait in common. (Someone mentioned this may not be a true Harvard study, even if it isn’t I’ve found this trait to be essential for successful Entrepreneurs)

Speed of Implementation

So what is this “Speed of Implementation” that made so much money for so many people?

The simplest way that I’ve come to accept it as is depicted in this picture. (as drawn by myself, clearly a pro paint user)


What this means is that when these salesmen got a new idea, something they thought
would work better, they started using it immediately.

They didn’t sit around debating it, they just put it into action and it quickly became part of their
behavior. (Not too hard, right?)

Speed of implementation is key because it takes effort to do something
new… and the longer you wait to implement a certain thing, whether its creating videos,
writing blogs, or other tasks, the more the initial burst of
energy and commitment that your new idea brought will dissipate.

Just be aware that we are prone to sticking to our old ways and our habits….even if we know they’re bad or in-effective.

Therefore, the faster you implement the change, the more likely you are to succeed with it! Also, your old patterns will start to fade away while your new ones take over!!! This is when things can get fun and your creativity goes THROUGH THE ROOF!


When you get a good idea write it down, plan how you’re going to use it,
and then start using it immediately.

The more quickly you use it and the more you keep using it, the more likely it is to become a habit of yours. If you are constantly
improving your repertoire with new techniques, you’ll find your results rapidly improving too.

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