People Buy You With Their Eyes…

I’ve got a little thing that struck me by surprise…

PEOPLE BUY YOU WITH THEIR EYES! A little example here that I got from the book “You,Inc” by Harry Beckwith, and Christine Clifford Beckwith:
a presentation of a commercial to a group of small business owners. The commercial stressed three times the bank’s point of difference: the bank had the information people needed to make better financial decisions. To illustrate how people use information to make good decisions, the commercial showed an Everest climber preparing – studying maps and weather charts – before making his ascent. But the viewers of the commercial didn’t hear the “information” words at all, despite the fact that the copy repeated those words three times in thirty seconds.

When asked what the commercial was saying, the viewers responded, “it was about strength. The bank is communicating that it is strong.”

The commercial’s creators were stunned. Not only did they not intend to communicate “strong.”

They were not aware that they could have.

Where did the viewers get that idea? From one image that flashed on-screen for less than four seconds: a shot of the man rock-climbing.

One picture, three seconds: the visual overwhelmed the verbal….

We as people think with our eyes, so…

Watch your visuals carefully.

Chris Hughes

Chris loves learning, going on adventures, surfing and having fun. Chris on Google+

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