A sales process is essential to build any successful business and David Masover takes the time to really break it down for us into bite sized pieces.

So what is the sales process you may be asking? Simple. It’s a system that you can use to take a lead and funnel them through into a paying client.

I’m going to just summarize here and give you a brief look into this funnel. You’ll need to take what you learn here and apply it in your business in order for you to be successful in using it.


There is a small percentage of the six billion people on our Earth that should be your target market. This small percentage of this enormous group are your leads. Leads also includes your current customers.


This is the step that you will need to take with your leads in order to distinguish between who’s a good candidate for you and who isn’t. If you take the time to qualify your leads, you will reap the benefits of this in the long-run. You won’t get stuck with people who are un-qualified to work with you as either clients or employees (distributors in the case of the network marketers reading this).

Needs Analysis

If your prospective client has the money and is in the position to buy from you, you should now find out exactly what they need. Take some time in this stage so that you can truly determine what’s going to help your client and what is truly necessary to create a win-win scenario for everyone. This is when you get to decide what types of services the person is willing to exchange for some of their money.

Presenting the Solution

When you come up with what their needs are, you should find a way to suggest a way that the clients needs can be met with a product or service that you have to offer. For example, if someone is looking for a basic Social Media Management campaign, my company offers a service which includes interaction on social networks and a blog post a week for $150 a month, as well as other options that vary with how much interaction takes place each month, daily alerts tracking who’s speaking about your business, a blog post every single business day and personal coaching for $1,000 a month. Price points different depending on what the problem is.


Once a solution is presented and the price is shared, there often times are objections that come up. These are perfectly okay and it’s recommended that you take the time to address as many of your common objections in the qualification stage and the needs analysis/presenting solution phase.( this will lead to less stress for you)


If everything else in the funnel goes smoothly, you will want to secure an agreement to complete the order, contract, proposal and so forth. This officially means that you are hired by this client to perform your work. This means that you can get started ASAP in order to get their solutions solved as quick as you can.

You need to remember to be providing value throughout the whole process and keep your prospective client’s goals in mind so that you can best create a strategy that will lead to them being happy with your services. You don’t want to do business with people if you can’t keep your word.

The last thing I want you to leave with is to under-promise, but OVER-deliver in all that you do.

If you’d like to learn more from David, check out his book at Mastering Your Sales Process (affiliate link)

David also provided a guest post on my blog entitled “Developing Trust As A Salesperson